Forecast for May 2017

Long-Term Shifts in 2017

2017 kicks off with a set of planetary alignments that began in December 2016 and which guarantee this year will be a hot mess.

Jupiter’s move into Libra places him in square to Pluto, opposed Uranus and sextiled to Saturn. It seems Jupiter is busier than usual this year, blowing things out of proportion as he often does so well. Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus could lead to explosions—both figurative and literal. We’d best step away from any and all blast radiuses we may be near. And Jupiter square Pluto can run to extremes of hot and cold, up and down, positive and negative. It can also bring on a surge of power-hunger. Watch world leaders and other public figures to see how they wield this energy.

Saturn squares Chiron this year, which could feel downright oppressive to those receiving this transit directly. Such individuals are forced to re-experience old wounds and then take responsibility for them. Doesn’t sound easy, does it?

The only respite in all of this is Saturn’s harmonious connections to Jupiter and Uranus. Saturn’s trine to Uranus suggests that innovators will have to slow down to the pace of Luddites and the Old Guard may actually interest themselves in the cutting edge—as long as it’s not too edgy. This could mean changes that are slower, but more sustainable. And when Saturn sextiles Jupiter, wisdom can occur because growth and expansion, while limited, can translate into real, physical progress instead of just so much hot air.

All in all, it may be a noteworthy year. Guess we’ll all find out.

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Planetary Stations and Retrogrades

By the time May begins, Mercury is ready to go direct within a few days (on the 3rd) and Venus already is direct. Whew! Relationships and conversations can be rough when they are both retrograde at once, so what a relief it is for that to be over. During May, Venus retraces the ground she tread backwards while retrograde and comes to the real completion of her journey on May 18, when she returns to the place where she turned retrograde in the first place. I call this Relationship Resolution Day and if your relationships were stirred up during the recent Venus Retrograde period, then this is a great time to have the final resolution to those dramas. And by the way, by “relationships” I mean partnerships of all kinds, for pleasure and for business and friendship too.

In the middle of the month, Saturn connects with Uranus by trine. The revolution is ON! This is the second of three passes for Saturn and Uranus this year, and this time they meet at 26º in Fire signs Aries and Sagittarius. You’ll feel this particularly strongly if your birthday is April 9-17, August 13-20 or December 11-18. Saturn is presently retrograde and won’t turn direct until August, but no worries—retrograde Saturn is a yearly occurrence.

This Month’s Free Teleclass: The Moon in Taurus

Your Moon sign is the key to contentment, happiness and the ability to rest deeply. When you engage in the self-care suggested by your Moon sign, you feel deeply secure because the Moon describes how you like to be mothered.

If you’ve got the Moon in Taurus in your natal chart, you are emotionally solid and you have the gift of patience. The Moon is happiest in Taurus and easily able to fulfill her mission of nurturing and supporting, but without so much of the moodiness the Moon is prone to. Emotional stability and placidity are the hallmark of the Taurus Moon and you can be a real rock for others to cling to in life’s storms. And when it comes to self-care, you understand deep down that the basics of life must be there: enough good food to eat, a feeling of safety and financial security, so you have trouble resting until these are all in place for yourself and those you love. You are a truly salt of the earth person. Your weakness is comfort eating and you tend to go on worrying about money even when your security is assured.

More about the Moon in Taurus here.

Register for a free teleclass all about YOUR Moon sign.

If you don’t know what sign your Moon is in, this page will help you find out:  How to use to cast your free astrology chart.

Mercury Watch

May begins with Mercury moving retrograde (backwards), tangling lines of communication and messing up office equipment. Have patience because the messy Mercury retrograde period that began in April ends on May 3 and by the end of May, the rascally planet is pretty much up to his usual speed. By mid-May it’s “back to business” as we put the pieces back together and Mercury whips past the point in Taurus where he turned retrograde. Whew! Here’s more about Mercury Retrograde.


During the month of Taurus, the Sun slowly warms up the northern hemisphere, gently causing flowers to blossom and open in a rich profusion of color and scent.  Ripening and abundance are the hallmarks of this Fixed Earth sign.

People who exemplify Taurus are practical, sensual and consistent.  The very epitome of slowness and solidity, Taurus values peace and sustainability.  While the Sun travels through this sign, relax and take it slowly.  Do things one small part at a time.  All will get done as you do it slowly and deliberately, allowing yourself to sink into the wide landscape of your life.  For hedonistic Taurus, paradoxically, smelling the roses and enjoying the sunset can make one more efficient, not less.  The Sun will be in Taurus until May 20.

