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New Moon in Scorpio, November 2023

By November 5, 2023November 8th, 2023Moon, New Moon, Signs: Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio, November 2023:

Unstoppable vs. Immovable

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New Moon in Scorpio

The November New Moon in Scorpio occurs at 20º Scorpio on November 13 , 1:26 AM Pacific time. This New Moon bears similarity to the energy of a Full Moon, because it features a strong opposition between a stellium in Scorpio and Uranus in Scorpio.

New Moon in Scorpio: Deeply Determined Drive

Mars and Ceres are also conjunct the Sun and Moon in Scorpio. The combination of Mars and Ceres in this Fixed water sign conveys a pure kind of focus and determination. Consequently, we may find ourselves deeply energized from an emotional place. By denying ourselves of extraneous pleasures and needs, we are able to maintain a laser-like focus.

Thus, our powers of concentration will be at their peak during the November New Moon. We find that we possess the resourcefulness to achieve great things. We can effectively channel this energy by getting into our physical bodies, finding appropriate exercise, and eating a balanced diet. However, we must watch out for burnout, pushing ourselves too hard and extreme, self-denying behavior.

New Moon in Scorpio: Achieving Our Dreams By Any Means Possible

The Moon trines Neptune in Pisces. Neptune’s involvement provides harmonious energy towards visualization and imagination, allowing us to effortlessly achieve our dreams. However, the opposition to Uranus in Taurus shows that there may be some disruption in our relationships. We may find that our drive, or that of others, may easily veer into ruthless or dominating behavior. Also, we may find that the more we attempt to drive others to help us achieve our goals, the more others rebel by stubbornly refusing to comply.

During the November New Moon, we may find ourselves locked in a battle between confronting the truth and the desire to maintain the status quo. Depending on our individual charts, we can find ourselves identifying with either one of these poles of expression.

New Moon in Scorpio, November 13 2023, 1:26 AM PTNew Moon in Scorpio November 2023

Planting Seeds for Sustainable, Ethical Goals

New Moons are moments of new beginnings and incubating new ideas. During the November New Moon in Scorpio, we can make our seedling dreams more sustainable. Furthermore, we can examine where we resource our projects and our lives, and better align our desires with the needs of other people.

We can ask ourselves: What is the line between resourcefulness and using? How can we give back by involving ourselves in the projects of others? What can do to transform the habits that are holding us back, while also maintaining stability? How can we maintain independence while also allowing ourselves to be interdependent and share resources with others?

Understanding the New Moon’s impact on your Natal Chart
incredibly useful for help in envisioning new goals
and new beginnings in our lives.

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Moon and Ceres in Scorpio: Difficulty with Nurturing

The Moon, in Scorpio, is in its sign of fall. The Moon in Scorpio can experience an emotional life that’s so intense, it’s overwhelming. Contrasted with the steadiness and simplicity of the Moon in Taurus (the sign of its exaltation) the Moon in Scorpio tends towards extremes and complexity. The Moon in Scorpio holds on to toxic emotion, as well as ideas of the past and of the future. On the other hand, the Moon in Taurus has the ability to stay grounded during emotional experiences.

Additionally, Ceres is in its sign of detriment. Ceres in Scorpio can be dissociated and deny the needs of the body. Also, she anticipates loss and clings to extremes of expression, operating in bursts of passion and grit. This contrasts with how Ceres expresses in Taurus, where she is at home. Ceres in Taurus is grounded, comfortable in her body, and possesses a natural expectation of abundance. She has no trouble receiving and giving nurturing in an easygoing, earthy, physical way, and is naturally attuned to the needs of her body. So Ceres during this Moon is “out of her element” and not the stabilizing influence she likes to be.

Does the November New Moon Affect Me?

If you have a planet in your chart placed between 15º and 25º of a Fixed sign, you’ll feel this November New Moon very personally.

This is also true if your birthday falls in any of the following date spans:

February 4 to 13
May 5 to 15
August 7 to 17
November 7 to 17

Go Deeper

If you are curious to learn more, a professional reading is the best way to get tailored information to your chart. To learn how this November New Moon functions in your chart and how to use the lunar cycle to your advantage, contact Pandora Astrology for a Natal and Transits Reading.

Or try casting your own chart and looking at it yourself.

Fran Xin Yi

Fran Xin Yi is an astrological researcher and writer. She has studied astrology for over a decade through a Jungian lens, and seeks to spark understanding by articulating complex inner dialogues through the symbolism of the planets. To book an astrology reading, email frances@pandoraastrology.com.

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