Forecast for October 2015

Long-Term Shifts in 2015

The Uranus-Pluto square has come to a close this year (finally! Has it really been 4 years?) but stay alert—you may find it ended in March with a bang that reverberates for the rest of the year. Changes have come on both the personal and the political levels and if you haven’t experienced a big shift, yours may be due.

Jupiter begins the year in the Fiery sign of Leo, in a fantastic trine with Uranus. This eases the chaos and disruption by suggesting ways we can use our situation for growth and personal development. Later in the year, Jupiter moves into Virgo, where it proceeds to trine Pluto and oppose Chiron. This should smooth out the highs and lows of the Uranus-Pluto square, hopefully leaving us all quite a bit wiser and more whole.

Other than these things, I’m happy to say that 2015 is a more peaceful and less chaotic year than 2014.

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Mercury Watch

With Epiphany Day recently over (it was on September 30), October begins with some clarity in the midst of the Mercury retrograde chaos. Hopefully insights landed on your head at the end of September, lighting the way to the end of Mercury retrograde on October 9. Check out this for a bigger understanding of how Mercury Retrograde works and what you can do about it: This Year’s Mercury Retrogrades.


October begins with the Cardinal Air sign of Libra.  As an Air sign, Libra blows in the winds of change at the autumnal equinox and frosts the leaves, creating a red and golden landscape.  Imagine the season of Libra as a beautiful lady whose skirt is a small cyclone of brightly colored leaves, dancing and swirling.  Winter is coming, but is not here yet.  This is the fall, when the sun dips below the equator and leaves cascade from the trees.  This year Libra runs from September 23 to October 23.

October concludes with Watery, Fixed Scorpio, beginning on October 23.  Death is in the air as the nights grow colder still and darkness begins to settle in after the equinox has passed.  Halloween, Day of the Dead and the Witches’ New Year all happen in Scorpio because many cultures have believed that at this time of the year the veil between this world and the next is thin and penetrable.  Ghosts appear and the dead speak.  Is it any wonder that Scorpios are sometimes a mystery, even to themselves?  More on this fascinating sign after it begins.


Each lunation (new or full moon) has a feeling-state that human beings will be prone to under it, a general mood.

New Moon in 19º Libra:  Monday, October 12, 2015
What does a baby Libran New Moon do when Uranus in Aries glowers at it from across the sky? This is a timid Moon who cries “unfair!” at any display of strength. It’s an irascible and irritable Moon, with a sense of justice and a 2-by-4. Stay gentle and try not to whack others too hard with your reactivity when they are impolite or thoughtless.

Full Moon in 3º Taurus:  Tuesday, October 27, 2015
There’s a mood of peace, serenity and stability under October’s Full Moon, except that there’s also a streak of. . . stubbornness. Ceres in 29º Capricorn is square this Moon, sitting there stubbornly believing it’s winter and always will be—and she has the cold gusts to prove it. Don’t let a belief in scarcity interfere with creating abundance. Neptune assists from Pisces, whispering dreams of summer in the Moon’s frostbitten ear.

October’s Full Moon was sometimes called the Harvest Moon.

Fortune Cookies for October, 2015
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10/6/2015, Sun squares Pluto: Omens, signs and events invite you to transform! Make sure to keep your power intact.

10/6/2015, Mercury sextiles Saturn: Now’s the time to get your thoughts in order over that to tackle that thing you’ve been putting off.

10/6/2015, Mars opposes Neptune: Clarify any plans made today–or your energy may be misdirected. Take some inspiration for your action.

10/8/2015, Venus enters Virgo: Get your hair cut, nails done or anything else which maintains your appearance. Venus has entered the self-improvement sign of Virgo.

10/9/2015, Mercury stations direct: We’re starting to come out of the fog as Mercury comes out of retrograde. Expect fewer communication snafus.

10/10/2015, Venus squares Saturn: Put extra effort into your relationship–it will pay off even if it feels like work right now.

10/11/2015, Jupiter trines Pluto: How can you expand your power? Harness your ambition with faith.

10/11/2015, Sun opposes Uranus: It’s important to own your uniqueness, but too much eccentricity can be annoying.

10/12/2015, New Moon in 19º Libra: Oh, should I be fair or whack my opponent? I can’t decide. . .

10/13/2015, Mercury sextiles Saturn: This is a great day to tie up loose ends. Completing things will lead to satisfaction.

10/15/15, Mars trines Pluto: Assert your passionate self! All of your drives will be enhanced today, so apply them potently!

10/16/15, Venus opposes Neptune: Flights of fancy are allowed, but look before you leap into the poppy field.

10/17/15, Mars conjuncts Jupiter: Take a stand for your beliefs, but be careful not to cram them down other people’s throats.

10/22/15, Mercury squares Pluto: Is there something eating away at you? Don’t spiral into obsessive thoughts but use your focus constructively.

10/23/15, Venus trines Pluto: Ask your partner penetrating questions to learn more about them. The naked truth can create a bonding experience.

10/23/15, Sun enters Scorpio: Magic and transformation are in the crisp, fall air. Happy birthday, you Scorpio phoenixes!

10/25/15, Venus conjuncts Jupiter: Time to throw a great cocktail party! But set a budget before you go to Bevmo.

10/25/15, Mercury opposes Uranus: Make sure to capture those genius ideas today, but go back and edit them later.

10/27/15, Full Moon in 3º Taurus: Why fear the future? The wealth or poverty in it is yours to create.

10/30/15, Sun trines Neptune: What makes you feel whole and connected to the universe? Is it yoga, meditation, or eating ice cream?

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