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Venus Retrograde in Leo, July 2023

By July 13, 2023July 31st, 2023Signs: Leo, Venus

Venus Retrograde in Leo, 2023: The Goddess of Love stations retrograde in proud Leo on July 22, 2023. This is Venus’ first retrograde since her last retrograde in late 2021. During that cycle, we learned about our relationship desires as they related to our mutual goals, integrity, commitment, and purpose. Now, we move into a new retrograde cycle with Leo themes of playfulness, romance, generosity, and ego at the forefront.

What is a Venus transit like?

Venus transits highlight our ability for cooperation and relating to other people. On one hand, Venus shows us who and what we are attracted to. On the other, she represents an internal experience of self-love, self-worth, and what we intrinsically value. In fact, these two experiences are related to each other: what we are drawn to in others, and how we feel about ourselves.

And so, when Venus goes retrograde, we enter into a period of deep reflection regarding our relationships and our self-worth. During this period, we are likely to question the nature of our attraction to others, how that relates to our relationship to ourselves, and the basic tenets of our value systems. Venus’ tendency for reflection will affect any planets in our charts that are in her path this year. Therefore, this is a great time to take stock of who we are, who we are surrounded by, and how to orient ourselves relationally in the world.

Change and turbulence may touch the area that Venus transits in our chart. In some way, we are learning how to show up more authentically in our relationships. We may also find that some of our friendships and partnerships dissolve as a result of this introspective period. However, this transit will strengthen partnerships that are based in enduring values.

Qualities of Leo

Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac. Leo represents our self-expressiveness; the way our ego comes to the fore to shine and proliferate its inner authority. Likewise, Leo represents creation in all its forms, including procreation. It strongly emphasizes play, which has to do with both the creative process and the nature of children. Leo rejects the privacy of Cancer, desiring to be seen and to show itself to the world.

Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Sun represents our identity, authority, authenticity, motivation, creativity, and the unifying power of meaning. Thus, Leo is a sign that relates to ego expression through play, art, and authoritatively imposing one’s vision.

In Leo, we discover the need for connection through visibility, and the desire to shine in our unique and special individuality. Leo wants recognition and an audience. Additionally, Leo rules giving, warmth, performance, flashiness, pride, self-centeredness, affection, domineering tendencies, and a belief in monarchy.

What does it mean when Venus is in Leo?

Venus naturally likes to create relationships founded in equality, receptivity, and willingness to give others what they need. She understands that the best relationships are reciprocal and based in an ability to cooperate. In addition, Venus needs to feel good about herself in order to engage healthily in relation to others.

In fiery Leo, Venus is more self-centered than usual. Leo’s need for an audience and to be adored as a special child clashes with Venus’ desire for equality. Actually, Leo is wonderful at doling out the worship and romance that it craves. However, Venus in Leo will be very unhappy if her effusive affections are not returned.

Additionally, Leo’s inherent self-absorption can challenge the overall purpose of Venus’ mission to bond us to others in a meaningful way. Thus, Venus in Leo presents issues of clashes between partners, and a fight between egos for the basic right to exist.

Read more about Venus in Leo here.

Venus Retrograde in Leo: Ego Fulfillment

Venus is normally material, self-sufficient, as well as idealistic and rational in approach. However, in Leo, notions of romance, nobility, recognition, individuality, and praise influence Venus’ sensibilities. When Venus is retrograde, we halt our regular relational efforts, pause, and consider our relationships through the lens of ego fulfillment.

During the retrograde, we experience a suspension of our typical extroversion and relational drive. We contemplate the underlying meaning of our relationships, and our own values. You may ask yourself, is there room to be myself in my relationships? How can I feel seen and recognized in my relationships? Do my relationships honor what is special in each of us? Are my relationships warm, affectionate, playful and romantic?

Venus Retrograde in Leo: Internal Recognition

The retrograde of Venus in Leo may bring our attention to the qualities that we notice in others, and through a sense of productive envy, to the qualities in ourselves that we have been neglecting. Venus in Leo is an interesting combination. On on hand, Leo wants to shine. On the other, Venus wants to love.

Venus in Leo wants to feel good about herself, but she may need a lot of external reassurance and praise in order to feel that way. Thus, this Venus Retrograde may in part be a chance to learn how to internalize the need for recognition, in order to become more self-sufficient and self-loving.

Venus Retrograde in Leo, Venus Retrograde 2023

Venus Retrograde in Leo coincides with Mercury Retrograde in Virgo:

Because 2023’s Venus retrograde period coincides with a Mercury retrograde period, the pressure to both bask in the spotlight and practice modesty in our relationships is very strong during the second half of Venus’ retrograde.

Mercury travels backwards from 21º to 8º of the Mutable Earth sign Virgo, going retrograde August 23, 2023 and direct again on September 15, 2023, shortly after Venus does. Consequently, we feel a contradiction between the Virgoan urge for humility, service and practicality as love, and the Leonine desire to make our relationships romantic, showy, and full of dramatic gesture. But both planets agree it’s not the time for starting something new. More about this in our blogpost and videos about it:

Read more about Mercury Retrograde in Virgo during August and September 2023 here. See Pandora Astrology’s Mercury page for more.

Venus Retrograde in Leo also coincides with Chiron Retrograde in Aries

Shortly after Venus stations retrograde July 22, 2023, Chiron follows suit. Chiron stations retrograde at 19º Aries mere hours later. Chiron is the Wounded Healer, and Chiron in Aries brings up old wounds regarding anger and assertion. Because 2023’s Venus retrograde period coincides with this Chiron retrograde period, themes of love and relationship may blend with themes of wounding and healing–especially as regards asserting oneself and negotiating what’s fair in a relationship.

While Venus Retrograde in Leo brings up issues of lovability and need for attention, Chiron in Aries brings up issues of selfhood, independence, getting what we need, and expressing anger.

Fortunately, Venus Retrograde in Leo trines Chiron retrograde in Aries from about August 6 until August 24. At this time, there is an extra potent opportunity to heal wounds in relationships for good.

For more on about Chiron Retrograde in Aries in 2023, click here. See Pandora Astrology’s Chiron page for more.

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Time Span of Venus Retrograde in Leo

Venus will be Retrograde in Leo from July 22, 2023 to September 3, 2023.

How Does Venus Retrograde 2023 Affect You Personally?

This year, Venus will travel backwards from 28 degrees all the way to 12 degrees of Leo. Venus’ message to stay authentic in our relationships will most significantly challenge any planets in 12-28 degrees of Leo.

Moreover, Venus will affect any planet in your chart in 12-28 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, or Aquarius.

Lastly, if you were born on any of the following days, Venus’ retrograde through Leo will affect you very personally:

February 1 to 16
May 2 to 19
August 4 to 21
November 4 to 20

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