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Monthly Astrology Forecast for March 2024

Welcome to Pandora’s monthly astrology forecast. Here you’ll find news for the year, for the month and for dates this month when important changes are happening in our skies. You’ll also find words and videos explaining what they mean, how to handle them and how to know if they affect your chart specifically.

Pandora Astrology Monthly Forecast, February 2024 Astrology

What does the February Astrology Forecast hold in store for your Sun or Rising sign?

Faster-Moving Planets

March begins with the Sun in dreamy Pisces. The Sun in Pisces brings a focus on compassion, surrender, acceptance, cultivating our relationship to the divine, and helping those who are troubled or in need. You may look for ways to transcend your own ego, and in doing so identify with the suffering of others. You may even feel drawn to sacrifice yourself for the well-being of others. Mercury in Pisces emphasizes this mission, lending intuition to our logic and feeling to our communications.

While Venus and Mars are both lingering in Aquarius as the month begins, your social approach to collectivity will likely remain largely intellectual and political in nature. However, as both transition into Pisces, you may find yourself merging emotionally more with those around you.

Asteroids and Outer Planets

Meanwhile, Juno continues her retrograde in Virgo. During her retrograde, you have the opportunity to work on longstanding issues in your serious relationships. On March 3, Juno Retrograde opposes the Sun on “Commitment Clarity Day”. On this day, you may receive clear insight into the nature of your problems and how to approach them. Your (or your partner’s) tendencies to over-criticism, perfectionism, codependency and over-functioning are among dynamics that need fixing. Juno will remain retrograde until mid-April.

Ceres entered Capricorn early last month. In Capricorn, her nurturing may be somewhat frozen, and she may instead prefer to enact a “tough” brand of love. Her sense of bounty is supported by her own sweat and blood, but as a result, she suffer from a bit of a scarcity complex. On the bright side, this is an excellent time to build wealth with an eye towards the future and long-term security. Capricorn is no stranger to hard work and self-denial in order to achieve a goal.

Meanwhile, Jupiter, the luck-bringer, and Uranus, the rebel, are now direct in Taurus. As a result, you may feel renewed access to your well of earthy confidence, fun and optimism, and innovative ideas for revolution. What’s more, Pluto is now in Aquarius, where he will remain until September. In Aquarius, Pluto pushes us to a deeper level of revolution, and an intense transformation of Aquarian qualities.

Next Season

As March progresses, the Sun will transition into Aries. In this transition, the light of our attention shifts towards our ability to actualize ourselves. Therefore, the month’s themes will revolve around assertiveness, action, pioneering (acting on visions that you alone believe in), motivation, and being in touch with your desires. Aries also rules sexual drive, physical action and sports, and anger and our ability to fight.

Read or watch your individual horoscope below to see what houses of yours the planets are transiting, and what personal weather you can expect this March.

How do March’s planetary movements affect you?

How do the planetary movements of the March astrology forecast affect you? Check Pandora Astrology’s horoscopes this month and watch the one for your Rising sign as well as your Sun sign. Alternatively, you can read Pandora’s written Monthly Horoscopes by Fran Xin Yi. The themes of the monthly astrology forecast affect individual people in individual areas of life according to their own astrology charts. Look here to find out if and how you are affected:  Are You Currently In Transition?

Astrological Changes of 2024

During 2024, Uranus is in Taurus, Neptune is in Pisces and Chiron is in Aries–exactly as they were in 2021, 2022, and 2023. However, in 2023, Saturn moved into Pisces, and Pluto moved into Aquarius. Jupiter has long since moved out of Capricorn and is moving into Gemini in 2024. The video below explains what it means when a planet spends many years traveling through a sign (we call them “planetary eras”). Additionally, it summarizes where all of the heavy-hitting, slow-moving planets are in 2024: 

This year, Jupiter will square Saturn and also sextile Chiron. This will allow for some powerful growth and evolution for you if you have planets in 12º – 19º of any Mutable sign (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo) or if you have a planet in Aries and being aspected by Chiron in 2023 or 2024 (that means, a planet in 17º – 21º of Aries). The video below shows you these aspects in motion and tells you how they will feel, and gives you important dates when the most potent events are likely to occur. 

For historical context of what has changed since 2020, our videos and blog posts about Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter in Pisces, Jupiter in Aries, and Jupiter in Taurus will bring you current. For more about Outer Planetary Movements in 2024, read on through the end of our astrology forecast.

