Forecast for August 2017

Long-Term Shifts in 2017

2017 kicks off with a set of planetary alignments that began in December 2016 and which guarantee this year will be a hot mess.

Jupiter’s move into Libra places him in square to Pluto, opposed Uranus and sextiled to Saturn. It seems Jupiter is busier than usual this year, blowing things out of proportion as he often does so well. Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus could lead to explosions—both figurative and literal. We’d best step away from any and all blast radiuses we may be near. And Jupiter square Pluto can run to extremes of hot and cold, up and down, positive and negative. It can also bring on a surge of power-hunger. Watch world leaders and other public figures to see how they wield this energy.

Saturn squares Chiron this year, which could feel downright oppressive to those receiving this transit directly. Such individuals are forced to re-experience old wounds and then take responsibility for them. Doesn’t sound easy, does it?

The only respite in all of this is Saturn’s harmonious connections to Jupiter and Uranus. Saturn’s trine to Uranus suggests that innovators will have to slow down to the pace of Luddites and the Old Guard may actually interest themselves in the cutting edge—as long as it’s not too edgy. This could mean changes that are slower, but more sustainable. And when Saturn sextiles Jupiter, wisdom can occur because growth and expansion, while limited, can translate into real, physical progress instead of just so much hot air.

All in all, it may be a noteworthy year. Guess we’ll all find out.

Want to know more about the planetary influences of this year? Find out more about this year’s trends and pivotal (retrograde) days: Transits in the Year 2017.

This year’s themes affect individual people in individual areas of life according to their own astrology charts.  Will they affect you?  Look here to find out: Are You Currently In Transition?

Planetary Stations and Retrogrades

If July’s theme was “the calm before the storm,” August’s theme is definitely “it never rains but it pours.” There’s so much activity this month that Pandora Astrology’s hard pressed to report it all. Two planets change direction–Uranus goes retrograde on August 2 and Saturn goes direct on August 25. This is also an eclipse season, with a partial Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aquarius on August 7 and a famously intense Solar Eclipse at 28º Leo on August 21. To add to the confusion, Mercury is going retrograde on August 12 (because we really needed that!) and Jupiter is making precise connections with two heavyweight planets this month: squaring Pluto on August 4 and sextiling Saturn on August 27. If your birthdate is listed here, watch out for seriously dramatic activity in your life this month. . .

On August 2, Uranus stations retrograde at 28º Aries. Uranus brings revolution wherever he goes and will trigger paradigm and intellectual shifts. When he goes retrograde, you’ll be given the opportunity to sift back through some shifts you’ve already made or some things that need to change will be brought to your attention. As this retrograde happens in Aries, be prepared to see the greatest need for shift in the realm of identity. People born April 17–19, July 20–22, October 20–22 or January 17–19 will feel this keenly. Find out more here.

On August 4, Jupiter squares Pluto at 17º Libra. Jupiter represents the philosopher in you, the part that seeks meaning and Pluto represents your dark side. So what happens when your inner sage comes up against the part of you that wants control? You might experience a death and subsequent rebirth regarding some of your world views and the things you have thought to be true up until this point. People born January 6–8, April 6–8, July 8–10 or October 9–11 will really feel this. Find out more here.

On August 25, Saturn, the planet of hard boundaries, will go direct in Sagittarius at 21º. During the retrograde period we may have felt confined, especially around our ambitions and goals but now we’ll finally be able to move forward and implement what we’ve learned. This especially affects people born March 10–12, June 11–13, September 13–15 or December 12–14. Find out more here.  

On August 27, expressive, freewheeling Jupiter comes into a smooth sextile with hard working, structured Saturn. Jupiter is in Libra while Saturn is in Sagittarius and the two meet harmoniously at 21º of their signs. Expect opportunities to come your way in your career. Be intentional about using the momentum of this energy to get clear on your ambitions and to set goals because this transit is so subtle that if you’re not paying attention, you might miss it. Especially good for those born in 21º of Fire and Air signs, around these dates: February 9–11, April 10–12, June 11–13, August 13–15, October 13–15 or December 12–14. Find out more here.

To top it off, this month there are a couple eclipses. More about them below. I told you in last month’s Forecast that this month would be crazy and it is.

This Month’s Free Teleclass: The Moon in Leo

(If you have already signed up for this teleclass, please note that its date has been changed.)

Your Moon sign is the key to contentment, happiness and the ability to rest deeply. When you engage in the self-care suggested by your Moon sign, you feel deeply secure because the Moon describes how you like to be mothered.

If you’ve got the Moon in Leo in your natal chart, you have a deep need to be seen. You’re playful, creative and charismatic, and draw a circle of people around you who like to follow your lead. Leadership comes naturally to you and attention is the food of life—you’re learning to receive it and to give it. Embarrassment cuts you to the core and knowing those you love are proud of you fills you with joy. You were born to live large. The best “nest” for you is an opulent home you can be proud of.

More about the Moon in Leo here.

Register for a free teleclass all about YOUR Moon sign.

If you don’t know what sign your Moon is in, this page will help you find out:  How to use to cast your free astrology chart.

