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Transits and Progressions Reading

This reading is for returning clients only. You’ll want this reading if you feel yourself going through changes and want a better understanding of them and of how to make the most of the opportunities before you. New clients that have not seen a Pandora Astrologer before need to get an Introductory Natal and Transits Reading or one of the specially themed readings (birthday, career, relationship, child/family).

The Transits and Progressions reading is the one to get if you’ve had readings before and you’re familiar with your chart. This reading focuses on changes you’re in and refers to the natal as needed to understand those changes. This reading doesn’t focus on just one topic—you can ask questions about any area of life. If you’d prefer a specifically themed reading (career, relationship, etc), look here.

In your Transits and Progressions reading, YOU’LL GET…

  • A focused and thorough look at the deeper meaning underneath the transitions you’re in right now.
  • Ways to handle these transitions to help forward your general life-plan, leaving you motivated, excited and ready to use them to become a better, happier and more successful version of yourself.
  • Insight into the areas of your life and your personality that are being triggered for change right now.
  • Specific timing for the transitions you’re in, including how long each will last and when it will be over, putting you in the driver’s seat.
  • Diagrams showing dates when dramatic events are most likely to occur.
  • An understanding of where you are in the human life cycle and the next big change on the horizon.

THIS READING is for you if. . .

  • You’ve had readings before and you’re ready to skip over the basics of your natal chart and go straight for the deep stuff.
  • You feel that you’re in the middle of a change and you want to understand it better.
  • You want to know why you feel the way you do right now, and what you can do to turn it around.
  • You want to know about upcoming luck periods when opportunities will come easily in career, finance or love.
  • You’re ready to make a move in some area and want to know the most impactful timing for doing so.
  • You’re ready to navigate life’s changes more powerfully—you’re ready to surf, not drown.

Select a Pandora Astrologer for your reading

Transits and Progressions Reading with Jamie

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Transits and Progressions Reading with Julia

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Julia's interpretations of my chart were EXACT. This is not a fufu, hand-wavy, crystal ball shop. My impression is that they are studied and methodical. That, in combination with sense of curiosity, warmth and compassion toward their clients. -Frankie


I experienced a super-positive in-person reading (Jamie is warm, engaging and caring) around issues of great stress (divorce, childbirth, addiction). Time and time again as I encounter a period of charged events I dig out the chart and right there on the paper are signs and signals of peak periods of change, just as she said.” -Sabina


Julia was spot on for all of my qualities and she provides the best take home material to review. She was very personal and made you feel comfortable during the reading. -Nancy


I feel so lucky to have found Jamie! I left feeling empowered and equipped to build a satisfying and fulfilling marriage with my fiancé. Because of Jamie, I have a better understanding of our strengths and weaknesses in our partnership. – Jana


I have had no less than 20 readings from numerous astrologers in the last 8 years from fairs to top branded astrologers and none- I repeat none have even come anywhere close to the skill, the precision, nor the detail that Julia gave to me. -Lulu


It’s amazing how, not even knowing me, Jamie could have such an accurate insight into my personality and the things that drive me. -Lillian


Wow is all I can say! I have had no less than 20 readings from numerous astrologers in the last 8 years from fairs to top branded astrologers and none- I repeat none have even come anywhere close to the skill, the precision, nor the detail that Julia gave to me. -Rich


Jamie finally saved me from the terminal horror of other astrologers. -K. W.


WHAT’S NEXT? After you purchase your reading, follow the link to your reading’s welcome page…

  • On the payment confirmation page, you’ll find a link to your reading’s welcome page. Please go there immediately and complete the webform with as much data as you can. Readings will NOT be done without accurate birth data, which includes: city, state of province, country, and birth time down to the minute. If you need time to look up this data, no worries–you can fill out the webform now and email the rest to us later.
  • Watch the free orientation video on your reading’s welcome page. You’ll want to absorb this right away before we meet; it prepares you for the life-altering experience of a reading by explaining how astrology works and showing the scope of questions you might usefully ask.
  • Think about the areas of your life that need attention. Send your topics of discussion via the webform or before your reading. If you have further thoughts, you can send emails as you think of them.

Want a more specialized reading on a particular area of life? Click here to see our full menu of readings!

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