Forecast for March 2017

Long-Term Shifts in 2017

2017 kicks off with a set of planetary alignments that began in December 2016 and which guarantee this year will be a hot mess.

Jupiter’s move into Libra places him in square to Pluto, opposed Uranus and sextiled to Saturn. It seems Jupiter is busier than usual this year, blowing things out of proportion as he often does so well. Jupiter’s opposition to Uranus could lead to explosions—both figurative and literal. We’d best step away from any and all blast radiuses we may be near. And Jupiter square Pluto can run to extremes of hot and cold, up and down, positive and negative. It can also bring on a surge of power-hunger. Watch world leaders and other public figures to see how they wield this energy.

Saturn squares Chiron this year, which could feel downright oppressive to those receiving this transit directly. Such individuals are forced to re-experience old wounds and then take responsibility for them. Doesn’t sound easy, does it?

The only respite in all of this is Saturn’s harmonious connections to Jupiter and Uranus. Saturn’s trine to Uranus suggests that innovators will have to slow down to the pace of Luddites and the Old Guard may actually interest themselves in the cutting edge—as long as it’s not too edgy. This could mean changes that are slower, but more sustainable. And when Saturn sextiles Jupiter, wisdom can occur because growth and expansion, while limited, can translate into real, physical progress instead of just so much hot air.

All in all, it may be a noteworthy year. Guess we’ll all find out.

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This year’s themes affect individual people in individual areas of life according to their own astrology charts.  Will they affect you?  Look here to find out: Are You Currently In Transition?

Planetary Stations and Retrogrades

In March of 2017, Neptune exits her 2016 span (see the diagram here) so if you’ve been experiencing a time of sensitization and otherworldly experiences, chances are that Neptune has been transiting something in your chart and it’s about to finish—while somebody else’s Neptune transit is about to begin. Chiron is similarly  finishing his span this month, so if you’ve been in a healing process which has accelerated in the last several months, then it’s ending now and relief is on the way.

Jupiter opposes Uranus at 22º on March 2nd, this being pass 2 of 3. If March 2nd is your birthday, your Solar Return birthday chart has captured this theme of reactivity and rebellion and will carry it through your whole birthday year.

Venus goes retrograde on March 4 and will continue traveling backwards until April 15th. Venus begins her retrograde journey in the sign of Aries and backs up into Pisces. If your birthday falls during Venus retrograde this year, then the theme of cleaning up old relationship goo will prevail throughout your Personal Year until your next birthday.

On March 30th, Jupiter squares Pluto, its second pass of 3. The last time Jupiter and Pluto do-si-do’d together, it went something like this: Jupiter and Pluto Go To Extremes. Those born between 15º and 19º of Cardinal signs will be most affected, i.e. January 5 – 9, April 5 – 9, July 7 – 11, or October 8 – 12.

This Month’s Free Teleclass: The Moon in Pisces

Your Moon sign is the key to contentment, happiness and the ability to rest deeply. When you engage in the self-care suggested by your Moon sign, you feel deeply secure because the Moon describes how you like to be mothered.

If you’ve got the Moon in Pisces in your natal chart, you are emotionally porous and tend to soak up the feeling states of people you’re around and places you spend time in. That grumpy co-worker? You’re susceptible to taking on her bad mood. When your workplace is filled with “bad energy” you’re the one who suffers. This can make you a little spacey at times. Boundaries don’t come easily to you but when you can assert them, they help you cope. And solitude is a really big help. Don’t forget to take breaks from caring for others and to take care of yourself, because you deserve compassion too.

More about the Moon in Pisces here.

Register for a free teleclass all about YOUR Moon sign.

If you don’t know what sign your Moon is in, this page will help you find out:  How to use to cast your free astrology chart.

Mercury Watch

Mercury is moving forward at speed this month—hooray! Expect things to go swiftly and smoothly at the office and in your personal communications too. March 6th is Greater Epiphany Day, the day when Mercury catches up with the Sun and conjuncts it. Clarity and insight abound—if you’ve got a project that’s been going on for more than a month, aim to catch a wave of peak mental energy that day. For more about optimizing this, look at This Year’s Mercury Retrogrades.


March begins with the Mutable Water sign of Pisces. Pisces falls at the end of the seasonal year, the tail end of winter. This is the time when the earth warms and snow melts into slush.  Buds begin to grow in the dark earth’s womb. Pisces symbolizes both endings and also the gestational phase before things begin; it is the alpha and the omega of the zodiac. Perhaps this is why Pisceans often experience their lives as muddy and indistinct, as if the boundaries between things are blurred. As the final sign, Pisces is the ultimate repository for all the signs that came before. Pisceans may well say, as Whitman did, “Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself. I contain multitudes.”

