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Effectiveness Can Be Fun–Jupiter Trines Saturn in Earth Signs

There’s been a wonderful alignment of planets in 2008 that I want to tell you about because it’s almost over, and this way you can take advantage of it before it ends.

The alignment is a trine between Jupiter and Saturn.  Jupiter has been moving through the sign of Capricorn, generating a sense of joy in hard work and discipline.  Simultaneously, Saturn has been moving through Virgo, pushing us to get better organized and to handle details more efficiently.

This trine is a harmonious relationship between planets in practical, grounded earth signs, causing Jupiter and Saturn to easily agree and to enjoy working together.  Ordinarily, Jupiter scorns details, but while traveling through Capricorn, Jupiter is casting a fond eye upon Saturn’s meticulousness.  Saturn rewards those who take advantage of this time with a cornucopia of work-related goodies—such as promotions, new job titles, more clients, and a profound feeling of accomplishment.  Aligned this way, they are a formidable team, causing a tremendous feeling of reward in a job well done and bringing luck, self-confidence and opportunity to those willing to do that work.

How Does This Affect Me?
If you are building a business or working on a major project this year, this trine has probably been helping you to get organized.  If you’ve found yourself adopting new work practices and learning to work in ways that feed your ambition and if you’ve been feeling particularly inspired about long-term goals this year, this trine has probably had something to do with it.  If this alignment feels pertinent to your life, it’s because it affects your chart in some way, probably because some planet in your chart is being triggered by the movements of Jupiter or Saturn or both.

How The Conversation Goes:
Jupiter:  Hey Saturn, I’ve been discovering that work is an adventure.
Saturn:  You don’t say!
Jupiter:  Yeah, I do say.  This year I’ve been working hard and really enjoying it.  It’s amazing how good it feels to work hard, accomplish things of substance and enjoy the fruits of self-discipline.
Saturn:  I knew that already.  What I’ve been developing this year is a better relationship to details.  I’m finding that when I’m really well-organized I get a lot more done and it furthers my long-term goals in a wonderful way.  It’s been going so well that I’ve gained a tremendous sense of ease and flow, where everything is handled and moving along smoothly and I can actually relax.
Jupiter:  That’s really cool.  Relaxing is not something you do a lot of.
Saturn:  That’s true, but when you support me by taking pleasure in work, I feel a huge load off my shoulders.
Jupiter:  I’m finding so much meaning in work lately that I’m incredibly inspired.
Saturn:  That’s great.  You be the inspiration and I’ll be the perspiration.  Working together, we can accomplish absolutely anything.

Use This Transit by:
•  Growing into new ways of working.
•  Getting organized so that you can accomplish more with less effort.
•  Putting structures in place that will help you to continue being more and more effective.
•  Asking yourself:  how can I be of service?
•  Setting long-term goals that inspire you.

Timing Of This Transit:
The trine has been exact twice this year and is just now having its third and final peak.  The first peak was in January, the second was in September.  This transit peaks for the final time during November 15-25, 2008.

If you have been feeling the drives I’ve described here, then be aware that this period is almost over.  Take advantage of it through the end of November, because after Jupiter moves on into late Capricorn and ultimately into Aquarius, this will no longer be a major theme.  Other things will grab your attention.

So work hard and enjoy!  The structures you put in place now could support your business for years to come.  And remember that work can be fun and that enjoyable work is often work done well.


Jamie has been practicing astrology in the Bay Area since 1992 and teaching since 1997. She is currently certified at NCGR Level 3. She specializes in feminine archetypes and a positive, empowering approach. Jamie enjoys working with individuals, couples, and families to improve the quality of their lives and expand each person’s choices.

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