Career Reading

Are you ready to make a big decision about your career?

Do you feel unsure whether you’re making the right decision?

Are you afraid to take the wrong road and not be able to reverse it?

(or do you have a specific career question to ask our astrologers?)

Pandora Astrology’s Career Reading will help you build the right career for you – even if you don’t know what that is yet. The reading will give you insights to help you understand…

  • If you’re on the right path… and how to course-correct if you’re not
  • If you’re suited for entrepreneurship… or what career model is right for you
  • If you should go for that job offer… and when to make your next move
  • If you should risk leaving your job and search for a new one… and how to leverage timing to your advantage
  • Why you’re feeling the way you are about your career (restless? pressured? stressed? disgusted?)… and how this feeling can lead to a change for the better!

This career reading will help you understand what a satisfying career looks like for you, based on career factors and temperament shown in your birth chart.

You were uniquely designed to bring special gifts to the world.

Pandora Astrology’s Career Reading can help you discover your purpose and help you bring your unique gifts into the world.

This reading reveals what those gifts are, helps you remove obstacles to their fulfillment and lets you build a career that’s rewarding, meaningful, satisfying and right for you.

The human life cycle has a natural rhythm to it, including years when you’ll naturally be under pressure to progress in your career–years when developing yourself is especially rewarding because you’re approaching a success milestone opportunity. If you’re not in step with this rhythm, everything feels jarring and just plain wrong. You feel out of place and unmotivated, even disoriented. This reading will show you the unique timing of important career milestones in your life, so you can be ready when they come along.

I saw Jamie a few days ago. Within the first minutes of the reading, I was blown away. As someone in my mid-twenties, I’ve been struggling with doubts about my life and career paths and Jamie gave me a lot of useful and constructive guidance.

~ Johnny S.

What I liked about my astrology reading was pretty much everything: it was very relevant and I felt it was exactly what I needed in that moment. It will help me with my career going forward.

~ G.P.

This is the reading for you if…

  • You suspect the career path you’re on is wrong for you
  • You’re ready for a career change
  • You feel lost and disoriented
  • You want to find more meaning in what you do
  • You’re in a time of tremendous career pressure, facing massive obstacles, and
  • You want to understand what this means and how to handle it

During the reading you will get…

  • To discuss your situation with someone who understands what matters to you–and why it matters.
  • Concrete answers to your questions about what to do next, whether to change fields, when to make your next move.
  • Specific dates when hard work will yield the most powerful results and when growth is possible because luck is on your side.
  • A reading of your birth chart revealing your temperament, where your opportunities and gifts lie, and your best paths to success.

You will leave the session with:

  • An orientation video to help you understand the reading while it’s happening and for years after (sent immediately after booking)
  • The Mission Orders Career Bundle to help you prepare for your video session and get the most out of it
  • A PDF of your birth chart, and any other charts we used during the reading
  • Diagrams of the specific timing of important changes we discussed during the reading
  • A screen-capture video recording of your reading

I love your style. You are a true wealth of knowledge. Your way with words is so enjoyable and understandable. I am learning and enjoying all that I can from what you have presented.

~Ellen C.

Wow is all I can say! I have had no less than 20 readings from numerous astrologers in the last 8 years from fairs to top branded astrologers and none- I repeat none have even come anywhere close to the skill, the precision, nor the detail that Julia gave to me. She is motivating, positive, and worth every second.

~Rich R.

I had a recent reading with Fran focusing on my chart with my career and it was a great insight that brought me a lot of clarity. Fran also gave great advice on how to utilize my astrological strengths for the best outcome.

~Stacey T.

My astrology reading with Julia Mihas in San Francisco was insightful and enlightening. I wish I had done this sooner. This is not some generic reading; it’s an in-depth look at your personality, your tendencies, and your life. Her interpretation of my chart was objective, helpful and spot on.

~Nancy L.

Gain the confidence and certainty you need to pursue your career!

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