March Astrology Forecast: Mercury Watch

Mercury begins Mars moving direct and clear as a bell. Take advantage of Mercury’s smooth ride to get things into their best shape before Mercury goes retrograde again. Use this time to develop ideas, initiate and move projects forward, acquire and use ma-chinery and technology, and carry out important communications and negotiations. In Pisces, Mercury functions in a right-brained, intuitive way. It excels at visualizing a goal and moving fluidly towards it psychically, and not worrying too much about the details. On March 8, Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, making it a great day to pay extra attention to our deeper intuition, or any flashes of extrasensory intelligence. On March 20, when Mercury conjuncts Chiron, we may be unintentionally wounding with our words. Mercury will begin slowing down by the end of the month, getting ready to go retrograde. To prepare yourself for next month’s impending retrograde, look at This Year’s Mercury Retrogrades

March Astrology Forecast: Seasons

March begins with the Mutable Water sign of Pisces. Pisces falls at the end of the seasonal year, the tail end of winter. This is the time when the earth warms and snow melts into slush.  Buds begin to grow in the dark earth’s womb. Pisces symbolizes both endings and also the gestational phase before things begin; it is the alpha and the omega of the zodiac. Perhaps this is why Pisceans often experience their lives as muddy and indistinct, as if the boundaries between things are blurred. As the final sign, Pisces is the ultimate repository for all the signs that came before. Pisceans may well say, as Whitman did, “Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself. I contain multitudes.”

From Piscean moisture and mud, life erupts forth as the season of spring explodes into the Cardinal, Fiery sign of Aries. Naturally, the sign that heralds the mating season, the birth of animals and the putting out of plant shoots is forceful, energetic and bursting with hope. But Aries has a tender side too: this sign so full of bluff and bluster is easily deflated. But no matter how many times Aries is deflated and crushed, its life-force inevitably reawakens and hope springs eternal. If you want something started, ask an Aries. This year Aries runs from March 20 to April 19. 

Is your birthday coming up?

If your birthday is coming, you’ll want your annual birthday reading (called a “Solar Return” reading) to happen in the month before your birthday–because your birthday is your Personal New Year. It’s the best time for setting resolutions, intentions and new life-directions. Get yourself in alignment with what your Greater Self wants for you this year, beginning with knowing what the plan is.

March’s Horoscopes Have Arrived

If you want to know how the planetary weather of the March 2024 astrology forecast affects your sign,
check your video horoscope here
or your written horoscope here

Be sure to check your Rising sign first, then your Sun sign. 

Happy Birthday, Pisces!
Here is your monthly horoscope for March:

It’s your personal New Year, Pisces, as the Sun moves through your 1st House. You may truly feel as if you’ve been re-entering the world after a long, fruitful, dreamy hibernation. That being said, life is always a little dreamy for a Pisces such as yourself. Mid-month, you may find that your natural charm is plain for all to see, and that you are extra attractive to others. Some of this attractiveness, however, may be enhanced by a tendency to people-please. Around March 22, you may realize the limits of this approach.

You may also experience a sense of vulnerability surrounding your self-worth and your ability to communicate your own desires, or to even realize them yourself. Use any moments of emotional triggering to get in touch with these desires. Luckily, by the end of the month, you may find that you are able to assert yourself a lot more than usual. In fact, you may find that the full span of your motivated energy is restored. Use this drive to manifest your desires, Pisces, now that you are in touch with them.

March Astrology Forecast: Lunations

And now, for the moon-centric portion of our astrology forecast! Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

“Logic in the Service of Intuition”
New Moon in 20º Pisces
March 10, 2024, 1:00 AM PT

The March New Moon occurs at 20º Pisces on March 10, 1:00 AM Pacific time. This New Moon features both harmonious and tense aspects. As a result, it will be a very dynamic lunation.

The March New Moon is in dreamy, porous Pisces. The Sun and Moon in this Mutable Water sign suggests a devotion to spiritual and emotional matters. Accordingly, you may find yourself focused on the immaterial, on daydreams, the unconscious, symbols, nature. You also may find yourself feeling devoted to something greater than yourself, filled with compassion, and longing for connection to something greater than your own ego. 

The Moon in Pisces is all about surrender to the unknown, to the void. She asks us to face ego-death, yet to also find our connection to everything in the universe. Paradoxically, by accepting the unknowable, Pisces finds safety. In other words, Pisces teaches us to find peace in the knowledge that nothing lasts forever materially, but that everything is eternal spiritually.

Involvement from Vesta in Gemini

The Sun and Moon in Pisces square Vesta in Gemini. As a result, you may feel a conflict between the need to articulate and the need to simply be, and feel. On one hand, communication can help you to connect with others. On the other hand, without the ability to connect emotionally, you may miss a large part of what is being communicated. The New Moon in Pisces asks you to honor the emotional part of the truth, and to integrate logic with intuition.

If you have a planet in your chart placed from 15º to 25º of a Mutable sign, you will feel this Moon. For a more in-depth dive into this dynamic New Moon, read our blog post here.

