Venus Goes Direct Today: Inanna’s Return To The Overworld

Inanna has died and been reborn.  Today she leaves the underworld and returns to the sunlit world above.  If you did Inanna’s inner work, your capacity to love and be loved has grown from this period of self-examination.  Your ability to be in relationship is greater than it was before, because you have changed.

As you return from your relationship’s dark, scary, confronting territory, ask yourself:
“What areas of your relationship have you reclaimed?”
“What does your relationship look like now?”
“Who are you now, in your relationship?”
“Are you ready to go on from here?”

While Inanna was in the underworld, she died.  The messenger god sent her two angels to feed her the food and water of life.  Did you feed your relationship, your capacity to love, while it was helpless and had nothing to give back to you?  If it lives today, you probably did.  Good work.

Be Gentle With Yourself and Your Relationship
Inanna returns to the overworld, the world of the everyday, bringing love with her.  She also brings the souls of the peaceful dead, those who died gracefully.  I think this is no coincidence.  The souls of the dead represent qualities of your relationship that you thought were lost forever, that you had given up on and reconciled yourself to the loss of.  Watch for unexpected small delights to return to you as the next few weeks unfold.  Experience gratitude for what you have, instead of bitterness for what you don’t.

Venus may be direct again, but she is still moving slowly for the next few weeks.  Love returns to the sunlit world, but it is still fragile.  Be gentle on yourself, your heart and your relationship.  Don’t expect sudden or absolute change.  All will unfold in its right time.

This has been a series of blogposts about the recent Venus Retrograde period, from March 6 to April 17, 2009.  To read the whole thread, go here:
Venus Retrograde: Descent Into Love’s Darkness

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