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What’s Are Your Signs?

You probably know that understanding your Sun sign can give you huge insights into who you are, but did you know that your Moon sign and Ascendant (Rising sign) are just as important? Look up all three signs for a good overview of your personality, needs, motivations and some strategies for living the best life possible.

The Sun is your center, your core, your very identity. Read about your Sun sign to learn how to individuate, shine and become your truest self.

The Moon is your emotional and home life. Read about your Moon sign to understand what makes you feel safe, secure and well taken-care-of.

The Ascendant is your presentation, appearance and boundaries. Read about your Ascendant / Rising sign to handle boundary issues and present yourself in the best possible light.

Pandora Astrology’s largish archive of articles about the zodiac signs are organized for you below, so you can look up your own Sun, Moon and Rising for deeper understanding of yourself and your needs. Feel free to also look up the “big three” (Sun/Moon/Rising) of your partner, friends and family.  Also, read this series of three related articles on the subject of why your Sun sign is not all that you are:
You Are Not Just Your Sun Sign
What Is A “Sign Type?”
What Makes A Strong Sign Type?

Your Signs

Don’t know your Moon or Rising signs? Or were you “born on a cusp” and therefore unsure about your Sun sign? Here’s an article that can put those questions to rest:  How to cast your own astrology chart online. And if you want to get a reading and find out much, much more, here’s how to do that.

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