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What People Are Saying About San Francisco Bay Astrologer Julia Mihas

(Some of the following reviews were posted on Yelp, but because of Yelp’s policies, are not visible on Pandora Astrology’s Yelp page.  They are, however, visible on the reviewer’s pages, so I’ve linked to those here.)

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I have had several readings with Jamie and Julia. I feel better informed in what direction I am going. I love the recent birthday reading where we set goals for my future year. It is exciting to have plain and simple information given about yourself to help you in navigating life! Thank you Jamie and Julia!
~ Sandra T.

I really loved my reading with Julia-she was absolutely fantastic! I felt so much better and more clear about myself and what makes me, as an individual, tick. I look forward to future readings with her, and my husband (who was not really on board with Astrology readings) is now interested as well, since he was in the room when I had mine! It has really helped us both. We are looking forward to more in the future.
~ Susan H.

My astrology reading with Julia Mihas in San Francisco was insightful and enlightening. I wish I had done this sooner. This is not some generic reading; it’s an in-depth look at your personality, your tendencies, and your life. Her interpretation of my chart was objective, helpful and spot on. She records the reading and uploads to Dropbox so you can relax and enjoy listening to her in person and then re-listen anytime. Julia’s positive energy, intelligence, and humor will captivate you.  She helps you to discover your authentic self.  Thank you Julia!

Nancy L. (from her Yelp page)

I booked an appointment with Julia for myself and my mother last month. We were very pleased with our readings and would definitely recommend her for anyone interested in learning about themselves. She explained the process of astrology very well and it was so easy to follow along. Her explanations for why things were a certain way in my life really put things into perspective for me. She was spot on for all of my qualities and she provides the best take home material to review. She was very personal and made you feel comfortable during the reading. I cannot wait to have another reading done by her.

Frankie J. (from her Yelp page)

I scheduled my appointment for a Mission Orders reading a month in advance! They are busy and now I know why! After having my reading with Julia I fully agree with all the wonderful reviews here. Julia was kind and knowledgeable. Her interpretations of my chart were EXACT. I had no idea just how much you can learn about yourself through astrology. I think many of us attribute our personality, habits, actions and reactions to our family or circumstances but rarely do we give proper credit to how our connection to the universe influences our daily lives. I’m so glad that I found Pandora it was a remarkable experience. I found several things refreshing about Pandora in general and Julia personally. 1. This is not a fufu, hand-wavy, crystal ball shop. My impression is that they are studied and methodical. That, in combination with sense of curiosity, warmth and compassion toward their clients. I can’t wait to listen to my recording again to see what I missed and to get another reading! Thanks for the great experience!

B.S. (from her Yelp page)

Julia gave me a really helpful reading. It was detailed and practical about how I should cope with planetary influences in the coming year. She allayed my anxieties by explaining how Saturn and other planets where effecting my overall mood and energy and she pointed to ways I could react to planetary changes in a proactive way. Julia was psychologically astute and much of what she described and predicted has already started to come about! Will definitely get another reading in the coming months.

Lucinda Z. (from her Yelp Page)

Wow is all I can say! I have had no less than 20 readings from numerous astrologers in the last 8 years from fairs to top branded astrologers and none- I repeat none have even come anywhere close to the skill, the precision, nor the detail that Julia gave to me. Really! It’s not an accident that they have all 5 star reviews. My reading consisted of fortunate times, times of challenge, gifts that come in the form of difficulties, gifts in the form of gifts, and many relevant facets of my life and what to expect and plan for. I really liked Julia because she was so helpful in explaining what appeared to be an overwhelming amount of data and detail on 4-6 individual charts and was able to narrate seamlessly from beginning to end. More than that I received 4 freebie pages, 4 freebie mp3 of motivating and narrative tracks, and a recording of our session. She is motivating, positive, and worth every second. Additional added perk- she answers those burning questions that you have although she probably had explained it organically in the reading! I think she gave me an extra 5 minutes!

I will be coming for another reading really soon. The only catch if there is one is they are in a really high demand and you will probably have to wait a bit to get an appointment. Definitely worth the wait! Get it you’ll be so so glad you did!

Rich R. (from his Yelp page)

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