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A Drinking Problem: February 2017’s Solar Eclipse

By January 30, 2017September 24th, 2021Eclipse posts

February’s Solar Eclipse could constitute a real spiritual cleansing or just some old-fashioned escapism as the Sun descends into the self-disintegrating world of Pisces. Juno in Capricorn and Ceres in Taurus are on hand to assist in the proceedings, offering Earthy solutions to a Watery problem. But how can they help one who is used to finding his answers at the bottom of a bottle? And what wisdom does Neptune, ruler of this eclipse’s sign, have to offer?

Details About This Eclipse

Date: February 26, 2017
Time of eclipse: 6:58 AM Pacific Time
Type: annular (weak in intensity)
Visible in: southern South America and southern Africa.
At: 8º Pisces
Nodal Orientation: Releasing. The eclipsed Sun conjunct South Node in Pisces creates a Releasing (not Initiating) nodal orientation.
Shadow Agents:  Juno in Capricorn, Ceres in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you’re most likely to experience this eclipse:
February 21 to March 3
May 24 to June 3
August 26 to September 5
November 25 to December 5

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A solar eclipse is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event (unlike a lunar eclipse, which is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event).  You may notice events happening anytime within the week surrounding the eclipse (up to a few days before or after).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door. You answer it. The Sun is there, swaying and looking bleary. He staggers into the house, followed by the Moon, who is shaking her head. Close behind them are the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces.
Moon: I’m sorry about this. He’s so drunk he doesn’t know what he’s doing.
Sun: I’m not drunk! I’m hungover.
South Node: You’re not drunk or hungover. You’ve been drinking so much you don’t get drunk or hungover anymore. It’s a perpetual state with you these days.
The Sun starts shaking.
Sun: Really need a drink.
The Moon’s eyes swell up with tears of empathy. The Sun crashes on the couch and the Nodes are both wearing disapproving looks.
North Node (to the Moon): You’ve been enabling his drinking.
Moon: We need to plan an intervention for him. I can’t live with this anymore.
South Node: I wholeheartedly agree. We’re going to need some help. I’m in Pisces so I’m calling in my planetary ruler, Neptune.
He snaps his fingers. There’s another knock at the door and Neptune sweeps in. She’s wearing a long, flowing gown of an uncertain color which shimmers so much it’s hard to look at her.
Neptune: I know the answer! You need a rest cure. What used to be called “taking the waters.”
Sun: Is that what they meant at that AA meeting where they said that I have a hole in my soul that I’m pouring alcohol into?
Neptune: Yes, exactly. You have forgotten who you are. You’re lost and you need to reconnect with the eternal. Spirituality is what will fill that hole. Your very own higher power.
Moon: That’s what I’ve been saying for a long time.
North Node: And if this doesn’t work, it’s rehab for you.
Neptune waves her hand and sparkles come out of her sleeve which turn your home into a spa. A giant fountain filled with healthful mineral water starts bubbling away in the middle of your living room.
Neptune: Many cultures around the world have had a tradition of bathing to cleanse both the body and soul. . .
Juno: (popping in at the door) Did somebody say cleanse? I’m in Capricorn and I think some austerity is called for here. Sun, you’ve got a buildup of toxicity. Time for a body scrub!
She offers everyone a plain, dark robe to wear. The other deities throw off their raiment and don the robes. Juno then hands out jars of scented pumice and shows the Sun a table. He immediately disrobes and gets on it. Juno, Neptune and Nodes proceed to slough off several layers of the Sun’s dead skin, helping to remove toxins from the his body.
Sun: Ow! Wow!
You: Does that feel great or terrible?
Sun: Wow! Both!
He is squirming under the forceful hold of the other gods who continue scrubbing at him until he’s quite red.
You: Um, all this nakedness is making me uncomfortable—
Neptune: We’re gods. Do you think we care about that?
Ceres (popping her head in at the door): Did someone say body scrub? I’m always up for one of those. And I’ve brought something nice for you, Sun.
Ceres in Taurus steps in. She has brought a giant tureen of chicken noodle soup she has spent hours preparing.
Ceres: I cooked a bone broth and made soup from it just for you, Sun! It’s a panacea passed down to me by my great grandmother.
You: Do goddesses have great grandmothers?
Sun: I can see I’m outnumbered here so maybe I should just surrender.
He picks up a spoon and begins digging into the soup.
Sun: Wow, this is delicious! I can’t think when was the last time I enjoyed actual food.
Moon: Yeah, take a break, Sun! You shine on the world every day but when do you get to rest?
Just then, the Sun begins to go dark.
Sun: It’s starting!
Neptune: Get him to the pool, everybody!
Moon and Neptune help him over to the pool and ease him into the warm water. The Sun sizzles and crackles a bit as he drops into the water, which warms from him being in it, making a delicious bath for everyone to enjoy. Everyone else also disrobes and steps into the hot pool, including you, despite your embarrassment, which no one seems to share. You’ve never felt anything so relaxing and the hot water makes you want to melt right down to your bones.
Sun: I’m feeling a deep sense of gratitude that all of you are in my life. And I’m feeling truly cleansed. Now, how about a drink to celebrate?
All the other planets shake their heads.
Moon: Sometimes a stressful square works better than a harmonious trine or sextile.
Juno: Yeah, if we were harder on him, it might have had some lasting impact.
Ceres: Perhaps he just wanted the attention. He is the Sun, after all, and always was something of an egomaniac.
All the planets rise from the water in a single motion, and grab Sun by the arms.
Sun: What now? Where are you taking me?
North Node: To rehab. You’re out of control.
Sun: Noooooooooooooooooooooo! I don’t have a problem!
And they exit your home en masse, dragging the Sun with them. 

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Jamie has been practicing astrology in the Bay Area since 1992 and teaching since 1997. She is currently certified at NCGR Level 3. She specializes in feminine archetypes and a positive, empowering approach. Jamie enjoys working with individuals, couples, and families to improve the quality of their lives and expand each person’s choices.

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