From Piscean moisture and mud, life erupts forth as the season of spring explodes into the Cardinal, Fiery sign of Aries. Naturally, the sign that heralds the mating season, the birth of animals and the putting out of plant shoots is forceful, energetic and bursting with hope. But Aries has a tender side too: this sign so full of bluff and bluster is easily deflated. But no matter how many times Aries is deflated and crushed, its life-force inevitably reawakens and hope springs eternal. If you want something started, ask an Aries. This year Aries runs from March 20 to April 19.


Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

Full Moon in 22º Virgo: Sunday, March 12, 2017

This upcoming Full Moon in Virgo is a good opportunity to improve communications by pulling up your sleeves and doing the work. Mercury, conjoined with the Sun and in its own sign provides discernment and analysis—but watch out for the note of criticism that often comes with Virgo. Pluto’s sextile to the Moon supports Virgo’s mission to dig deeper into the shadow and cleanse the dirt. But a wide square with Saturn may compromise precious emotional vulnerability. Do your best not to judge.

New Moon in 7º Aries: Monday, March 27, 2017

The New Moon in Aries should be the galvanizing bump you need to initiate your upcoming projects and enterprises. With Venus retrograde conjoining this New Moon, expect the added benefit of diplomacy to assist these ventures. However, since Venus is retrograde, you may find a rather unusual or funky way of being diplomatic! Clean up old relationships on the way to new beginnings.

March’s Full Moon is sometimes called the Crow Moon.

Fortune Cookies for March, 2017
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3/1/2017, Sun conjuncts Neptune: what helps you get in touch with something larger than yourself? Find ways to be of service to others.

3/2/2017, Jupiter opposes Uranus: This planetary pairing builds an atmosphere of radicalization. What explosions may result?

3/3/2017, Mercury conjuncts Neptune: Sometimes you can’t find the answer by following linear logic. Divine inspiration is also necessary.

3/4/2017, Venus stations retrograde: Get ready for murky, nuanced relationship growth, with more complexity than you want.

3/5/2017, Mars trines Saturn: Your vitality is not infinite, so find ways to streamline your activities so you don’t waste any precious energy.

3/6/2017, Sun conjuncts Mercury—Epiphany Day! It’s a day swift movement of thoughts and office systems. How will you use this?

3/7/2017, Mercury sextiles Pluto: A good, hard look at yourself can sometimes produce psychological breakthroughs. Peer into the darkness within.

3/9/2017, Sun sextiles Pluto: Nothing is constant except change. Invite transformation into your life, instead of resisting the inevitable.

3/9/2017, Warrior planet Mars enters the nature-loving sign of Taurus. Defending the environment is a battle worth fighting for.

3/10/2017, Mercury conjuncts Chiron: Words can hurt more than punches, though they can also be used to heal wounds.

3/12/2017, Mercury squares Saturn: Having a writer’s block? Face the frustration and use sheer discipline to get words flowing into the keyboard.

3/12/2017, Full Moon at 22º Virgo: Communications are not static; instead, they are their own process. They need constant work and attention.

3/13/2017, Mercury enters Aries: The planet of communication enter the ‘shoot from the hip’ sign of Aries. Don’t stick your foot in your mouth!

3/14/2017, Sun conjuncts Chiron: Many people have wounding around their father figures. What about your relationship with your father needs healing?

3/17/2017, Sun square Saturn: You may be extra sensitive to criticism today. Try to let go and express yourself in whatever way you find true.

3/18/2017, Mercury conjuncts a retrograde Venus: Words and love, love and words. Let them blend and flow today. Speak your heart.

3/20/2017, Sun enters Aries/Spring Equinox: The King of our solar system enters the self-directed sign of Aries. What bold thing will you begin?

3/23/2017, Mercury squares Pluto: Secrets may burst their seams today. If there’s something you want to know, ask. It may be revealed.

3/24/2017, Mercury opposes Jupiter: It may be especially tempting to gloss over details lately. Try to avoid overlooking something important.

3/25/2017, Sun conjuncts Venus: Catch the creative, artistic vibes that are out today. Beautify something.

3/26/2017, Mercury conjuncts Uranus: Has insomnia been a nuisance lately? Remember to turn off all your screens before you attempt sleep tonight.

3/27/2017, Mars sextiles Neptune: Do you believe in the power of positive thinking? Envisioning what you want in the first step in its manifestation.

3/27/2017, New Moon at 7º Aries: Start something new today, but begin by cleaning up old relationships. Then plunge into it headfirst.

3/29/2017, Mercury trines Saturn: History has so much to teach us. Draw on the past to gain perspective about the present context.

3/30/2017, What volcanic changes result when Jupiter squares Pluto? Here’s what it was like when this happened before, in 2010.

3/31/2017, Learn slowly, methodically and in every cell of your body while Mercury travels thru Taurus, till June 6. Information learned is retained.

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