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Discover what’s up for you this month in love, career and finance in your February horoscope from Pandora Astrology. Remember to check your Rising sign’s horoscope first, if you know it (because that will always work better) and THEN check your Sun sign. Don’t know your Rising sign? Use this blogpost to cast your own chart for free on astro.com and discover your Rising sign, Moon sign and much more: http://bit.ly/astrocht

“Navigating Juno Retrograde” is February’s Patreon workshop. Join it here: http://pandoraastrology.com/live-workshops

Be sure to check out BOTH your Rising sign and your Sun sign horoscope: http://bit.ly/pandorahoroscope
You can find details about this month’s sky events on our Monthly Forecast page: https://bit.ly/astrologyforecast
A Natal and Transits reading can address your questions and concerns this month: http://bit.ly/astrologyrdg

For more about this month’s planetary activity, check our monthly Forecast page.

Find us on Patreon and get access to exclusive monthly workshops that include live readings: http://patreon.com/pandoraastrology

–Jamie, Julia and Fran, the Pandora Astrology Team
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How To Use These Horoscopes:

In these brief horoscope videos, made for you with love, Pandora Astrology’s team shows you how to navigate this month’s planetary influences for best results in your career, relationships, health and finances. Watch the horoscope for your RISING sign first, if you know it. Then watch the horoscope for your SUN sign (aka “your sign”).

Don’t know your Rising sign?

Use this article to cast your chart on Astro.com for free and discover your Rising sign, Moon sign, and much more: How To Use Astro.com To Cast Your Free Astrology Chart.

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