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The Character of 2021

By January 2, 2021September 15th, 2021Astrology News, Chiron, Forecast, Saturn, Uranus


In this video we discuss the feel and the character of 2021. In the coming year Saturn interacts with Chiron in a harmonious sextile and with Uranus in a stressful square. The large pile of planets in Aquarius brings an emphasis on groups, community and tribe. We also discuss times of the year when you should begin large projects—and when you shouldn’t.

What does the diagram tell you?

The image you see here illustrates Saturn’s connections with Chiron and Uranus throughout 2021. Saturn forms its first sextile to Chiron in February, then squares Uranus later the same month. Saturn turns retrograde in May—see how its brown line curves upward? That’s Saturn changing direction. Then Saturn connects with Uranus and then Chiron again in June. Saturn makes its final aspect to Chiron in November, then finishing the year by squaring Uranus one last time in December.

Does this affect you?

You would feel Saturn’s square to Uranus quite strongly if you have anything in your chart from 6 to 13º of any Fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio). If you do, you’ll feel the push and pull of these two very different energies. Saturn demands that you discipline yourself and Uranus pulls you toward rebellion and freedom-seeking behavior. But you don’t have to let them bat you around like a ping-pong ball. You can get a reading to find out the precise timing of this in your own chart and get empowering tips about how to handle it.

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Erika Espinoza

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