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Eclipses in 2024: Eclipses This Year

. . . and their Shadow Agents

When are the eclipses in 2024 occurring?

Eclipses are awe-inspiring astronomical events that drastically change the appearance of the sky. In fact, the sight is so incredible that eclipses were interpreted as fatalistic omens by ancient astrologers. The astrological understanding of eclipses has changed with the times, and eclipses today generate more fascination and less fear.

2024’s eclipses will be powerful signposts of change. In this article, we will cover every eclipse happening this year. But first, what is an eclipse, and how do we interpret them astrologically?

Eclipses of 2023: The Solar Eclipses and Lunar Eclipses occurring this year.Eclipses in 2024: What is an Eclipse?

Before we get into the 4 eclipses of 2024, let’s talk a bit about what an eclipse is.

Eclipses are about beginnings and culminations, much like regular New and Full Moons. However, they add another layer of complication because of their activation of the North and South Node.

An eclipse occurs when the New or Full Moon conjuncts the transiting Nodal Axis. So, we define a Solar Eclipse as when a New Moon conjuncts the Nodal Axis. Meanwhile, a Lunar Eclipse occurs when a Full Moon conjuncts the Nodal axis.

If the eclipsed Moon conjuncts the North Node, it creates an Initiating Nodal orientation. Thus, initiating eclipses are all about inceptions and new beginnings. Conversely, if the eclipsed Moon conjuncts the South Node, this creates a Releasing Nodal orientation. Therefore, releasing eclipses are about letting go of unnecessary perspectives and habits.

Eclipses in 2024: in Aries/Libra

The transiting Nodal Axis that falls along the axis of the Moon indicates themes of what we are collectively moving towards for our evolutionary growth. In 2024, the eclipses begin to fall along the Aries/Libra nodal axis. Thus, they bring to the forefront of our awareness issues of self versus other.

The North Node in Aries continues to beckon us towards simplicity, but of a different kind than that of Taurus. Aries urges us towards directness, independence, unpretentiousness, healthy expression of anger, and pure action. Aries gives us the courage to be in touch with our own needs and desires. We feel encouraged to walk our own path. Clearly, this Cardinal Fire sign has the conviction of not caring what others think.

Meanwhile, the South Node in Libra reveals to us the unhealthy ways we collectively relate to each other. For example, these eclipses might urge us to release behaviors of codependence, people-pleasing, superficiality, indecision, overthinking, and passive aggression. They may highlight where self-awareness becomes debilitating self-consciousness. Also, they may show us how caring for others, when out of balance, may dissociate us from ourselves.

Eclipses in 2024: Eclipses Activate the Shadow

One way to describe an eclipse is “a luminary is occluded such that we see a shadow.” This is because, quite literally, during a Solar Eclipse, the Moon casts two shadows towards the earth. Meanwhile, during a Lunar Eclipse, the earth casts a shadow on the Moon.

Psychologically, eclipses suggest the appearance of the shadow. Thus, the occasion of an eclipse contacting something in your natal chart is the perfect opportunity to get a good look at your own shadow.

Jungian theory says that “the shadow” is made up of the disowned parts of ourselves contradicting the qualities that we consciously choose to identify with. Interestingly, eclipses reveal parts of our shadow, making it easier to see.

How to Approach Shadow Work

During eclipses, we have the opportunity to identify our shadow. Subsequently, we can stop projecting it onto the world around us, and own and accept it as part of ourselves. Integrating shadow with our conscious personalities is a key aspect of individuation.

While shadow work is uncomfortable, it is also a gift.  So much human energy is wrapped up in avoiding, projecting and hiding our shadows. When we integrate pieces of our shadow, we reclaim that energy.

Time and Dates of Eclipses in 2024

These are the 4 major eclipses occurring in 2024 (click on the links below for individual blogposts about each eclipse as we publish them):

March 25, 2024, a penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 5º Libra, with Moon conjunct South Node
April 8, 2024, a total Solar Eclipse at 19º Aries, with Sun conjunct North Node
September 17, 2024, a partial Lunar Eclipse at 25º Pisces with Moon conjunct North Node
October 2, 2024, an annular Solar Eclipse at 10º Libra, with Sun conjunct South Node

Understanding the Eclipse cycle can help you with shadow work,
revealing keys to your psychological complexes,
aiding you to integrate disowned parts of yourself.

To learn if the Eclipses in 2023 affect you personally,
and how to use them to integrate your shadow,
 contact Pandora Astrology for a Natal and Transits Reading.

Solar Eclipse or a Lunar Eclipse?

All eclipses show us our shadow. However, a Solar Eclipse does so differently than a Lunar Eclipse. You may notice events or a mood change happening anytime within a week surrounding the eclipse. That is, up to a few days before or after.

Solar Eclipses reveal our shadow via our behavior. Therefore, a Solar Eclipse is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event. This suggests that we can observe our shadow as it is played out in events or projected onto other people, or most importantly, our own actions. It makes sense, then, that we should be very conscious during Solar Eclipses as to how we conduct ourselves.

On the other hand, Lunar Eclipses show us our shadow via our internal experience. Lunar Eclipses are likely to bring up strong emotions, experienced as a subjective event. Therefore, we should watch out for our unconscious revealing itself in our emotional landscape. The action will happen on a primarily internal level. Although it may be more difficult to spot, we should be very mindful of our emotions during a Lunar Eclipse.

Past Eclipses


Apr 19, 2023, a total Solar Eclipse at 29º Aries: Volcanic Actions, Tempered By Sympathy
May 5, 2023, a penumbral Lunar Eclipse at 14º Scorpio: You Are Not In Control.
Oct 14, 2023, an annular Solar Eclipse at 21º Libra: Stop Placating; Honesty Heals.
Oct 28, 2023, a partial Lunar Eclipse at 5º Taurus: Release Ties; Lean Into Independence.


April 30, 2022, a partial Solar Eclipse at 10º Taurus: Change Through Peaceful Stubbornness
May 16, 2022, a total Lunar Eclipse at 25º Scorpio: Cradled By Spiritual Action
October 25, 2022, a partial Solar Eclipse at 2º Scorpio: Confessions, Acceptance, Healing
November 8, 2022, a total Lunar Eclipse at 16º Taurus: Physical Freedom vs. Emotional Entanglements


May 26, 2021, a Lunar Eclipse at 5º Sagittarius: Get Off Your Pulpit and Be Curious
June 10, 2021, a Solar Eclipse at 19º Gemini: Communication, Partnership, Received Wisdom
November 19, 2021, a Lunar Eclipse at 27º Taurus: It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Right
December 4, 2021, a Solar Eclipse at 12º Sagittarius: Heal Breaches by HOW You Act on Your Beliefs

Go Deeper

Eclipses and their Shadow Agents: A more in-depth look at eclipses and how they reveal our psychological shadow.

To find out more about other astrological events happening in 2024, such as pivotal days and planetary conjunctions, see Transits in the Year 2024.

Astronomical details about this year’s eclipses: Timeanddate.com

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