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Jupiter trine Chiron: Bringing Hope and Healing

By October 31, 2018September 27th, 2021Chiron, Jupiter

Jupiter transits, especially by trine, tend to feel good and easy—things can flow in your favor, opportunities come easily, and you can also have fun in the process. Chiron transits have a very different feel—they invite you to heal something deeply painful and will sometimes trigger the pain so healing can occur. This one-time connection of Jupiter and Chiron by harmonious trine will bring positivity, optimism and the hope necessary for healing a wound. It’s a healing that doesn’t even have to hurt.

Timing of this transit:
Jupiter and Chiron are meeting up just once this year, on November 1, 2018 at 27º of Water signs. Jupiter will be departing swiftly from Scorpio and heading into Sagittarius while Chiron finishes up its Pisces transit and prepares to move into Aries early in 2019. They’ll connect via harmonious trine briefly and then keep on moving. We can expect to feel it strongly for at least a month as it’s approaching and for at least a half a month after its peak.

But this isn’t just an isolated event—it’s part of a larger cycle in which this is just one phase. To understand the cycle as a whole we have to ask ourselves…

When have these two connected before?
The last time Jupiter and Chiron met in a harmonious trine was in 2014—here’s an article about that: The Shaman and the Priest. But that was 4 years ago and Jupiter has made other, less smooth, aspects to Chiron since then.

The most recent time these two connected it was via a stressful opposition, beginning in November 2015 and finishing in August of 2016. During that time, in the world of US and European politics, issues of immigration were becoming contentious. President Trump ran on a campaign to ‘build a wall’ and Europe was facing an immigration crisis from North Africa and Syria. Why are these topics relevant? Jupiter represents foreigners and Chiron represents wounding and emotional triggering. So when these planets connected in a stressful opposition, a tug-of-war was set up and there was an increase in emotional triggering toward all things and people foreign. The atmosphere of fear was further intensified by Saturn’s placement in Sagittarius during that time, adding notes of authoritarianism and restriction to the symphony.

As ‘opposition’ might suggest, it was a head-on battle between Chiron and Jupiter. Jupiter became fanatical and Chiron brought old wounds to the surface and poked them. Many people became zealous in their beliefs; racism and misogyny played a central part in much of the political dialogue.

Thank goodness this time the connection is a harmonious one and it may do much to heal the pain of the previous transit.

The takeaway:
This transit brings the gift of growing pains. It may not be entirely pleasant, but there is a great opportunity to progress. Perhaps the national conversation can move forward a bit. We may not get every side to agree on everything, but perhaps people can let go of fanatical viewpoints and engage in more civil discourse. Perhaps bridges will be built, perhaps people in pain will find their way to tolerance. Perhaps there will be an effort toward respect for differences.

Does this affect you?
People who have their Sun in 27º of an Earth or Water sign will feel the positive effects of this transit the most strongly. That means born on the following birthdays, in any year at all:
January 16-17th
March 17-18th
May 17-18th
July 19-20th
September 19-20th (these Virgo birthdates might be the exception and have a more stressful experience of this transit)
November 19-20th

If you were born on one of the above days, you may experience a healing where previously there was fear, alienation or intolerance. This is even more likely if you soften your zeal and accept that your opinions are not the only correct ones.

This transit might also affect other planets in your chart, not just your Sun. If you want to find out, use this article on my site to cast your own chart.

If this DOES affect you, what should you do about it?
Even though this transit is initiated by a Jupiter trine which, in astrology, is probably the luckiest aspect to have, it does still also involve Chiron, so wounded feelings will also be present. Think of this transit like a growing pain; there may be emotional aches coupled with personal growth. If any of what has transpired politically two years ago is still affecting you personally—say you’re not speaking to some family members or friends because of how their beliefs are opposed to your own—you may get some support with mending these relationships.

I’m not saying you are finally going to convince others to adopt your view, but the conversation may become more constructive. Elected officials after the midterms may be less divisive and more focused on promoting unity. This is just one example, and this transit could help revolutionize healing in other aspects of your life, especially your beliefs, faith in god, and hope. A lapsed Catholic may find comfort again in going to church, even in the wake of the Church’s sexual abuse scandals. Broken families may find their way back to each other. Individuals who have experienced pain or alienation in the past may discover a meaning in those experiences that brings light in the darkness. During this transit, it’s possible to find your way to healing and to resolution—and it doesn’t even have to hurt.

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Jamie has been practicing astrology in the Bay Area since 1992 and teaching since 1997. She is currently certified at NCGR Level 3. She specializes in feminine archetypes and a positive, empowering approach. Jamie enjoys working with individuals, couples, and families to improve the quality of their lives and expand each person’s choices.

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