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Love in the Time of Coronavirus: Juno and Venus Retrograde in the Spring of 2020

By April 14, 2020Juno, Venus

Love in the Time of Coronavirus
Juno and Venus Retrograde
in the Spring of 2020

Love in the time of Coronavirus

This spring we’re facing a lot of deep thoughts and changes in our relationships because both Venus (love) and Juno (commitment) are going retrograde in overlapping patterns. Venus and Juno are the main relationship planets in astrology. When either of them goes retrograde, we must look at our relationship history. How much more so when they both do it at once? And how apt it is that the timing of a global coronavirus pandemic, demanding social distance, also lines up so perfectly. This was always going to be a time when we would have to take distance on our relationships and look at them retrospectively. This is a time to look at the viability of our relationships and to strengthen them. And the necessity of Stay At Home / Shelter In Place only drives the point home.

Juno and Venus Go Retrograde: “A Springtime of Relationship Retrospection”

Juno turns retrograde on February 8, 2020. While that’s going on, Venus turns retrograde on May 13. Juno finishes by turning direct on May 26 and Venus ends her retrograde stint on June 25. All told, February 8 to June 25 is a long time to be reconsidering, rejiggering and reflecting on our relationships! We Pandora Astrologers made the video below before the coronavirus really hit and social distancing was imposed. Even so, our description of this time and the requirements of social distancing parallel each other intensely. During this time we’re all wanting to feel connected but needing to find new ways to do that.

What does “relationship retrospection” mean? If you are IN a relationship, it may mean some changes or some expansion. Perhaps your relationship needs more patience, more attention or more parity. If you are NOT in a relationship, use this time to get ready for your next one. Do that by getting clear on your relationship needs and what you have to offer. And don’t be surprised if someone you dated years ago pops up and wants to clean up the past with you. And remember that both Venus and Juno are not just about intimate relating but also generically social. So you can benefit from this transit in your friendships, work partnerships, teammate relationships and business partnerships of all kinds. This video explains the difference between Juno and Venus and lays out the areas of your life where you might see this transit in action.

Juno Goes Retrograde In Libra, February 8 to May 26, 2020

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Juno turned retrograde in Libra. Juno is the asteroid goddess of marriage and committed relationships, while Libra is the sign of diplomacy. This transit brings up things that need renegotiating in long-term relationships. It feels much like Venus Retrograde, but with a more serious tone. It can apply to your marriage, but just as easily to a business partnership.

This is definitely a transit you want to see coming and not be taken by surprise by it. If you have been with your partner for a long time, this Juno Retrograde period will bring up aspects of the relationship that need renegotiation. That may be because they were never verbalized in the first place. Or it might be because you and your partner have grown. The same old expectations may simply not apply anymore. Be ready for the conversation—there’s no need to dread it or to be surprised by it. Think how much better your relationship can be and, in a respectful and loving way, move towards that.

Venus Goes Retrograde in Gemini, May 13 to June 25, 2020: “Love In The Time Of Coronavirus”

As the spring continues, Venus goes retrograde on May 12th and will be traveling backwards until June 25. This on top of the fact that Juno is already retrograde puts us into a whole season where dating is fraught. Quite possibly all of us will feel socially introverted—completely aside from any Stay At Home orders we may be under. The feeling of distance that happens when people communicate via social media is appropriate for this time when Venus and Juno are both placed in Air signs. People may want to reach out with more warmth than usual, to close the gap. Dating may not be easy, but if you’re in a relationship luck year, the coronavirus can’t stop you. But you ARE advised to not actively seek something new during these retrogrades.

Venus retrograde is a great time for reviewing your past relationships with intent to clear them. This can make your next relationship fresh and new. Or perhaps you can refresh your current relationship. You might be feeling antsy and trapped by having to shelter in place with your partner. If an ex pops up (which does tend to happen under Venus retrograde), you should definitely view the temptation with a skeptical eye.

In this video we talk about why all these events (both astrological and mundane) don’t have to stop you from finding love—whether from an expected or unexpected source.

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Jamie has been practicing astrology in the Bay Area since 1992 and teaching since 1997. She is currently certified at NCGR Level 3. She specializes in feminine archetypes and a positive, empowering approach. Jamie enjoys working with individuals, couples, and families to improve the quality of their lives and expand each person’s choices.

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