Mercury Watch

Mercury begins August moving in a forward direction, but you’ll want to aim to finish bigger projects within August’s first week because Mercury will turn retrograde on August 12. Begin winding things down as early as August 5 while Mercury slows, preparing to turn retrograde. That way you’ll be alert for whatever this Mercury retrograde period throws at you. And just when you can’t take any more, Lesser Epiphany Day comes on the 26th and that may bring the answer to the gnarly puzzle you’ve been cracking your head on. Be alert for insights to land on your head around that day, lighting the way to the end of Mercury retrograde on September 5th.  Here’s more about Mercury Retrograde.


August begins with the heat of Leo, ruled by the steadily burning Sun.  This year Leo runs from July 22 through August 22.  Leo is both a Fire sign and a Fixed sign.  From Fire, Leo gets its heat and from Fixity Leo gets its consistency.  All Fixed signs are prone to being a little stubborn (or sometimes more than a little) and Leo is no exception.  But this same stubbornness is the flip side of a powerful persistence which keeps Leo’s creative fires burning once they’ve begun.

Late August brings the Mutable Earth sign Virgo, running from August 22 through September 22.  Virgo is the season of the first harvest, which is appropriate because analytical, detail-oriented Virgo is all about separating the wheat from the chaff, both literally and metaphorically.  Virgo is the organizer, focusing on purging and cleansing, sifting through every detail.  This late summer harvest-time begins to set a tone of hard work for the winter by reminding us that the sunlight is now waning.


Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aquarius: Monday, August 7, 2017

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 15º Aquarius happens with the Sun conjunct Mars. This means Mars and the Sun will be joining superpowers and since they like each other (or rather, they feel comfortable together) this will make for some powerfully creative and dramatic energy. On the other side of the sky, Jupiter will be trine the Moon in air signs, so this will bring in some emotional energy that will be concerned with seeking meaning. The vibe will be less moody though, and more logical.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in 28º Leo: Monday, August 21, 2017

The Sun and the Moon will meet in the sign of Leo and will form a trine with Uranus in the sign of Aries during this month’s Solar Eclipse. A trine brings ease and flow which means that any breakthrough or innovation Uranus wants to bring to the table will likely be met with excited consent from the expressive and dramatic Leo Sun and Moon. New Moons symbolize new beginnings (and eclipses amplify everything), so speaking of breakthrough, be on the lookout for opportunities to renew and refresh aspects of yourself, situations and relationships that are no longer working as efficiently as they once did.

August’s Full Moon is sometimes called the Moon When All Things Ripen.

“Fortune Cookies” for August, 2017

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8/2/2017, Uranus stations retrograde: When the paradigm-shifting planet goes retrograde, you can expect the unexpected.

8/4/2017, Jupiter squares Pluto: If you are going to make changes, you must first dare to look at the deepest and darkest parts of yourself.

8/7/2017, Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: A Lunar Eclipse is often dramatic, but this one will attempt to balance drama with logic.

8/10/2017, Mercury sextile Venus: Everyone could use a little more diplomacy or poetry in their life. Which would serve you better now–perhaps both?

8/10/2017, Sun sextiles Jupiter: Spirituality is a form of personal growth–find ways to expand and grow your identity. Travel may help…

8/11/2017, Venus trines Neptune: You may be in a more forgiving and yielding mood towards your loved one. You DO love them completely, warts and all.

8/12/2017, Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo. Get out some trash bags and get ready to clean your basement/attic/closet!

8/13/2017, Sun trines Saturn: Being a more restrained version of yourself is what’s needed to make your professional reputation a bit more shiny.

8/15/2017, Venus opposes Pluto: Heavy bonding can eclipse one’s individuality in a relationship. Don’t let possessiveness smother your loved ones!

8/16/2017, Venus squares Jupiter: If it feels good–do it, right?? Yes, but wait! Pleasure is most enjoyable with dose of moderation.

8/20/2017, Mars sextiles Jupiter: In the mood to hit the road? Where would you travel if you could? Re-invigorate your life with a road trip.

8/20/2017, Sun trines Uranus: You are an individual, but your identity also rests in your tribe or chosen family. Time with them can be affirming.

8/21/2017, Expect a burst of creative self-expression and innovation during August’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Leo

8/22/2017, Mars trines Saturn: How can you harness more discipline in your actions? You’ll be productive once you put your nose to the grindstone.

8/22/2017, Sun enters Virgo: The energetic center of our solar system enters the service-oriented sign of Virgo. How can you be of use?

8/24/2017, Venus trines Chiron: Love has inflicted many wounds, but it has healed more. The pain comes to the surface when it’s ready to be healed.

8/24/2017, Venus squares Uranus: Feeling smothered by your partner? You are one with each other and also separate individuals. Embrace the paradox.

8/25/2017, Saturn stations direct: Are you ready to align with the self-discipline and restraint circumstances are demanding of you this year?

8/25/2017, When radiant goddess of beauty Venus enters flashy Leo, she declares, “This is my beauty—recognize it!” Be gorgeous today.

8/26/2017, Sun conjuncts Mercury: It’s Epiphany Day, so prepare for a breakthrough about whatever’s gotten snarled up during Mercury retrograde.

8/27/2017, Jupiter sextiles Saturn: True wisdom is learning when to expand, while also learning when to pull back. With balance comes stabilization.

8/31/2017, Communicative Mercury enters the theatrical sign of Leo. Showboat away…your audience awaits you!

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