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“Your Life’s Great Work” Teleclass MP3s

What is the Great Work of your lifetime?
I’ll give you a clue—it’s your greatest fear and your crowning achievement.
It’s also the most rewarding area of life you can engage in.

Your Saturn sign describes what you fear the most and speaks of an area of your life that was expressly NOT given to you to be easy. It’s inherently hard work, but when you push through the fear and face the challenge, you can turn this very same area into your lifetime’s crowning achievement. These Signs’ Great Works recordings discuss each sign in depth from the perspective of achievement, career and life purpose.

You will want to get the one for your Saturn sign but you may not know what that is. These Saturn tables on cafeastrology can help.
If you want to know your Saturn sign and other planets also, use the easy, clear instructions on this page to find ALL your planet-in-sign placements: How To Use Astro.com To Cast Your Free Astrology Chart.

. . . and read this article on Saturn: Get On Your Career Train And Ride It (or Why Your Saturn Cycle Is Your Ticket To Success)

To purchase a Great Works Recording for $9.97, click its image. After purchase you will be able to download your recording right away. If you would like to purchase ALL the Great Works Recordings at once, at a discounted rate, click here.

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