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This Year’s Jupiter Retrograde

2023 Jupiter Retrograde Cycle and Stations

Jupiter is currently direct (i.e. moving forwards)

If you know anything at all about astrology, you’ve probably heard of Mercury Retrograde and its effect on logistical affairs. But Mercury isn’t the only planet that goes retrograde– most planets actually do. So what happens when Jupiter, god of expansion, luck, philosophy and religion, goes retrograde?

How does Jupiter Retrograde work?

What is happening astronomically when a planet goes retrograde? “Retrograde” means “moving backwards.” So, when Jupiter is retrograde, it is moving backwards in apparent motion from our viewpoint here on Earth.

This means that Jupiter is actually moving backwards through the constellations that comprise the zodiac.  It’s a visual illusion, but a meaningful and measurable one.

Jupiter spends more than half of every year moving forwards (astrologers call that “direct” motion). When Jupiter slows to a stop in the process of reversing direction, we call that a “station.”  An astrologer would say, “Jupiter is stationing retrograde today.” When Jupiter is in the process of turning forwards, we say “Jupiter is stationing direct.”

I call these stations “pivotal days,” because the planet we’re talking about is literally pivoting. Furthermore, planetary stations tend to lead to pivotal events for those of us Earthlings who are effected.  These pivotal events will trigger changes in us according to the nature of the stationing planet (in this case, Jupiter).

The Mood of a Jupiter Transit

A transit of Jupiter brings the spirit of adventure, readiness for growth and expansion, and the sensation of endless possibilities and wide-open horizons. During a Jupiter transit, we feel open to new directions and we want to grow. Jupiter transits fill us with self-confidence—we feel and believe in our own competency.  This self-confidence rolls right off us and inspires those around us.  Leadership and “star power” come to us more easily during a Jupiter transit, as does sheer luck.

This may all sound like good stuff (and it is), but beware: Jupiter also magnifies. In other words, if we are already quite confident, Jupiter can fill us with overconfidence till we’re “too big for our britches.” Jupiter also has the tendency to also blow things out of proportion.  Everything gets bigger, which sometimes allows us to see where the glaring problems are. But, if we open up to growth, we can turn even a bad situation into a good one with Jupiter’s influence.

How does Jupiter Retrograde change us?  By bringing a period of growth, expansion, confidence and even luck.

Jupiter’s growth involves expanding beyond previous limitations. This is often achieved by gaining perspective. Perspective could come in the form of travel and adventure, through contact with other cultures and new places. Alternatively, perspective could develop through spiritual guidance, or through meeting a teacher. You will be empowered to grow.

You will notice growth in the area of life ruled by whatever planet of yours or house that Jupiter is transiting.  For example, Jupiter transiting your Mercury might open you up to intellectual growth and expansion beyond the usual ideas that occupy your mind.  Jupiter transiting your Juno can bring a spirit of adventure to your relationship—or cause you to want to have adventures outside your relationship.

Jupiter transiting your Sun might make you feel like expanding yourself as a person. You will want to grow beyond the identity boundaries you have defined yourself by up until now. You may be inspired to grow creatively, or grow in your sense of authority. Meanwhile, a Jupiter transit to your Moon can infuse your emotional life with optimism and resilience, lifting depression and replacing it with warm buoyancy.

Jupiter Transits Through Natal Houses

Jupiter’s passages through the Earthy Houses in your chart (2, 6, 10) bring wonderful career and money luck periods that are great to know about before they happen. That way, you can maximize your luck and ask for a raise or look for a new job in the time when it can come to you the most easily. In the Watery Houses (4, 8, 12), Jupiter dives deep to expand our self-understanding and emotional awareness. And of course, Jupiter’s transits through his native Fiery Houses (1, 5, 9), brings growth of spirit, self-expression, and faith.

Jupiter’s passage through any house in our chart inspires us and steeps us in faith and optimism. He urges us to leap and expect the net to appear.  Jupiter’s transits through each house lasts an average of one year.

Understanding the Jupiter cycle can help you
take advantage of your natural luck,
as well as guiding you through your own growth.

To learn how Jupiter functions in your chart
and how to use the retrograde cycle to your advantage,
 contact Pandora Astrology for a Natal and Transits Reading.

Jupiter Retrograde 2023: Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter changes signs once every years. Interestingly, Jupiter’s ingress into Aries (May 10, 2022) marked a high social point. We were filled with new, exciting energy after long years of social distancing.

Jupiter enters the Fixed Earth sign, Taurus, on May 16 2023. He will not retrograde back into Aries.

Jupiter in Taurus can materialize our growth with fecundity, abundance, and all the magic of Mother Nature. We can find ourselves more financially bountiful, feeling good in our bodies, learning about the mind-body connection, boosting our self-esteem and expanding our values. We can expect growth in philosophical and ethical realms and practically apply our ideologies. The beauty of the pairing recalls Ceres’ exaltation in Sagittarius. When the desire for growth and expansion meets pure fertility, wild fertilization awaits.

For more about Jupiter in Taurus and what it will bring, read our post about it: Jupiter in Taurus: Wild Combination

Span of Jupiter this year:

Jupiter begins 2023 in Aries, traveling all the way through and forward into 15 degrees of Taurus. There, he stations retrograde and travels backwards to 5 degrees of Taurus. At that point, he will station direct again. In 2024, he will again travels forward through 15 degrees of Taurus, and then beyond. He finishes his journey through Taurus in the spring of 2024.

How does Jupiter Retrograde affect you?

This means that if you have any planet between 5 degrees and 15 degrees of Taurus, you are having a Jupiter transit to that planet this year. Jupiter in Taurus forms a challenging aspect to the other Fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). Therefore, if you have a planet in 5 to 15 degrees of any Fixed sign, Jupiter is transiting that planet.

Find out more here: Are You Currently In Transition?Jupiter Retrograde 2023

Peaks in the intensity of this Jupiter Retrograde 2023:

You’ll feel a transit the most strongly when it’s exact and also during its stations. So if you have Venus at 8 degrees of Scorpio, you’ll feel Jupiter’s influence the most strongly when Jupiter is passing through 8 degrees of Taurus. And also on the days of its stations.

In a reading you can get a diagram of this that’s personalized for you and shows the exact dates to watch for. A reading with one of Pandora’s three astrologers will show you which of your own planets is being triggered by Jupiter. We will talk about what Jupiter’s transit means for you and where in your life to look for its effects. This gives you a chance to see what’s coming and plan how to respond to it. (Getting this kind of personally timed information is the main reason people consult astrologers.)

Is Jupiter Affecting You Right Now?

There’s no doubt you will feel this transit in the area of life corresponding with the house Jupiter is retrograding through, as well as the house it rules in your chart. There’s also no doubt that if your Sun is in a degree along Jupiter’s retrograde path, you will feel it too.

Generally speaking, here are the birthdates (in any year at all) that are most affected by Jupiter retrograde 2023:

April 25 to May 6
July 28 to August 8
October 28 to November 8
January 25 to February 4

How to handle your Jupiter transit:

During a Jupiter transit you can attract more lucky circumstances faster if you are aware of where your luck is.  Focus maximal positive energy into that area.  Be ready to grow, be open to possibilities, and allow good things to come to you from directions you don’t expect.  Also focus on hope and appreciation for how good your life already is.  And try Jamie’s principles of how to be a lucky Sagittarian.  Then claim the good things that come to you—and thank Jupiter for sending them.

If you’d like to find out whether
you’re having a Jupiter transit this year,
and you want to thrive with it,
Contact Pandora Astrology for a reading.

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