Forecast for January 2017

Long-Term Shifts in 2017

2017 kicks off with a set of planetary alignments that began in December 2016 and which guarantee this year will be a hot mess.

Jupiter’s move into Libra places him in square to Pluto, opposed Uranus and sextiled to Saturn. It seems Jupiter is busier than usual this year, blowing things out of proportion as he always does so well. Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus could lead to explosions—both figurative and literal. We’d best step away from any and all blast radiuses we may be near. And Jupiter square Pluto can run to extremes of hot and cold, up and down, positive and negative. It can also bring on a surge of power-hunger. Watch world leaders to see how they wield this energy.

Saturn squares Chiron this year, which could feel downright oppressive to those receiving this transit directly. Such individuals are forced to re-experience old wounds and then take responsibility for them. Doesn’t sound great, does it?

The only respite in all of this is Saturn’s harmonious connections to Jupiter and Uranus. Saturn’s trine to Uranus suggests that innovators will have to slow down to the pace of Luddites and the Old Guard may actually interest themselves in the cutting edge—as long as it’s not too edgy. This could mean changes that are slower, but more sustainable. And when Saturn sextiles Jupiter, wisdom can occur because growth and expansion, while limited, can translate into real, physical progress instead of just so much hot air.

All in all, it may be a noteworthy year. Guess we’ll all find out.

Want to know more about the planetary influences of this year? Find out more about this year’s trends and pivotal (retrograde) days: Transits in the Year 2017.

This year’s themes affect individual people in individual areas of life according to their own astrology charts.  Will they affect you?  Look here to find out: Are You Currently In Transition?

Planetary Stations and Retrogrades

January’s main feature is that it begins with Mercury Retrograde, which ends on January 8th. It’s good that nothing much else is happening because we’re all still reverberating from the inception of all the planetary connections I’ve described above. A set of eclipses is ahead in February. Let’s take a break till then.

This Month’s Free Teleclass: The Moon in Capricorn

Your Moon sign is the key to contentment, happiness and the ability to rest deeply. When you engage in the self-care suggested by your Moon sign, you feel deeply secure because the Moon describes how you like to be mothered.

If you’ve got the Moon in Capricorn in your natal chart, you may get your needs met through accomplishing, striving and achieving. Some days it may seem as if perpetual effort is the only thing that shuts up the very vocal Inner Judge you’ve got in your head. But where is rest in all that activity? Practicing good self-care and learning to be kind to yourself are a necessity for this Moon—and they don’t come easily. It involves letting go of your cool exterior and embracing the messiness of feelings because that way lies love, caring and a happy home life. Which you deserve much more than you know.

More about the Moon in Capricorn here.

Register for a free teleclass all about YOUR Moon sign.

If you don’t know what sign your Moon is in, this page will help you find out:  How to use to cast your free astrology chart.

Mercury Watch

Mercury turned retrograde (backwards) in mid-December, so 2017 begins with things in disarray.  When Mercury is retrograde, it’s important to move slowly, lower your expectations and add an extra dose of patience to your task-management. Also respond with warmth and openness to those who may need to clear a miscommunication with you. Remember, you’re not the only one who’s brain isn’t up to speed right now!  Check out this for a bigger understanding of how Mercury Retrograde works and what you can do about it: This Year’s Mercury Retrogrades. Mercury turns direct (forwards) on January 8. Whew!


The sign of Capricorn heralds the beginning of true winter.  In the deepest darkness, light begins to be born.  We gather around the hearth fire and hibernate, conserving our energy.  Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign.  The Cardinal driving force of Capricorn takes the form of ambition, fueled by scarcity and the ability to accept limitations and turn them into benefits.  Capricorn is the ultimate lemons-into-lemonade sign.  This year Capricorn runs from December 21 to January 19.

This year Aquarius begins on January 19.  As a Fixed Air sign, Aquarius is stubborn-minded, believing that ideals are the most important thing.  Aquarius is humanitarian, the sign under which community gathers in winter, so that people may bind together to make it through the cold, harsh times.  The European pagan festival of Brigid (February 2, adopted by the Catholic Church as Candlemas) involves the lighting of candles to remind us that there is light in the darkness and that the light is now increasing as the days grow longer.


Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

Full Moon in 22º Cancer: Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Full Moon in Cancer is bound to be an emotional one—even without stressful squares to Jupiter and Uranus in the mix. Prepare for a double whammy of feelings and perhaps some explosive emotional storms, accompanied by changing-of-minds, backpedaling and retractions. Is this Moon hot or is it cold? Answer: both, in abundance. Don’t take anything seriously that was said in a state of excitation. Instead, wait for this Moon to pass, then consider the fallout.

New Moon in 8º Aquarius: Friday, January 27, 2017

This New Moon may pass quietly by without much of note. There are no strong planetary connections to it (thank goodness!) and Aquarius is not the most emotional sign in the zodiac. This should be a good night for gatherings of friends with no particular agenda or perhaps for celebrations that are simple and uncomplicated in their nature.

January’s Full Moon is sometimes called the Wolf Moon.

Fortune Cookies for January, 2017
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1/2/2017, Venus enters Pisces: The relationship planet enters the sign of idealistic Pisces. Do you believe in soulmates? Yes, all of them!

1/3/2017, Mercury sextiles Venus: This is a good day to handle any tricky negotiations you might have in your life. Diplomacy is in the air!

1/4/2017, Mercury retrograde re-enters Sagittarius: Too much information, too badly organized. Don’t forget the forest for the trees.

1/6/2017, Sun conjuncts Pluto: What about yourself would you like to transform? Get ready to shed a superficial layer—you don’t need it anyway.

1/8/20/17, Mercury stations direct: Whew! Mercury retrograde is over. Did you unstick a stuck communication?

1/10/2017, Sun squares Uranus: Feel like busting out of your job/relationship/life? Don’t let your quest for freedom lead to impulsive actions.

1/10/2017, Mars sextiles Pluto: Feel a drive to power? Use this ambition to move mountains! (Or start getting ahead on your taxes.)

1/11/2017, Sun sextiles Chiron: What progress on your own healing are you most proud of? Share that with others so they can do it themselves.

1/11/2017, Sun squares Jupiter: Are you sure your story really happened that way? Folks are prone to spinning yarns today.

1/12/2017, Full Moon in Cancer: Which relationships of yours make you feel most at home? Home is not just a place, but the people in it.

1/12/2017, Mercury enters Capricorn: The planet of communication enters the dry and structured sign of Capricorn. Find the method in the madness.

1/12/2017, Venus conjuncts Neptune: Isn’t that stranger over there the dreamiest/sexiest/cutest person ever? I bet we were soulmates from Atlantis!

1/13/2017, No exact aspects: It’s just not a good day for initiating anything you hope will stick. Lay low.

1/16/2017, Mars conjuncts Chiron: Primal scream? Anger management? Find ways of healing the suppressed anger that rules you.

1/19/2017, Mars squares Saturn: Ever feel so much rage that it’s all bottled up inside? Try to get it out so you don’t scream at someone randomly.

1/19/2017, Sun enters Aquarius: Let your freak flag fly. There is only one you and you really are that unique and special snowflake.

1/20/2017, Venus sextile Pluto: Without honesty and trust, a relationship cannot go deeper. Share and bare your soul with someone you trust.

1/23/2017, Mercury sextiles Neptune: How are you going to harness that big imagination of yours? Try a creative avenue or share your ideas.

1/24/2017, Venus conjuncts Chiron: “There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” -Leonard Cohen

1/27/2017, Venus squares Saturn: Love that stands the test of time, or relationships that don’t end soon enough? Some days feel more like the latter.

1/27/2017, New Moon in Aquarius: What new steps can you take to better serve your community at large, or even just your personal tribe?

1/27/2017, Mars enters Aries: Mars enters the fiery, me-centered sign of Aries! Competitive feelings arise today, so stay balanced.

1/29/2017, Mercury conjuncts Pluto: Enjoy a quick short story, or long detective novel? It’s fun to see if your theory was right!

1/31/2017, Mercury squares Uranus: Is your idea brilliant or is it just…bizarre? Many great geniuses had great editors.

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