Forecast for December 2017

Long-Term Shifts in 2017

2017 kicks off with a set of planetary alignments that began in December 2016 and which guarantee this year will be a hot mess.

As 2017 draws to a close, some planetary changes signal a shift in the overall mood. 2017 was a year of high drama, with Jupiter in and out of stressful aspect with several other planets (Chiron, Pluto and Uranus), blowing their themes up in a big way. In 2018, Jupiter will be less active and so things may smooth out a little. Also, in the final quarter of 2017 Jupiter moves out of Libra and into Scorpio, where the Jolly Planet will bring luck and opportunity to those born in the middle part of Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and Taurus. Fixed signs, rejoice!

During December, Saturn moves into Capricorn, bringing another shift in mood. This takes Saturn’s limiting and restrictive attention off of Sagittarian themes, such as travel, immigration and tolerance, and moves it into the Capricornian arena of business and authority. Perhaps a wake up call for Wall Street? Perhaps an upstart start-up will get its comeuppance? As if Pluto’s passage through Capricorn hadn’t given us enough of those already (um, Uber?). Pluto’s movement through Capricorn is bringing a clean sweep of corruption and when Saturn follows in Pluto’s footsteps, those who have been brought low by Pluto may have an opportunity to rebuild their authority, reputation and integrity–if they put in the work. And those who are building something new in 2018 may find that their good effort and responsibility are rewarded. Jupiter will move into harmonious aspects with Neptune and Pluto, adding a cherry on top for those with the staying power to do more towards their goals than just coast into home plate.

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Planetary Stations and Retrogrades

On December 2, 2017, Jupiter will form an exact trine to Neptune at 11° of Pisces. This will be the first pass of three. The psychic sensitivity of Neptune meets the joy and generosity of Jupiter. Neptune wants us to feel the things that we can’t hold or touch with our hands, only with our hearts, things metaphysical rather than physical–while Jupiter brings a sense of adventure, expansion and largesse wherever he goes, so you can imagine that with these two connecting in a harmonious trine, there might just be a blanket of spirituality, tolerance and harmony that descends upon the earth. The fact that this transit begins in December might make it seem like it’s just holiday spirit, but the open-hearted warmth of this planetary transit is likely to last well into 2018. Prepare for experiences that gently expand you beyond the boundaries of your belief. Religious experiences that are transcendent in nature are not only possible, but even likely. This trine may just blow your mind.

Chiron has been traveling retrograde (backwards) for some months now, and on December 5, the Wounded Healer turns direct. Chiron points to where our wounding most deeply affects us, but also provides us with the medicine we need to heal. When planets are in retrograde, we find ourselves pushed to go back in time so to speak, to reminisce or revisit the ways we approached things in the past. In the case of Chiron, old trauma may resurface so that we can delve into a deeper layer of that pain and heal it. As Chiron goes direct, be prepared to (finally!) move into feeling rehabilitated, and look for ways that you can use the guidance you’ve received to help others heal and regenerate themselves. People with planets at 24º of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces will feel this “pivotal day” the most keenly.

Mercury Watch

Mercury begins this month moving forward—but barely. Slogging through the end of Sagittarius, Mercury grinds to a halt on December 2nd and begins his backward journey, which encompasses a Lesser Epiphany Day on December 12th and completes on December 22nd. This could trigger a reexamination of beliefs, world-views and many arguments about strongly-held opinions on how the world works. Sigh. What a way to end the year! Here’s more about Mercury Retrograde and how the cycle of Mercury works.


Sagittarius begins the month of December with a bright, fiery mood generated by this Mutable Fire sign. Cheerful Sagittarius is the sign most associated with hope and faith. In the season of Sagittarius we consume the last of the perishables we have harvested before hunkering down for a serious winter mood in Capricorn. In Sagittarius we feast and grow fat, so that we have enough to carry us through the dark of the year. We are generous to our neighbors, because they will huddle with us round the fire and help us keep the spark alive. This year Sagittarius runs until December 21.

The first day of Capricorn is also the winter solstice, the day when the “sun stands” still (that’s what “solstice” means) in its yearly journey north and south of the equator. On the winter solstice the sun reaches the southernmost point in its path, warming the southern hemisphere and creating summer there, while its absence cools the northern hemisphere and creates winter there. Capricorn nights are long in the north and the winter solstice is the longest, darkest one. Thus does Capricorn remind us to take a serious look at life and prepare to achieve under the difficult conditions of winter.


Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

Full Moon on December 3, 2017 at 11° Gemini

December’s full Moon falls at 11° Gemini, with Neptune forming a precise square to both the Moon, and the Sun in Sagittarius. This can lend some mystery and confusion to a highly charged week. Gemini and Sagittarius are both concerned with learning and connecting, and they’re both enthusiastic and restless. But they approach these themes from different angles. Gemini likes to deal in details and Sagittarius prefers the big picture. Gemini likes reason, Sagittarius likes extravagance.

So we’re working the balance between these two already, but with Neptune in the mix in a stressful square, things can get foggy and fuzzy. Reason can disintegrate before your very eyes, and extravagance can quickly morph into a form of escapism.