“The Need For Peace Versus The Call Of Battle”
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in 5º Libra
March 25, 2024, 12:00 AM PT

The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Libra occurs at 5º on March 25, 2024, 12:00 AM PT. This month, the March Full Moon is a conflicted Lunar Eclipse in Libra. Moreover, all recent Eclipses have transitioned out of the Nodal axis in Taurus and Scorpio. Our transition into the Aries/Libra Nodal Axis marks our collective need for independence and honesty. Simultaneously, we are called to release habitual people-pleasing and the maintenance of superficial harmony.

This March Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is in Libra, a very social and relational sign. Consequently, the shadow emotions we might express during this eclipse would be shadowy social emotions. For example, the need to agree, discomfort with conflict, the desire for peace, and harmony–at any cost. Some more examples might include the fear of loneliness, and prioritizing what people might think over your own convictions. This is because Libra is the Air sign that is connected to our relationships. At her most extreme, Libra can even feel emotionally remote or distant.

Involvement from Pallas Athene and Pluto

Full Moons are inherently polarized, formed by an opposition between the Sun and the Moon, and this March Full Moon is no different. However, other than this baseline conflict, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra features more harmony than conflict. In fact, aspects to Pallas Athene and Pluto form an aspect pattern known as a Cradle.

A Cradle is a deeply supportive pattern, as two planets form trines and sextiles to the Sun and Moon. In this case, those planets are Pallas Athene and Pluto. Therefore, both Pallas Athene and Pluto offer outlets for creative problem-solving. However, we must avoid using these outlets in the service of escapism.

If you have a planet in your chart placed between 0º and 10º of a Cardinal sign, you’ll also feel this Moon. For a more in depth dive into this dynamic Full Moon, read our blog post here, or watch our video below:

How Do March’s Moons Affect Me?

Your March horoscope video will tell you more about the New and Full Moons mentioned in our astrology forecast. When checking your horoscope, always check your Rising sign first, then your Sun sign. Your Rising sign’s horoscope will generally work better.

Long-Term Shifts in 2024

Beyond the monthly changes of our astrology forecast, 2024 brings some major long-term shifts to our collective consciousness. Most of these changes are occurring due to outer planetary ingresses into new signs. Usually outer planets shift signs gradually. First they begin their preliminary steps into the new sign. Then they backtracking into the former one, and so on and so forth until the planet is solidly within the next sign. Naturally, these times of transition feature elements of both signs, and highlight the zodiac’s conceptually developmental nature from Aries to Pisces. Planets undergoing shifts into a new sign this year include Pluto and Jupiter, as well as the nodal axis of Eclipses. Read on for a bit about each transition.

Pluto enters Aquarius

The most significant transition awaiting us in 2024 is Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius. That’s because Pluto is the slowest moving planet, and has been in Capricorn for the past 15 or so years. Plainly, Pluto’s transit through Capricorn has been a time of serious dismantling and unearthing of toxicity and corruption in mainstream power. Pluto first entered the fixed air sign Aquarius on March 23, 2023. In 2024, Pluto will continue its slow transition into Aquarius, as it retrogrades back in Capricorn to wrap up Capricorn themes, and then back into Aquarius again.

Pluto in Aquarius will reveal and transform toxic material in the realm of politics, humanitarianism, social justice, science, technology, social media, and the internet. Similarly to how Pluto’s transit through Capricorn revealed Capricornian shadow themes, Pluto’s transit through Aquarius will highlight the dark side of Aquarius.

For a more in-depth look at this significant collective shift, read our blogpost here: Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044: A Transformation of Ideals.

Jupiter Enters Gemini

Jupiter changes signs about once every year and a half. Given that, Jupiter’s ingress into Gemini is a relatively temporary shift compared to Pluto’s monumental change. However, it marks a new mini-era nonetheless. Jupiter in Gemini will bring expansion in the realm of learning, writing, information, journalism, and media. Additionally, Jupiter in Gemini brings a joy in the beauty of language and communication, as well as an interest in the diversity of experience.

Interestingly, Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini, as the expansiveness of Jupiter struggles with the minute detail of Gemini. Therefore, wordiness and an overwhelm of information may also be present.

Eclipses in 2024: Aries/Libra

The Eclipses of 2024 take place in Aries/Libra. We experience 4 eclipses per year. Most importantly, eclipses serve to show us our shadow. Solar Eclipses reveal our shadow via our behavior, while Lunar Eclipses do so by our subjective, internal experience. This year, the North Node in Aries calls us towards the themes of Aries. For example, directness, independence, courage to walk our own path, not caring what others think, unpretentiousness, gutsy animalism, healthy expression of anger, and action.

Conversely, the South Node in Libra urges us to release shadowy behaviors of codependence, people-pleasing, debilitating self-consciousness, superficiality, indecision, overthinking, and passive aggression. For more on the eclipses of 2024, read about it here: Eclipses This Year.

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