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The Glorious Potential of King Henry VIII, As Shown In His Astrology Chart

By June 28, 2009January 14th, 2023Astrology for Students, Famous Charts

My skirts rustle as I find myself back in Henry’s hall.  What will I say to him today?  I’ve left him quite despondent in my last 3 visits.  I had to hammer on him some, to push through his arrogance and charm (did you see him try to slip a hand up my skirt?).  Today I aim to show him his potential, in all its glory.

The King You Could Be

You, sir, can be a brilliant monarch.  Your ability to think outside the box (oops, Henry’s never heard that phrase before) can lead you to make changes to the benefit of all your people, undermining corrupt authority and giving the little guy a chance (Sun in Cancer opposed Uranus in Capricorn).  You could do this out of a genuine caring for others, an attitude of stewardship (Sun in Cancer).  Your rebellious streak (Uranus opposed Sun) has led you to uproot the Catholic church in England and to assume the position of head of the new Anglican church.  But have you really thought about the consequences of throwing a nation into religious uproar, simply so you can divorce and gain the heir you so desperately need?

The Man You Could Be

Sir, you have a seemingly endless store of vital energy (Mars square Jupiter), but must dedicate yourself to an ideal (Mars square Neptune) lest you become angry and disillusioned as you age and discover that the world is a harsher place than it pretends to be.  Living into an image of knight in shining armor could soothe your soul.  Also, you have a talent for expressing your feelings in words that are charismatic and engaging (Mercury trine Moon in fire signs).  Shape and hone that talent into fine writing (Saturn opposed Mercury) by use of a good editor (Saturn) who will check your more impulsive ideas.

The Lover You Could Be

You hold love as the highest ideal.  Beware of worshipping the woman you love, because a pedestal is a wobbly thing and if she falls from it, your revulsion is likely to be as strong as your passion.  Choose a wife who is your intellectual equal (Venus in Gemini) and then treat her as such.  Choose a wife who will make a great queen and then devote (Vesta rising) yourself to her.  Let her be your chief advisor and give her the power to rule in your stead (Juno square Pallas-Athene) when you are abroad.  And your highness, you must go abroad, for your life-purpose lies in journeying to foreign places and expanding your tolerance for people who live differently than you do (north node in Sagittarius).

The Father You Could Be

Your frustrations around producing a male heir (Saturn in the Fifth House and also ruling it) have wounded you deeply (Chiron squares Saturn).  Why, sir, must you be so stubborn (they are in Fixed signs)?  If you were willing to cultivate Mary and love her as a future monarch, you could vest your frustrated fatherly affections in her and she would not grow up to be so bitter.  Those of us who know your history are aware that you did eventually father a son, but that he died very young, leaving the crown to Mary and finally Elizabeth.  Paradoxically, you produced one of the greatest English monarchs that ever lived (Elizabeth I) and if you could get past the fact that your two oldest children were female, you could see their fitness for rule and that your line is well established.

Ultimate Departure
I leave the mid-sixteenth-century with regret.  After all, Henry, for all his flaws, was brilliant and brought his whole self to the ruling of his country, leaving behind him a reformed church and a solidly established Tudor line.  The Renaissance has already started in Italy and will spread northward toward England over the next hundred years.  Henry, your quest for an heir was ultimately fulfilled and the Tudor name is cemented in the annals of English history.  Dear sir, please rest in peace.

If you want to read a good biography of Henry & his wives, look here:

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Jamie has been practicing astrology in the Bay Area since 1992 and teaching since 1997. She is currently certified at NCGR Level 3. She specializes in feminine archetypes and a positive, empowering approach. Jamie enjoys working with individuals, couples, and families to improve the quality of their lives and expand each person’s choices.

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