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Solar Eclipse: A Test of Integrity

By January 4, 2011September 27th, 2021Astrology for Non-Astrologers, Astrology for Students

This month’s New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, and it’s one to take seriously.  Influenced by Saturn, this Capricornian eclipse has got a heavy sense of responsibility and duty.  We can expect real-world events to result from this solar eclipse, reminders of what we are supposed to do—and perhaps smackdowns from the Guy Upstairs if we fail to do what is right.  Get on the straight and narrow, people!

Details About This Eclipse

Date: January 4, 2011
Time of eclipse: 1:03 AM PST
Type: partial (moderate in intensity)
Visible in: Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, northwestern China, northwestern India.
At: 13 degrees Capricorn
Shadow Agent: Saturn

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you most likely experienced this eclipse:
December 29-January 8
March 29-April 8
June 29-July 8
October 1-11

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A solar eclipse is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event (unlike a lunar eclipse, which is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  Saturn stands there, a tough old man with a craggy, weather-beaten face, dressed in a very expensive suit, wearing a power tie.  Cowering behind him are the Sun and Moon.  Led by Saturn, they all push past you.
Saturn:  Well?
You:  Well, what?
Saturn:  I’ve come to administer your test.
You:  What kind of test is it?
Saturn:  It’s a reality check.
He pulls out a scroll from inside his jacket.  He unrolls it and it’s so long that it hits the floor and touches the opposite wall before unrolling completely.
Saturn:  This is a list of questions I have for you.
You:  Um, ok, shoot.
Saturn:  What have you completed lately?  What have you accomplished?  What is left unfinished?  What have you promised and delivered?  What have you promised and not delivered?  How many times have you been late?  Do you habitually do what you say you’ll do or is your word good for nothing?  Have you earned anyone’s respect this year?  Have you met any goals?
You:  Woah—I haven’t even figured out the answer to question one yet.
Saturn:  I’m sure even a pitiably slow human like yourself could not fail to notice that the year 2011 has just begun?
You:  I had noticed that, yes.
Saturn:  Have you made any resolutions?
You:  I thought of a couple . . .
Saturn:  Do you know that most people abandon their New Year’s resolutions only two months into the new year?
You:  Yes, I’d heard that.
Saturn: (towering over you) Did you think you’d be different?
You:  Um . . .
You turn to the Sun and Moon, who are huddled together on the sofa.
You:  Help me out, guys!
They shake their heads vigorously and go back to trying to appear as small and untargetable as possible.  Both are visibly quivering in fear.
You:  Ok, ok, I give up!  I accomplished very little last year.  I forgot all my resolutions before spring.  I didn’t really want to do any of those things.  They were false promises.
Saturn:  That’s what I wanted to hear!
You:  Are you satisfied?
Saturn:  Not quite yet.  Totally aside from what you promised for 2010 and failed to do, what did you actually do?  What are your successes?
You:  I’m really not sure.
Saturn:  Look not at what you promised but did not deliver—look instead at what you actually did deliver.  Those are your achievements—and they are your commitments too.  If you want to know what you’re committed to, just look at where you’ve put your effort.
Leaving the very long test behind him, Saturn sweeps back out into the night, followed by the still-cowering Sun and Moon.

Read about other eclipses coming up: 2011 Eclipses.


Jamie has been practicing astrology in the Bay Area since 1992 and teaching since 1997. She is currently certified at NCGR Level 3. She specializes in feminine archetypes and a positive, empowering approach. Jamie enjoys working with individuals, couples, and families to improve the quality of their lives and expand each person’s choices.

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