But… Jupiter is also forming a precise trine to Neptune and that may prove to be a saving grace of sorts because wherever Jupiter goes, luck seems to follow. Jupiter here has the power to turn the Neptune’s disappointment into sweetness, so instead of confusion and uncertainty, we may actually experience some form of emotional transcendence and use that to bolster our sense of self in a positive way.

New Moon on December 17, 2017 at 26° Sagittarius

The New Moon this month is in the adventurous sign of Sagittarius, conjunct Mercury and Saturn and in a trine with Uranus in Aries. A New Moon is a time to start new things and begin fresh, and with our emotions (Moon) and our ego (Sun) aligned in Sagittarius, we are called to explore and expand. Sagittarius explains that we can meet the needs of both Moon and Sun, if we re-evaluate our belief systems (morals, standards, ethics), especially when we make an adventure out of it. Saturn’s influence requires that we be calculated and structured in the way we do that, and Mercury pushes us to connect to what we’re learning by communicating with those around us. The trine to Uranus will invite us to do all of the above in a way that is unique to us, even if it looks different than the way our peers do it.

This New Moon presents a great opportunity to develop some wisdom around our personal philosophies in some very unique, yet functional ways.

December’s Full Moon is sometimes called the Cold Moon.

“Fortune Cookies” for December, 2017

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11/1/2017, Flirtatious and sexy Venus moves into adventurous Sagittarius. This can bring some much needed feelings of joy and expansiveness into your love life.

12/1/2017, Mars opposes Uranus: If you’re feeling the need for some radical change in your life, the pull to revolutionize may feel extra intense now. Use that to your advantage.

12/02/2017, Jupiter trines Neptune: Could your intuition and empathy use a boost? Jupiter in a trine to Neptune can provide you with just that.

12/02/2017, Mercury goes retrograde tonight: The next few weeks will provide us with opportunities to examine the ways in which we communicate and will help us decide if they are working or not.

12/03/2017, Sun squares Neptune: Who we are can feel quite different from day to day; identity is a nebulous thing. This can feel exaggerated as the Sun squares Neptune.

12/3/2017, Full Moon in Gemini: The urge to articulate and otherwise explore your emotions will feel strong today. Feeling restless, nervous or otherwise tense? Find emotional security by writing about your own feelings, or nurture others by asking them about theirs.

12/06/2017, Mercury conjunct Saturn: It might feel quite difficult to express yourself today but don’t worry—it won’t last long.

12/06/2017, Mercury sextile Mars: You may feel more lively, witty and talkative than usual. Today is a good day to be assertive.

12/06/2017, Mars sextile Saturn: The conservative and ambitious side of us gets a boost of energy and forward moving action. Accomplishment is the name of this game.

12/09/2017 Mars enters Scorpio: Force of will enters deep and mysterious waters. Be inexorable. Anything could happen!

12/10/2017, Mercury trines Uranus: Communication and discourse take on a cool objectivity. It’s a great day for thoughts that are innovative but not overly radical.

12/10/2017, Venus squares Neptune: Do your relationships seem a little disorganized or chaotic today? Don’t be too alarmed—this is an invitation to tap into your intuition and get the answers you need.

12/12/2017, Sun conjuncts Mercury: It’s Epiphany Day! If you’ve been trying to solve a knotty problem, insights and clarity may fall on your head today.

12/15/2017, Mercury conjuncts Venus: Looking to improve your relationships? Be curious about your partner. Ask interesting and thought-provoking questions. Discussions like these will bring you closer together.

12/16/2017 Sun trines Uranus: Being recognized for the things we do is validating. If you’re willing to be original and unique in your technique, you’ll garner even more attention.

12/17/2017, New Moon in Sagittarius: Take a deep breath and relax. It’s time to connect with something greater than yourself. This new moon brings some enthusiasm and ease to your search for truth.

12/19/2017, Saturn enters Capricorn, his own sign, where he will be for 2½ years. Prepare for pressure to be more independent, professional and authoritative. Draw on your integrity.

12/20/2017, Venus trines Uranus: When being diplomatic starts to get a little boring, incorporate some electricity and excitement into your negotiations. It might bring just the jolt you needed.

12/21/2017, Sun enters Capricorn: Developing and expressing yourself isn’t always light and fun, and Capricorn is okay with that. Boundaries and structure are the prefered methods of self-discovery now.

12/21/2017, Sun conjuncts Saturn: If you’re feeling ambitious and ready to achieve something tangible, today is your day. Walk your talk and make your mark.

12/22/2017, Mercury goes direct today: Whew! Finally Mercury retrograde is over. What did you return to, reconsider and re-evaluate?

12/24/2017, Venus enters Capricorn: Train your relationship into a higher state of functionality by focusing on being respectable, responsible and reliable with your partner. Unromantic? Yes. But very loving.

12/25/2017, Venus conjuncts Saturn: Do you habitually yield too much in your relationships or negotiations? Trade that in for a more systematic, deliberate and prudent approach today.

12/27/2017, Mars trine Neptune: Today asserting yourself may feel a little strange—especially if you aren’t entirely sure what you even stand for.

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