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Are you looking for a love that can last?

Are you dissatisfied with your relationship and wondering if it can be saved?

Are you facing a difficult decision in your love life and feel like you need to know more before you can decide?

Are you tired of repeating the same patterns in your relationship, and ready to break them forever?

(or do you have a specific love question that you’d like to ask our astrologers?) 

The truth about your nonnegotiable relationship needs…

We all have them. But if you don’t know what your bottom-line, nonnegotiable relationship needs are, how can you find a partner who satisfies them?

Pandora’s Lifelong Love Reading will help you understand what you need in a relationship and what you have to offer. This reading will give you insights to help you understand…

  • What personality traits and features you need to find in a partner (intelligence? solidity? good looks? emotional connection?), in order to fall deeply and passionately in love with them…
  • What traits you need to find in a partner so you can form a stable marriage together and…
  • How to get these needs lined up with each other, so you can have a relationship that is the total package
  • Also: how to satisfy your needs for love and commitment and get the most out of the relationship you’re in—even if your partner doesn’t fit that total package.

Of all the things you’ve thought you needed in a partner, only a few of them really matter. This reading helps you sort out those few things– and let go of the rest. Thus you can search for a partner who has the features that you care most about, letting you relax about the features that don’t. This both broadens your dating field and also makes your search more effective.

Are you facing a difficult relationship decision?

Sometimes it’s just a matter of learning about your partner’s character. This can help you decide if the compatibility really is there between you.

If you are confused about a relationship you are in, or recently broken up from, you can request a compatibility check as part of your Lifelong Love Reading. You’ll learn why you and this partner were drawn together and what the source of the frustration is. This enables you to make a decision that brings clarity and peace.

You’ll need as much birth data for your partner as you can find, and you must be prepared for an objective, but compassionate, look at both parties and the relationship itself.

Love takes many forms. In your Lifelong Love reading, your relationship style will be respected, no matter how unconventional it is. No topic is off-limits.

The Lifelong Love reading will help you understand what a satisfying relationship looks like for you, whether you are single and looking, partnered and happy or anything in between. This reading is especially helpful when your situation is “it’s complicated.”

This reading is suitable for all adult / adult relationship styles, even if you feel like your situation is a little different because you’re gay, bi, nonmonogamous, transitioning from one gender to another, or not sure you want to have children. There’s somebody out there for you, and who knows? When your parents see how happy you are in the right relationship, they might even approve.

Pandora’s Lifelong Love reading can help you solve your relationship problems forever through a deeper understanding of your native relationship patterns and pitfalls, and a clear vision of your Greater Self’s plan for how you are meant to find love in this lifetime.

Jamie is a wealth of knowledge. Her reading gave me greater insight into myself as an individual and taught me some practical ways to feel great even about the more challenging aspects of my chart. In addition to the individual reading, my husband and I did a relationship reading which taught me a great deal about my husband and how his mind works and what I can do to be better for him....and he learned the same about me!!! Really great stuff...

–Honey L.

I really loved my reading with Julia--she was absolutely fantastic! I felt so much better and more clear about myself and what makes me, as an individual, tick. I look forward to future readings with her, and my husband (who was not really on board with astrology readings) is now interested as well, since he was in the room when I had mine! It has really helped us both. We are looking forward to more in the future.

-Susan H

This is the reading for you if…

  • You’re dissatisfied with your relationship and it’s not too late to save it.
  • You’ve recently exited a relationship and you want to understand what happened there.
  • You want your next relationship to be the last–and best–one of your lifetime.
  • You’ve noticed repeat patterns in your relationship history–and you’re ready to break them forever.
  • You’re not sure your “type” is good for you.
  • You’ve had love without commitment, or commitment without love–and now you want both.
  • You’ve got a long string of intense but too-short relationships in your past–and you want to find the one that will stick.
  • You’ve been dating someone for a short time and are ready for the truth about whether this relationship could be built to last and what it would take.

If you’re single, in this reading you will discover…

  • What you need to experience passionate romantic connection, what you need to experience stable marriage and how to get these needs lined up with each other, so you can have a relationship that is everything you desire.
  • Your Ideal Partner Profile (your “Bad Boy/Good Man” or “Bad Girl/Good Woman” profile), so you can use it to spot good prospects and avoid bad ones.
  • Birth dates of people who are likely to already have some of the personality traits that you find the most attractive.
  • Valuable information about relationship changes you’re in right now, and when your next relationship luck periods are coming, so you can take the best opportunities to find a partner or marry.

If you’re partnered, in this reading you will discover…

  • How your past relationship patterns may be affecting your present one and how to “love the one you’re with”—deeply and without regret.
  • How to appreciate the ways the partner you have is already “just your type.”
  • How to maximize the areas where you and your partner have an easy compatibility, and grow as a person in the areas where there is stress and irritation.
  • How to use life’s inevitable changes to deepen your connection with your partner.
  • How to win your partner back to you again and again over the years.

You will leave the session with:

  • An orientation video to help you understand the reading while it’s happening and for years after (sent immediately after booking)
  • The Lifelong Love Bundle to help you prepare for your video session and get the most out of it
  • A PDF of your birth chart, and any other charts we used during the reading
  • Diagrams of the specific timing of important changes we discussed during the reading
  • A screen-capture video recording of your reading

My reading with her was very insightful and inspiring. I loved the charts she created for my transits –they make it really easy to track, with key words and phrases to describe it. Her understanding of astrology and how she interpreted my chart was very relevant and accessible. I’ll be back for more!

~ Laura C

“I got my first astrology reading from Jamie Kahl 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve gotten 7 more readings and referred over 20 of my friends and associates to her (including gift certificates I’ve given as presents). While I’ve enjoyed all of my readings tremendously and found them useful, my favorite ones are definitely the relationship readings. I’ve had relationship readings with romantic partners that served as a roadmap to both “sweet spots” and challenges, and also for my relationship with my young daughter, to better understand where she’s coming from and how to best parent her.

- Karin W

Three years ago I did many, many hours of online research seeking an astrologer I felt I could connect to. I made the decision to choose Jamie, and after listening to her wonderful teleclass on relationships, I knew I had found the intuitive female astrologer I was seeking. I have now had 3 readings with Jamie and my 4th reading is booked.

- Rowen W

This was my first astrology reading ever...I really enjoyed Jamie’s thorough overview of how astrology works so that I can guide myself in the future in certain aspects of my life. I am currently going through a huge transition in the relationship category of my life so most of my questions revolved around this topic. Jamie helped me piece together why I do the things I do, as well as why my ex has his specific characteristics and habits...

- Isabella Z

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