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5 Ways To Use Your Head Like A Smart Gemini

By June 2, 2010September 17th, 2021Signs: Gemini

PandoraPeople who have a lot of the Mutable Air sign Gemini in their chart often appear smart.  But why are Gemini types so smart?  And are they smart or do they just look smart?  How do they hold all those facts in their head?  How is it that they slide through school without even appearing to try?  Sometimes it looks like magic, the way a Gemini type can finesse those multiple questions tests and even the essay tests and dazzle teachers with their knowledge.  Here, in a smashing celebration of Gemini goodness, is how they do it . . .

Mutable Gemini loves to dabble

Be the dilettante you are, Gemini, for you are good at many things.  You’re an excellent mimic.  You develop your own style by trying on the style of others.  You are a Renaissance person—embrace it.  Enjoy it.  Gemini has a short attention span, but is this really a problem in the modern world?  More of a necessity, I’m thinking, because those who can’t think fast get left behind.  That very distractibility can be used to your advantage—keep it fresh, keep it light, keep your mind moving.

Smart Geminis love information

It’s true that Gemini types are naturally drawn to facts, data and information.  I’m speaking now to Geminis everywhere.  You are most likely, of all the signs, to win at Trivial Pursuit and then to modestly proclaim that your knowledge is useless.  But you seek it anyway.  You can be enthralled—and persuaded—by statistics.  Let’s face it:  ferreting out, ingesting, remembering and ultimately sharing information is beyond a hobby with you.  It’s a way of life.

Air sign Gemini engages other minds in conversation

Another way to be a smart Gemini is to communicate with other people, not just keep your thoughts in your own head.  Practice your ability to get ideas across to other minds (with other mental styles) and to hear their ideas.  Ask questions that put the attention on the other person.  Genuinely want to know the answers.  It’s a paradox that half of looking smart is in making others look smart.  Don’t pay too much attention to whether you look smart because you probably do without trying.

Gemini doesn’t linger too long or dig too deeply

Grasp the surface concept quickly and then move on to the next idea. Sure, there’s more there—there always is.  But you don’t need to get caught up in it.  The Gemini intelligence knows that the main idea is enough—if you can grasp it, remember it, and produce it when you are asked, you can build a wealth of facts that are useful in an everyday way.  And you can pass tests.

To be a smart Gemini, be endlessly curious

Dwell in wonder.  To be Gemini is like having an eternal child-mind:  “What’s that?  And what’s that?” and the big one:  “Why??”  Gemini wants to eat up life-experience with the brain.  For Gemini, life is a road made of questions.  When a Gemini thinks she has the answers, some part of her deeply curious, extremely mobile brain shuts off.  And that’s a shame, because this sign’s sense of wonder is immense and it’s a great gift to have and to share with others.

So act like a smart Gemini–the next time you stop to absorb an interesting idea, instead of just filing it away, ask yourself a question about it.  Enjoy the mystery, even as you are penetrating it with your understanding.  Thanks, Gemini, for eating up information and then offering it to the rest of us in bite-sized pieces.

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Jamie has been practicing astrology in the Bay Area since 1992 and teaching since 1997. She is currently certified at NCGR Level 3. She specializes in feminine archetypes and a positive, empowering approach. Jamie enjoys working with individuals, couples, and families to improve the quality of their lives and expand each person’s choices.

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