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The Nerdy Warrior: Mars Retrograde in Gemini, October 2022 to January 2023

By November 1, 2022November 14th, 2022Mars, Retrograde, Signs: Gemini

The Nerdy Warrior

October 30, 2022-January 12, 2023

A Period of
“Words and Action Retrospection”

Mars Retrograde in Gemini 2022: What Does It Mean?

Understanding Mars Retrograde in Gemini begs the question, what does Mars mean? Mars is the warrior and pioneer, and represents our will and self-determination. Mars expresses himself positively with confidence, vigorous activity, and independence. A Mars that is poorly expressed, however, can be too dominating and overly assertive, running roughshod over everyone else, or alternatively, downright cowardly. Mars can devolve into anger and violence when pushed to the extreme. So what happens when Mars is retrograde?

When any planet goes retrograde, it is a time when we must redo and review in the area of that planet. Mars Retrograde is a time to reflect upon, take back and redo our hasty words and our scattered actions. Therefore, Mars Retrograde marks a particularly volatile and rash period where we must be careful not to lose our tempers and make impulsive mistakes.

“The Nerdy Hero”: Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Mars is Retrograde this year in airy, cerebral Gemini. Mars in Gemini is the nerdy hero. Mars is active; Gemini is quick, restless and busy. Gemini’s articulateness combined with Mars’ directness can add incisiveness and acerbic wit to your communications.

On the other hand, Gemini can be distractible and lead to thinking more about actions than actually taking them. Under the influence of Mars in Gemini, we might find ourselves running around doing a lot of little things without ultimately accomplishing much.

When Mars is retrograde in Gemini, we are reviewing our actions with an eye towards what has been done in haste and distractibility. We can make mistakes as a result of being flighty, mentally scattered and spread too thin.

The element of air corresponds to the suit of swords in the Tarot. Gemini thrusts and parries with words, and in the hands of a Mars in Gemini native, words can be a weapon. Therefore, this is also a time of reviewing and possibly taking back our words that were said in anger, with too much sharpness or detached lack of emotion.

When does Mars Retrograde in Gemini Take Place This Year?

This year’s Mars Retrograde period lasts about 2 and 1/2 months, from October 30, 2022 to January 12, 2023. If you’ve been experiencing a lack of focus or a sense of restlessness, you will probably feel it more so during this transit.
Luckily, one of the lessons witty Gemini has to offer is the ability to see all sides of an objective situation and to use words articulately and skillfully.

To be sure, this is the time to truly consider our actions and ask ourselves questions such as:

  • Am I spread too thin?
  • Am I trying to do too many things at once?
  • How might detachment play both positively and negatively into my communications?
  • What effect are my words having on my life?
  • Am I just talking for talking’s sake or are my words meaningful?
  • How can I take the most effective action to make my desires a reality?The absolute best of Mars in Gemini can manifest as incisive action, effective, honest and eloquent communications, effective multitasking, and delicate, nimble maneuvering.

How To Handle Mars Retrograde in Gemini

What should you do to cope with Mars Retrograde and what should you watch out for? Losing your temper is highly possible now and you would be wise to take precautions to prevent that.

It is essential during Mars retrograde to be ready to apologize, back off, and slow down. This may be a restless time. Mars can represent local travel, and when retrograde, we should be extra careful, for this may be a time when we are accident prone.

Be prepared to take back words that you have spoken, especially if they were too glib or sharp. Also be prepared to redo actions, especially those that were taken in a scattered and unfocused headspace. Mars Retrograde is a time of correcting shoddily done work.

If you know what house Mars will be retrograding through in your chart, that will give you more of an idea of what area of your life will be affected.

To best understand Mar’s longer retrograde cycle, check out the diagram below.

Mars Retrograde 2022: Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Important Days In This Year’s Mars Retrograde in Gemini

There are a few important milestone days of the Mars Retrograde cycle.

Firstly, when Mars direct conjoined the Sun on October 7, 2021, on “Heroic Epiphany Day”, it marked the beginning of the current Mars Retrograde cycle. “Heroic Epiphany Day” is a day of effective action and a day on which you might have experienced a moment of clarity of intention.

Next, on October 30, 2022, Mars goes retrograde. Watch out for extra confusion and lack of foresight in action around this day as Mars is essentially pulling a cosmic U-Turn.

The next important date to watch out for is December 7-8, when Mars opposes the Sun on “Maximum Frustration Day”. This marks a moment of hope that breaks through right when you are in the deepest part of the retrograde. On this day, you can achieve revelatory action if you heroically push through the obstacles (without losing your head)!

Mars goes direct on January 14, 2023. However, we won’t be out of the woods until Mars is fully sped up on March 15, 2023, when he passes the degree where he first went retrograde. Finally, the day that Mars direct exactly conjuncts the Sun again on November 17, 2023 marks the end of this retrograde cycle and the beginning of the next one.

Want to get the most out of the retrograde?

Read about previous retrogrades of Mars by seeing our blog posts past on the topic.

Go Deeper

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