Forecast for May 2015

Long-Term Shifts in 2015

The Uranus-Pluto square has come to a close this year (finally! Has it really been 4 years?) but stay alert—you may find it ended in March with a bang that reverberates for the rest of the year. Changes have come on both the personal and the political levels and if you haven’t experienced a big shift, yours may be due.

Jupiter begins the year in the Fiery sign of Leo, in a fantastic trine with Uranus. This eases the chaos and disruption by suggesting ways we can use our situation for growth and personal development. Later in the year, Jupiter moves into Virgo, where it proceeds to trine Pluto and oppose Chiron. This should smooth out the highs and lows of the Uranus-Pluto square, hopefully leaving us all quite a bit wiser and more whole.

Other than these things, I’m happy to say that 2015 is a more peaceful and less chaotic year than 2014.

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Mercury Watch

Mercury begins this month moving forward—but around week 2 he slows and gears down to turn retrograde on May 18.  When Mercury is retrograde, you can expect snarl-ups in paperwork at work and miscommunications in your personal life.  To cope with May’s Mercury Retrograde period, look at This Year’s Mercury Retrogrades.


During the month of Taurus, the Sun slowly warms up the northern hemisphere, gently causing flowers to blossom and open in a rich profusion of color and scent.  Ripening and abundance are the hallmarks of this Fixed Earth sign.

People who exemplify Taurus are practical, sensual and consistent.  The very epitome of slowness and solidity, Taurus values peace and sustainability.  While the Sun travels through this sign, relax and take it slowly.  Do things one small part at a time.  All will get done as you do it slowly and deliberately, allowing yourself to sink into the wide landscape of your life.  For hedonistic Taurus, paradoxically, smelling the roses and enjoying the sunset can make one more efficient, not less.  The Sun will be in Taurus until May 20.

Spring finishes with the “month” of Gemini (May 21-June 21).  Nature shows her profligacy as flowers bloom madly and grasses grow.  Gemini is a Mutable Air sign.  Mutable means “flexible” and “Air” means “concerned with the mind.”  Gemini types live in their heads, flitting from one thought to another like a late-spring butterfly.  They are in fact so flexible that it’s hard for them to focus—to keep their attention on just one thing can seem like torment.  The Gemini in us likes to multitask, just to help us concentrate.  Enjoy chasing your own mental butterflies during this lively and stimulating month.


Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

Full Moon in 13º Scorpio:  Sunday, May 3, 2015
This Full Moon carries with it all the intensity of contents under pressure. Jupiter in Leo wants to bubble up and expand, while Pluto in Capricorn turns up the heat and increases the volcanic action. You may feel tugged between the depth and darkness of Pluto and the lightness and optimism of Jupiter. Which will win? Will you get whiplash? Pluto has the advantage (being trine this Moon) and he promises that if you go into the darkness willingly, transformation is there. Then he will release you into the (Jupiterian) light at the end of the tunnel. Can you trust him?

New Moon in 26º Taurus:  Sunday, May 17, 2015
The Taurus New Moon is bursting with new life—flowers burst forth on the hillsides, baby lambs cavort, and birdsong is everywhere. Make “Life!” your song under this fecund Moon. What can you plant, birth, initiate or seed? The great green earth is calling you—are you listening? And all this bursting forth of green energy is only enhanced by a beautiful trine to Ceres in Capricorn, who adds, “Let this new life be for building and not destroying.” And this, from the Talmud: “Every blade of grass has its angel who leans over it and whispers, “Grow, grow.”

May’s Full Moon is sometimes called the Milk Moon. Guess those baby lambs have to eat something!

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5/1/15, Happy May Day! Known to the ancients as Beltaine, this fertility holiday falls between spring equinox and summer solstice.

5/3/15, Mercury opposes Saturn: The urge to argue with the higher-ups may be overwhelming today. Consider the consequences before speaking.

5/3/15, Full Moon in Scorpio: on this, perhaps the most intense moon of the year, watch your words and your intimate connections.

5/4/15, Sun squares Jupiter: Know the expression ‘full of hot air’? Well, today people may be more susceptible to exaggeration and misadventure!

5/6/15, Sun trines Pluto: Sit down and do a goal-setting process today to remind you of the ambitions that fuel your daily tasks. 5 min. DO IT NOW.

5/7/15, Venus enters Cancer: can anything replace a mother’s love? Chicken soup, family photo albums, and tradition set the tone until June 5.

5/9/15, Mercury squares Neptune: focus is at odds with imagination. Intuition can be helpful, or sometimes it interferes with rational thought.

5/11/15, Mars enters Gemini: activities need a quick pace to keep your energy level up! Or else you’ll risk getting distracted (till June 24).

5/14/15, Mars opposes Saturn: Absolute power corrupts absolutely! You may get reined in by an authority figure today.

5/16/15, Venus trines Neptune: Finally, some sweetness appears. Blink and you might miss it! Compassion is your way out into a better day.

5/17/15, Spring is a time for new beginnings and when better than during tonight’s fertile and green New Moon in Taurus?

5/18/15, Mercury turns retrograde: “Wait, you didn’t get my email? How’s that possible?! I swear I remember clicking send!!!”

5/19/15, Moon void-of-course: don’t make any important decisions from now to 7 AM Pacific time on May 20 as they are likely to be ill-founded.

5/21/15, Sun enters Gemini: Listening to a podcast while reading the latest blogs, and talking to the guy next to you? Nothing multitasks like Gemini!

5/21/15, Venus opposes Pluto: Relationships get intense today: one person is cool and controlling; the other runs hot & emotional. Which one are you?

5/22/15, Sun opposes Saturn: what responsibilities are other people dropping on your shoulders? Your children, partner or boss seem extra burdensome.

5/25/15, Mars squares Neptune: Too many distractions lead to a mental fog. Slow down! Don’t try to do so much at once.

5/25/15, Venus squares Uranus: The urge to break away from relationship—or take relationship to radical places—may be strong this morning.

5/27/15, Mercury conjuncts Mars: who doesn’t love a feisty debate? With the right amount of sharpening, words can turn into weapons.

5/28/15, Mercury squares Neptune: but didn’t this aspect just happen on the 9th? Yes-but during a retrograde we return to what was unfinished before.

5/30/15, Sun conjuncts Mercury: Epiphany Day is here! Fast-moving insights and general clarity descend on your head:

5/31/15, Sun squares Neptune: where do you end and others begin? Try not to let your boundaries get crossed by people today.

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