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Happy Birthday Virgo! Gift For You…

Happy Birthday Virgo!

It’s your birthday Virgo! Your own Personal New Year is starting! Life is precious; each year is like a new-minted coin you get to spend. How will you spend this year? What will you do? How will you grow and change? How will you become more you? Your Solar Return chart has these answers and much more.

Your Solar Return chart is your own personal birthday chart. A new Solar Return chart kicks in every year, with new themes, concerns and growth edges. What are this year’s themes?

The month before your birthday is your month of greatest change. At this time of year you’re most likely to change jobs, move house or break up or begin a relationship. This is because last year’s concerns are rushing to their conclusion, while next year’s concerns are rearing their heads.

If you get only one astrology reading a year, this is the time to do it. And if you schedule it now, you’ll get a free gift: “My Personal Year for Virgo,” a recording all about Virgo’s yearly rhythm. It contains information that will help you get oriented to–and make the most of–every year of your life.

In your Birthday Reading you’ll discover powerful information about your natural talents, life challenges and purpose. You’ll also find valuable intel about changes coming this year–and their very specific timing.

IMPORTANT:  To get Solar Return/Transits reading you need an accurate birth time. Look for it on your birth certificate, birth announcement, baby book or other written source documented when you were born.

How to book your birthday reading:

Choose your appointment and pay to lock it in. Then watch for an email containing the webform link (in your payment receipt) to arrive in your inbox. On the webform, you’ll add your birth data and your questions for the reading. When you send your webform, you’ll land on your reading’s Welcome page, where you can download the free bonus recording right away.

Want to know more about what’s involved in getting a reading? Click here: Get a Reading 
You can also read more about your Virgo nature on Pandora’s blog.

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