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Eclipses This Year

. . . and their Shadow Agents

Eclipses this year will be a powerful astrological signposts of change. Below are listed the eclipses happening in 2022. For background on what eclipses mean in general, what they are (astronomically) and how each eclipse usually has one or more Shadow Agents, look here: Eclipses and the Shadow Agent.

Eclipses This Year: What is an Eclipse?

Before we get into the eclipses of this year, let’s talk a bit about what an eclipse is.

Eclipses are all about beginnings and culminations, much like regular New and Full Moons, but add another layer of complication because of their activation of the North and South Node.

An eclipse occurs when the New or Full Moon conjuncts the transiting Nodal Axis. A Solar Eclipse is when a New Moon conjuncts the Nodal Axis. Conversely, a Lunar Eclipse is when a Full Moon conjuncts the Nodal axis.

If the eclipsed Moon is conjunct the North Node, this creates an Initiating Nodal orientation. In other words, this is a time of inceptions and new beginnings. If the eclipsed Moon is conjunct the South Node, this creates a Releasing Nodal orientation.

Eclipses This Year: Activating the Nodes

The transiting Nodal Axis that fall along the line of the eclipsed moon is very significant. It indicates themes of what we are collectively moving towards for our evolutionary growth.

For example, all recent Eclipses have been falling along the Nodal axis in Taurus and Scorpio. As a result, we are collectively learning the value of grounding, simplicity, and stability as opposed to habitual passion and drama.

Solar Eclipse or a Lunar Eclipse?

All eclipses show us our shadow, but a solar eclipse does so differently than a lunar eclipse. You may notice events (in the case of a solar eclipse) or a mood change (lunar eclipse) happening anytime within the week surrounding the eclipse. This means up to a few days before or after.

A solar eclipse is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event. We should therefore watch out for our shadow played out in events or projected onto other people. Therefore, we should be very conscious as to how we conduct ourselves.

On the other hand, a lunar eclipse is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event. Likewise, we should watch out for our unconscious revealing itself in our emotional landscape. To be sure, it may be more difficult to spot as the action will be happening more internally. We should be very mindful of how we express ourselves emotionally.

Eclipses This Year: 2022

These eclipses are happening in 2022 (we post about them as they approach):

April 30, 2022, a partial Solar Eclipse at 10º Taurus: Change Through Peaceful Stubbornness
May 16, 2022, a total Lunar Eclipse at 25º Scorpio: Cradled By Spiritual Action
October 25, 2022, a partial Solar Eclipse at 2º Scorpio: Confessions, Acceptance, Healing
November 8, 2022, a total Lunar Eclipse at 16º Taurus: Physical Freedom vs. Emotional Entanglements

The Eclipses of 2021:

May 26, 2021, a Lunar Eclipse at 5º Sagittarius: Get Off Your Pulpit and Be Curious
June 10, 2021, a Solar Eclipse at 19º Gemini: Communication, Partnership, Received Wisdom
November 19, 2021, a Lunar Eclipse at 27º Taurus: It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Right
December 4, 2021, a Solar Eclipse at 12º Sagittarius: Heal Breaches by HOW You Act on Your Beliefs

To find out more about other astrological events happening in 2022, such as pivotal days and planetary conjunctions, see Transits in the Year 2022.

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