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Family Soul-Group Reading

This is the BEST reading to get if you want a holistic understanding of the family you came from or the one you create as an adult. This reading involves a look at your chart in relation to other family members, such as your parents and siblings, or your partner and children. (If you want a more focused look at the chart of just one child, you might prefer the Star Child reading.)

This reading comes with your choice of focus: Family of Origin or Family You Create.

They say “you don’t choose your family,” but what if actually, you do? Then the question becomes, “Why? Why these people, why this time, why this bloodline”—or even, “why this karma?” A family is a system, a soul-group that’s gathered in this time and place for a reason. Whether you adore your family or have broken away from them for your own sanity, this reading can provide powerful clues to who you are as a member of your heritage, empowering you to accept or reject your family’s patterns, truly be your whole self and create a better future. This reading applies whether you want to focus on your parents and siblings or your partner and children. No family members need be present for you to benefit from this reading.

With a “Family of Origin” focus, your reading will reveal…

  • Why you got yourself born into this particular family, in this time and place.
  • The special lessons you came in to teach your family members—and that they came in to teach you.
  • The heritage karma you took on by being born into this family.
  • Why your parents raised you the way they did—and who your parents really are, beyond the filters you see them through.
  • Why your childhood is not your fault—and how taking responsibility for it anyway can liberate you.
  • How to heal childhood trauma, release heritage karma and re-raise your inner child in a better way, so you can fill in the gaps your parents were unable to.

With a “Family You Create” focus, your reading will reveal…

  • Why your children chose to be born to you—and how they are teachers for you.
  • The temperament of each family member, so everyone can feel understood.
  • Why and how certain family members tend to mesh—or clash—and what to do about it.
  • How to effectively co-parent your child, form a united front and give your child a sense of safety, security and consistency.
  • Best ways to have fun raising your children as the unique beings they are and enjoy your special connection with each of them.
  • How to get your own childhood trauma out of the way and embrace parenting as a spiritual path.

THIS READING is for you if. . .

  • You’re ready to offload the heavy heritage you took on in this lifetime.
  • You want to parent better than your parents did.
  • You want to have more fun with your kids—and wade through old trauma less.
  • You’re trying to conceive and have come up against psychological, emotional or spiritual obstacles.
  • You’re trying to decide if parenting is for you and you want to clear the past before planning the future.
  • You want a close, loving family where everyone is understood and all needs are met.

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Family Soul-Group Reading with Fran

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Family Soul-Group Reading with Jamie

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Family Soul-Group Reading with Julia

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Julia's interpretations of my chart were EXACT. This is not a fufu, hand-wavy, crystal ball shop. My impression is that they are studied and methodical. That, in combination with sense of curiosity, warmth and compassion toward their clients. -Frankie


I experienced a super-positive in-person reading (Jamie is warm, engaging and caring) around issues of great stress (divorce, childbirth, addiction). Time and time again as I encounter a period of charged events I dig out the chart and right there on the paper are signs and signals of peak periods of change, just as she said.” -Sabina


I so enjoyed my reading with Fran Xin Yi and Jamie! I asked some pretty challenging questions about relocating, and they were able to help me discern the nuances and type of lifestyle I might have in the various places that I had chosen based on my natal chart. It was SO informative, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. ~Lisa F.


Julia was spot on for all of my qualities and she provides the best take home material to review. She was very personal and made you feel comfortable during the reading. -Nancy


I feel so lucky to have found Jamie! I left feeling empowered and equipped to build a satisfying and fulfilling marriage with my fiancé. Because of Jamie, I have a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses in our partnership. – Jana


I had been debating whether to have a reading done but ultimately I opted to do it. It turned out to be the right decision. I am so happy I connected with Fran. Based on information from my natal chart and Saturn return, Fran was able address questions I’ve been having for while about big things in my life. I am really grateful for insight and guidance! Thank you! -Julieta F.


I have had no less than 20 readings from numerous astrologers in the last 8 years from fairs to top branded astrologers and none- I repeat none have even come anywhere close to the skill, the precision, nor the detail that Julia gave to me. -Lulu


It’s amazing how, not even knowing me, Jamie could have such an accurate insight into my personality and the things that drive me. -Lillian


Thank you Fran. You’re on your way to being one of the world’s best astrologers! Thank you again. ~ Maria G.


Wow is all I can say! I have had no less than 20 readings from numerous astrologers in the last 8 years from fairs to top branded astrologers and none- I repeat none have even come anywhere close to the skill, the precision, nor the detail that Julia gave to me. -Rich


Jamie finally saved me from the terminal horror of other astrologers. -K. W.


I had a phenomenal astrological reading today with Fran Xin Yi. She was thoroughly prepared, articulate, precise and tremendously knowledgeable. I was so impressed that I plan to schedule an additional reading within the month to delve deeper into particular areas. Really outstanding! -Holly H.


WHAT’S NEXT? After you purchase your reading, follow the link to your reading’s welcome page…

  • On the payment confirmation page, you’ll find a link to your reading’s welcome page. Please go there immediately and complete the webform with as much data as you can. Readings will NOT be done without accurate birth data, which includes: city, state of province, country, and birth time down to the minute. If you need time to look up this data, no worries–you can fill out the webform now and email the rest to us later.
  • Watch the free orientation video on your reading’s welcome page. You’ll want to absorb this right away before we meet; it prepares you for the life-altering experience of a reading by explaining how astrology works and showing the scope of questions you might usefully ask.
  • If you’ve chosen a “Family You Create” focus, download your Star Child bundle (also found on the welcome page) and listen to it before the reading.
  • Think about the areas of your life that need attention. Send your topics of discussion via the webform or before your reading. If you have further thoughts, you can send emails as you think of them.

Want a more specialized reading on a particular area of life? Click here to see our full menu of readings!

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