Forecast for April 2015

Long-Term Shifts in 2015

The Uranus-Pluto square has come to a close this year (finally! Has it really been 4 years?) but stay alert—you may find it ended in March with a bang that reverberates for the rest of the year. Changes have come on both the personal and the political levels and if you haven’t experienced a big shift, yours may be due.

Jupiter begins the year in the Fiery sign of Leo, in a fantastic trine with Uranus. This eases the chaos and disruption by suggesting ways we can use our situation for growth and personal development. Later in the year, Jupiter moves into Virgo, where it proceeds to trine Pluto and oppose Chiron. This should smooth out the highs and lows of the Uranus-Pluto square, hopefully leaving us all quite a bit wiser and more whole.

Other than these things, I’m happy to say that 2015 is a more peaceful and less chaotic year than 2014.

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Mercury Watch

Mercury is moving forward (not retrograde, i.e. backward) faster than the Sun this month, which always makes us feel we can proceed with projects at speed. Enjoy the unimpeded progress in your work life and your home life. There will be a peak in efficiency on April 9, which I call Greater Epiphany Day—time your projects to complete around this deadline. Read more about Greater Epiphany Day and the Mercury Retrograde cycle here.


April begins with the Fiery Cardinal sign of Aries.  Aries encompasses the first 30 degrees of arc the sun travels through after crossing the equator.  The traveling sun brings light that warms the earth up in springtime and continues north to bring summer to the northern hemisphere, leaving the southern hemisphere in winter.  Life has been reborn after winter’s death and bursts forth fiercely.  The pure Aries temperament is pushy, brash and self-centered, as is appropriate to this infant season of the year.  Celebrate the sense of wonder your Aries friends possess, and their ability to start over.  This year Aries lasts from March 20th through April 19th.

On April 19th, the rocketlike pace of Aries relaxes into the earthy slowness of Taurus.  Flowers are blooming and the earth is showing her fecundity.  The pagan festival of Beltane features the raising of the maypole, a phallic symbol of life and fertility.  Fields are fertilized and crops are beginning to raise their budding heads above the ground.  Taurus takes the initializing force of Aries and steadies it, bringing continuity and the capacity to finish what was started.  Enjoy nature during this pastoral, earthy sign.


Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in 14º Libra:  Saturday, April 4, 2015
This Full Moon (also a Lunar Eclipse) suggests a feeling of persecution. “How unfair!” cries the Libran Moon, while Shadow Agents Pluto and Uranus pick on her. How will she learn to stand up for herself? Fortunately, Jupiter in Leo brings confidence and pride. During this Lunar Eclipse, learn to defend yourself and add teeth to your diplomacy.

New Moon in 28º Aries:  Saturday, April 18, 2015
Make a strong beginning during April’s New Moon in Aries. Pallas Athena in Capricorn is there to help by reminding you that bold, new, driving energy is most effective when channeled through goals that serve a long-term objective. Get the objective in your sights, then have a strategy session. A very little bit of planning should allow you to move forward and launch the thing at speed.

April’s Full Moon is sometimes called the Fish Moon. by coastal tribes who saw the shad swim upstream to spawn.

Fortune Cookies for April, 2015
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4/1/15, Mercury trines Saturn: Reassess your goals through a realistic lens. Now’s the time to put order to your thoughts to actualize your idea.

4/2/15, Sun trines Jupiter: Feeling confident? Don’t question it! The world (especially Aries) should embrace a good ego boost.

4/3/15, Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Libra: Life is unfair. Don’t cry about it. Instead, claim your dignity and stand up for yourself.

4/5/15, Sun squares Pluto: Many people share the dream of power. Don’t let your ambition get in the way of acting ethically.

4/5/15, Mercury trines Jupiter: Now’s not the time to get bogged down by details and limiting thoughts. Think big–it’ll pay off!

4/6/15, Sun conjuncts Uranus: Itching to rebel against your family, partner, boss? Revolutions can also be achieved by less radical means.

4/7/15, Mercury squares Pluto: Is that thing you’ve been obsessing over really worth it? If you are getting paranoid, it’s time to take a breather.

4/7/15, Mercury conjuncts Uranus: Light bulbs are going off in your head today! Write down your ideas, then assess later: is it genius or just zany?

4/8/15, Jupiter turns direct: How have you been growing and expanding in the last few months? Today is pivotal.

4/9/15, Sun conjuncts Mercury:  Epiphany Day is here! Fast-moving insights and general clarity descend on your head.

4/11/15, Venus enters Gemini: Feeling extra talkative and flirty? Plan a party with really interesting (and intellectual) guests.

4/12/15, Mars sextiles Neptune: What is power? Is it the hammer, the hand that holds the hammer or the spirit moving the hand?

4/14/15, Mercury enters Taurus: Time to slow down and think things through more methodically. Habitual thought patterns have gravitational pull.

4/14/15, Venus opposes Saturn: Act hastily and you’ll regret it later. Instead, balance social impetuosity with good judgment.

4/16/15, Pluto turns retrograde: Melting down? Having a transformation, a metamorphosis this year? Today is pivotal for you.

4/17/15, Mars squares Jupiter: You are more prone to acting on impulse. And know when to rein in that libido, cowgirl/boy!

4/18/15, New Moon in 28 degrees Aries: If today is your birthday, expect to get a lot done this year, using strategic planning to liberate action.

4/18/15, Mercury sextiles Neptune: Let your dreams run wild! Sometimes you have to imagine the fantasy before it becomes reality.

4/18/15, Venus squares Neptune: Got a crush or a partner? Sure, they’re cute. But try not to overidealize your Adonis/Aphrodite!

4/19/15, Sun enters Taurus: You know what sounds like fun right now? A long, beautiful hike in nature…with a delicious picnic (and bottle of wine).

4/20/15, Mercury squares Jupiter: Bigger isn’t always better. Try to ground your ideas with some realistic expectations.

4/21/15, Mars trines Pluto: Assert yourself to claim the power you deserve! Drive plus obsession can yield dramatic results.

4/21/15, Mercury trines Pluto: Today secret hidden things will open themselves like flowers to gentle rain—unless you use a hammer.

4/22/15, Venus sextiles Jupiter: Have you been socializing enough lately? Even though it’s humpday, try to catch up with friends after work.

4/22/15, Mercury conjuncts Mars: Be careful not to be too combative with your ideas today. What you say now, you might not be able to take back.

4/26/15, Venus sextiles Uranus: The social energy is electric. Someone unusual and eccentric may pop out of the blue!

4/29/15, Sun sextiles Neptune: Have a spiritual experience by spending time with an animal today. Be reminded of the wisdom of the body.

4/30/15, While Mercury is in Gemini your mind runs a mile a minute! A notepad helps capture the ideas that come while you’re doing something else.

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