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Saturn Return Reading (Ages 28-30 and 57-59)

The Saturn Return reading is the BEST one to get if you are at or approaching ages 28-30 or 56-58, even if you’ve never had an astrology reading before. It’s designed to take you from 0 to 60 regarding this rite of passage you’ve arrived at, allowing you to make course corrections in your career and your personal life and helping you cross the threshold into the next epoch of your life prepared, alert and oriented. This reading usually focuses on career (because most people want that), but it doesn’t have to. You can provide questions you’d like answered. If you’re not in or approaching the age range mentioned, you might prefer a different reading, found here.

The first Saturn Return at 29 is the threshold of true adulthood; the second Saturn Return is the completion of the middle years and the gateway to the elder years. Both passages are accompanied by heavier-than-usual feelings of guilt, obligation, duty, seriousness and pressure to perform. The Saturn Return is a crucible for your career—how you come out the other side depends on you, but it helps to know what your plan was before you came to Earth. This reading reveals that plan. The best time to get this reading is when you are 27-29 or 56-58.

Your Saturn Return reading will reveal…

  • Why this transition you’re in feels so heavy and oppressive; why you are sometimes overcome with sensations of guilt, obligation and duty.
  • How to transform those uncomfortable feelings into ambition, fueling your success.
  • Your authentic career aptitudes and the career directions that lead to work that’s satisfying and meaningful.
  • How to change careers, whether that change you’ve been thinking of fits in and how.
  • The specific dates of your Saturn Return (and other Saturn milestones), so you can know the natural timing of your achievements, fallow periods, times of frustration and times when you’ll feel pressure to perform.
  • For those in their second Saturn Return: best ways to plan for a healthy, happy retirement filled with satisfying activities, pursued with vigor and enthusiasm.
  • Any other relevant Saturn connections in your natal chart or transits, allowing you to face your life’s responsibilities with power and grace.

THIS READING is for you if. . .

  • You’re 28-30 or 56-58 now and feeling disoriented in your life (or even lost), as if life should have more purpose than this.
  • You sense that more career satisfaction is possible—if you only knew how.
  • You’re ready for a more meaningful career.
  • You’ve realized that driving yourself harder is not the solution.
  • You’re ready for a massive career shift and want confirmation on whether it’s the right move for you now.
  • You sense that you’re in a transition of some kind and you want to understand it and respond in the best possible way and the best possible timing.

Select a Pandora Astrologer for your reading

Saturn Return Reading with Jamie

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Saturn Return Reading with Julia

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Julia's interpretations of my chart were EXACT. This is not a fufu, hand-wavy, crystal ball shop. My impression is that they are studied and methodical. That, in combination with sense of curiosity, warmth and compassion toward their clients. -Frankie


I experienced a super-positive in-person reading (Jamie is warm, engaging and caring) around issues of great stress (divorce, childbirth, addiction). Time and time again as I encounter a period of charged events I dig out the chart and right there on the paper are signs and signals of peak periods of change, just as she said.” -Sabina


Julia was spot on for all of my qualities and she provides the best take home material to review. She was very personal and made you feel comfortable during the reading. -Nancy


I feel so lucky to have found Jamie! I left feeling empowered and equipped to build a satisfying and fulfilling marriage with my fiancé. Because of Jamie, I have a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses in our partnership. – Jana


I have had no less than 20 readings from numerous astrologers in the last 8 years from fairs to top branded astrologers and none- I repeat none have even come anywhere close to the skill, the precision, nor the detail that Julia gave to me. -Lulu


It’s amazing how, not even knowing me, Jamie could have such an accurate insight into my personality and the things that drive me. -Lillian


Wow is all I can say! I have had no less than 20 readings from numerous astrologers in the last 8 years from fairs to top branded astrologers and none- I repeat none have even come anywhere close to the skill, the precision, nor the detail that Julia gave to me. -Rich


Jamie finally saved me from the terminal horror of other astrologers. -K. W.


WHAT’S NEXT? After you purchase your reading, follow the link to your reading’s welcome page…

  • On the payment confirmation page, you’ll find a link to your reading’s welcome page. Please go there immediately and complete the webform with as much data as you can. Readings will NOT be done without accurate birth data, which includes: city, state of province, country, and birth time down to the minute. If you need time to look up this data, no worries–you can fill out the webform now and email the rest to us later.
  • Watch the free orientation video on your reading’s welcome page. You’ll want to absorb this right away before we meet; it prepares you for the life-altering experience of a reading by explaining how astrology works and showing the scope of questions you might usefully ask.
  • Download your Saturn Return bundle (also found on the welcome page) and listen to it before the reading.
  • Think about the areas of your life that need attention. Send your topics of discussion via the webform or before your reading. If you have further thoughts, you can send emails as you think of them.

Want a more specialized reading on a particular area of life? Click here to see our full menu of readings!

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