Spring finishes with the “month” of Gemini (May 20-June 20).  Nature shows her profligacy as flowers bloom madly and grasses grow.  Gemini is a Mutable Air sign.  Mutable means “flexible” and “Air” means “concerned with the mind.”  Gemini types live in their heads, flitting from one thought to another like a late-spring butterfly.  They are in fact so flexible that it’s hard for them to focus—to keep their attention on just one thing can seem like torment.  The Gemini in us likes to multitask, just to help us concentrate.  Enjoy chasing your own mental butterflies during this lively and stimulating month.


Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

Full Moon in 20º Scorpio: Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Full Moon in Scorpio brings an emotionally intense atmosphere, met by the Taurus Sun with an implacable calm. The Sun is supported by trines to Juno and Pluto, suggesting that the emotional tidal waves that come during this Moon can be smoothed out with structured relating. If you are the one feeling amped-up feelings, then let your partner or a good friend talk you down from a ledge. If your friend is the one on the ledge, bring them down to ground and soothe them before expecting rational behavior.

New Moon in 4º Gemini: Thursday, May 25, 2017

This is a worrying Moon, full of retreat and excess nervous energy. The tendency is to hunker down in your cave to think things over—but then to fall into a pit of overthinking things. Good thing a sextile to Vesta brings a tendency to focus your thoughts. Gather your ideas into one central location, then ruminate on them in a concentrated way. This can purge the nervous energy and bring you to the end of a line of thought quickly, without running round in useless mental circles.

May’s Full Moon is sometimes called the Flower Moon (for obvious reasons).

Fortune Cookies for May, 2017
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5/3/2017, Mercury stations direct: Finally the rascally god of thieves will stop stealing our time and attention.

5/3/2017, Sun sextiles Neptune: Today feel one with the universe through a spiritual practice like yoga or by getting lost in your creativity.

5/9/2017, Sun trines Pluto: We all have a shadow side, a part of us that is hard to face. This is a good time for doing work on yourself.

5/10/2017, Mercury conjuncts Uranus: Your mind needs a lot more mental stimulation today. That’s why you feel so restless and…bored!

5/10/2017, Under today’s Full Moon in Scorpio someone will be intense and pushy and someone will be calm and unflappable. Which are you?

5/11/2017, Mars squares Neptune: Today you may be feeling unsure or confused about what your goals are. You must first envision them before acting.

5/11/2017, Mercury trines Saturn: Now’s the time to put forth a concretized plan of action. Your thinking is quite realistic and practical now.

5/12/2017, Mars trines Jupiter: Engage in your favorite activity—dance, sports or just walking the dog. You’ll get the most out of exercise today.

5/15/2017, Mercury enters Taurus today, bringing slow, ponderous, deliberate thoughts. Think things through thoroughly (until June 6).

5/18/2017, Relationship Resolution Day: Today Venus returns to the place in Aries where she went retrograde. Get clarity.

5/18/2017, Sun sextiles Chiron: You can be a healer for other people, through vulnerably sharing your own pain. Model healing for others.

5/18/2017, Saturn trines Uranus: The revolution is on! What ways can you add more innovation and progress to your career or job?

5/19/2017, Venus opposes Jupiter: Feeling a little indulgent lately? Moderation may not come too easily today—have fun, but know when to quit!

5/20/2017, Sun enters Gemini: Spring arrives in force with a proliferation of cute little flowers. So does the Gemini in your life.

5/25/2017, Venus squares Pluto: It’s tempting to look through your partner’s phone and email, but they could feel violated. Don’t let paranoia win!

5/25/2017, New Moon in Gemini: Why run around in mental circles when you can bring it all to a clear, calm focus?

5/28/2017, Mercury sextiles Neptune: Interested in metaphysics or mysticism? You may receive some insights from spiritual contemplation.

5/28/2017, Mars opposes Saturn: Feel like you’re about to hit the roof? If so, get out your frustration at the gym instead of on another person!

5/30/2017, Mars sextiles Uranus: You may feel like trying experimental approach with your projects lately. Try something new, it could pay off!

5/31/2017, Mercury trines Pluto: Is there something that you need to do more research on? This is a good time to really dive into a subject.

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