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Solar Eclipse: Be Good To You—Or Else!

By June 30, 2011September 27th, 2021Astrology for Non-Astrologers, Astrology for Students

Pay attention to self-care during tonight’s complex New Moon in Cancer, which is also a Solar Eclipse.  Influences from Saturn, Pluto and Uranus combine to put demands on your ability to understand and respond to your own needs.  You’ll find yourself crashing and burning if you don’t honor their demands.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: July 1, 2011
Time of eclipse: 1:54 AM PST
Type: partial (moderate in intensity)
Visible in: a small patch of ocean between Antarctica and southern Africa.
At: 9 degrees Cancer
Shadow Agents: Saturn (in Libra), Pluto (in Capricorn), Uranus (in Aries)

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you most likely experienced this eclipse:
June 26-July 6
September 27-October 8
December 26-January 5
March 25-April 4

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A solar eclipse is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event (unlike a lunar eclipse, which is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it. The Sun and Moon sweep in, carrying trays of food.  Behind them crowd Saturn, Pluto and Uranus, carrying loads of cushy, comfy things.
Moon:  Mange, mange!  You’ve got to eat something!  You’re wasting away to skin and bones.
She pinches your cheek and fills a plate for you.
You:  But what if I’m not hungry?
Saturn:  Actually, you are hungry.
Pluto:  To be precise, your soul is hungry.
Uranus:  Hungry for freedom . . .
Pluto:  For change . . .
Saturn:  And maybe hungry for structure.
You:  I’m confused.
Sun:  You should be.  There’s a lot going on during this eclipse.
Moon:  The main point is you need to take care of yourself, or you’ll crash and burn—
Sun:  —and because this is a Solar Eclipse, you’ll see the effects in your life, out where everyone else can see them too.
You:  So what do I need to do?
Moon:  Take care of yourself.  Take good care of yourself.  Really take good care of yourself.
Saturn, Uranus and Pluto have been arranging pillows, cushions and other comfort items on the sofas.  The Moon is tucking you in while the Sun props a pillow under your head.  You begin to relax deeply and suddenly you remember it’s been a long time since you’ve allowed yourself this.
Saturn:  Take such good care of yourself that your responsibilities do not weigh on you, and you don’t need to choose between fulfilling promises to others and being kind to yourself.
Uranus:  Take such good care of yourself that you feel liberated, freed and energized by it, instead of trapped.
Pluto:  Take such good care of yourself that you can maintain a sense of safety and security even when life throws its biggest ups and downs at you.
You:  And what if I don’t?
Sun:  All kinds of bad things can happen.
Saturn:  Job loss, financial pressures, heavy responsibilities.
Pluto:  Deep gloom can descend.  Negative thoughts everywhere.  Emotional meltdown.
Uranus:  Chaotic disruptions.  Feelings of entrapment.  Rebellious outbursts.  You could really blow it!
Saturn:  Yes, this is definitely a test of your ability to care for yourself.
You:  I think I get the point.  It’s about self-care.  And all of you have reasons why it’s important.
Sun:  You’re darned tootin’ we do.
Saturn:  It’s time to wake up and become your own best mother, because nobody’s going to do it for you.
And off they go, leaving plates of food, cushy pillows and fuzzy blankets behind them.

Read about other eclipses coming up: 2011 Eclipses.


Jamie has been practicing astrology in the Bay Area since 1992 and teaching since 1997. She is currently certified at NCGR Level 3. She specializes in feminine archetypes and a positive, empowering approach. Jamie enjoys working with individuals, couples, and families to improve the quality of their lives and expand each person’s choices.

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