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Nothing Shows You Care About Their Excellent Life Like A Gift Certificate From Pandora Astrology

An astrology gift certificate is the best way to let that special person know you care about their precious life. It’s an excellent way to support someone you care about to live in the most powerful way. In this reading, they will discover themselves, their purpose and best paths to success, along with the right timing in which to make a big move.

An astrology reading can give your friend or family member insight into their nature and purpose in life, including valuable information on their strengths (and how to use them) and their challenges (and how to overcome them). They will also come away with the best times to take action and harvest the opportunities that are on the way. For your dear one’s success and happiness, this is the most powerful gift you can give them! See the astrologers in this practice (shown below the gift certificates) and their current rates.

Julia Readings Product
Julia Mihas

90 Minute Reading with Julia
Experience: Practicing since 2015, studying since 2012
Rate: $225
Providing: Readings In-person or via Zoom online meeting
Booking: 1 week to 1 month ahead

Jamie Kahl Miller

90 Minute Reading with Jamie
Experience: Practicing since 1992, studying since 1980
Rate: $299
Providing: Readings via Zoom online meeting
Booking: 2 to 3 months ahead

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