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Moon Signs Webinar Recordings

What do you need to feel safe, secure and well taken care of?
How do you handle emotions?
What does your Inner Child really need?

Your Moon sign answers these vital questions and opens the door to deep, lasting happiness and a stable home life. Self-care is the foundation of life and when you neglect yourself, you wither.

But who has time? Life is full of obligations and pressures that take us away from our deep self and eventually we wake to discover that we are deeply unhappy and don’t know why.

Discovering the forms of self-care to concentrate on can allow you to thrive and flourish in all areas of your life, because your Inner Child is satisfied and happy. Your Moon sign tells you how to really take care of yourself, even in the middle of a busy life.

These Moon Signs recordings cover each sign in depth. Understanding your own Moon sign can give clues that improve your home life, your emotional life and even your parenting. These are video (not audio) recordings, which is why they are priced higher than some of Pandora Astrology’s other recordings.

You will want to get the one for your Moon sign but you may not know what that is. Use the easy, clear instructions on this page to find out your Moon sign: How To Use Astro.com To Cast Your Free Astrology Chart.

. . . and read this article on the Moon: Your Moon Sign—Key To Self-Soothing

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Moon Signs Set of 12

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