Great Works Set of 12 MP3s


What is the Great Work of your lifetime?
I’ll give you a clue—it’s your greatest fear, the thing you dread the most.
It’s also the most rewarding area of life you can engage in.

Your Saturn sign describes what you fear the most and speaks of an area of your life that was expressly NOT given to you to be easy. It’s inherently hard work, but when you push through the fear and face the challenge, you can turn this very same area into your lifetime’s crowning achievement. Once you understand Saturn in your chart, you are empowered to achieve your life’s toughest—and most rewarding—purpose. These Signs’ Great Works recordings discuss each sign in depth from the perspective of achievement, career and life purpose.

This set of 12 includes audio recordings for all 12 Saturn signs. After purchase, feel free to give (not sell) them to anyone you wish.

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