Capricorn: Born Old and Growing Younger

CapricornWhy does it seem that Capricorns live life backwards?  Strong Capricorn types have a tendency to act like little old men and women when they are children, and to only allow themselves to express their inner child when they are almost too old to enjoy it.  Why is this so backwards for Capricorns?

Capricorns take life way too seriously when they are young.  They judge themselves harshly, measuring themselves against adults with much more experience.  Their expectations are high and they become frustrated when they don’t measure up.

Child Caps crave respect and want to be treated like adults; they see adults as having powers and privileges that they want to have.  Young Caps will eagerly take on adult responsibilities in order to garner respect from others and to be a part of the adult world.  They tend to be interested in what the adults are doing and will seek out friendships with people outside their peer group on purpose.  They may feel downright uncomfortable with people their own age.  As Capricorns age, they find that this comfort with age difference continues and they can enjoy friendships with people much younger than themselves.  They like helping younger people along and mentoring the next generations.

It’s as if the life of a Capricorn is on a time-release mechanism.  They are willing to put in a lot of hard work with little reward while they are young.  Some young Caps have this thrust upon them (many with strong Capricorn or Saturn influences in their charts are oldest or only children) and have to grow up fast and help out in their family early in life.  But whether it’s compulsory or voluntary, this hard work helps them build the self-confidence necessary to blossom into adulthood.  And by the time of their Saturn return (around age 30), your typical Capricorn is beginning to reap the rewards of all that effort.  This is just the first phase, and most Caps will experience another cycle of work-and-reward which culminates around their second Saturn return (age 58 or so), as they are moving into retirement.

In his 30’s, a Cap will finally begin to let go of the restrictions and limitations he’s imposed upon himself.  He’ll begin to allow himself to relax into life a little more.  He’ll start growing into his own skin and let himself have feelings spontaneously in a way he never did before.  This is if, and not until, he’s earned his own respect.

Caps have their old age to look forward to; if they continue to do what’s needed to earn their own self-respect as they age, they will also continue learning to relax, have fun, be soft and emotionally available, play and enjoy.  Other signs do not have to learn this stuff, but Capricorns do.  It makes them feel odd and backward.  Even the youngsters can be kind of curmudgeonly.  But hush—they’ll grow out of it.

You’ve probably already figured out the good news inherent in this description of the Cap temperament:  if Caps have already gotten the hard parts of life over with at the beginning, it stands to reason that life just gets easier.  There’s some truth to this.  By the time they are elders, Capricorns have the ability to really let go and delight in simple things in a childlike way.  Capricorns like to pay at the door—that way they can really relax and enjoy the show.

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