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Your Child’s Astrology: The Seven S’s of Your Child’s Chart

Your child’s astrology chart is the most helpful parenting tool you can imagine. Why?

Child's Astrology: How to read the Seven S's in your Child's Astrology ChartYour Child’s Astrology Chart is the Ultimate Parenting Tool

Understanding your child’s astrological chart can help you grasp your child’s basic temperament. This is because your child is not an extension of you, but their own person. They have their own innate needs, desires, preferences, and ways of responding to the world. Your child’s astrology chart displays every aspect of their personality. What’s more, you can see this personality on the day your child is born, long before you even see their traits emerge. 

Using the insight that astrological symbolism can provide, you can help your child to build character, and help them to be their real self. You can provide security that allows your child to build a foundation for future happiness, success, and growth. Plus, you will share in their success as you build a lifelong relationship with this human you have raised. Your child will love you for seeing them for who they are, instead of projecting your own traits onto them. Without the objectivity of astrology, you might pressure your child to be a “chip off the old block.”

What are the “Seven S’s”?

The “Seven S’s” are a memory device for the various characteristics of your child’s astrology chart. These S’s provide key information about your child’s basic temperament.

These “Seven S’s” tap into your child’s own unique combination of planets in signs and houses. These placements provide a wealth of helpful information about your child’ needs. With this knowledge, you can help them thrive and develop to their fullest potential in all the important areas of life. 

1. Your Child’s Self-Confidence—the Sun & Jupiter

The Sun and Jupiter, their houses, and their aspects, all paint a complex picture of your child’s self-confidence. Through analyzing their placements, you can understand what your child needs in order to feel optimistic, enthusiastic, and free. You can also understand how to help your child to be their true self. When your child feels that they can be their true self around you, they feel “real” and can thrive in their teen years. 

For example, your Sun in Taurus, Jupiter in Aries child will be an interesting combination of cautious and explorative. She will need to feel secure in order to explore. However, when she does, she will transform into a boisterous, impulsive, and adventurous child. To help her feel confident, you can always appeal to her love of food from a diverse array of cultures. She will appreciate a sensual way to explore the vastness of the world.

2. Your Child’s Soothing—the Moon

The Moon, its house, and aspects, all add up to your child’s deepest emotional needs. How can you soothe your child when he is in distress? What can make him feel emotionally safe? Just like with love languages, what soothes one person does not necessarily work for another.

Your Moon in Scorpio child was born in love with Mommy and his love can feel consuming. This is especially true if your own Moon is in a more detached (possibly Air) sign. The key is to understand the differences between your mothering style and how your child actually needs to be mothered. Stretching (if necessary) to mother your child in the way that soothes him the most builds a lifetime bond. This effort will pay dividends when you are old and he is an adult.

3. Your Child’s Security / Safety / Stewardship—Ceres

Ceres’ sign, house, and aspects provide an illustration of how your child feels safe, secure, and physically nurtured. Ceres is like the earthy counterpart to the Moon. She rounds out the picture of how to care for your child in the most fundamental and physical sense.

Your Ceres in Cancer child will express her emotions through her physical health. If her complaint seems psychosomatic, help her understand the emotions she is grappling with and watch her health clear up. Meanwhile, your Ceres in Virgo child will easily learn the value of money and how to be frugal. Teaching them how to maintain order and good grooming is a foundation that will serve them their whole life long.

4. Your Child’s SportMars

Mars, his house and aspects, comprise a map of your child’s athletic needs and how you can create the best flow for their natural energy pattern. If your child is hyperactive, it may be because you do not understand the nature of their energy and the best forms of exercise for your child.

For example, a diet of sweets and screen time is a perfect storm for your Mars in Aquarius child, and one to be avoided. She needs solid food and active play. That is, if you can get her away from the ipad. Apply some Legos as well as all the Minecraft she’s consuming. And your Mars in Cancer child may show very little interest in any form of exercise at all, and you may wonder why he is a target for bullies. Take him for swim lessons and watch him blossom into a strong, vital and assertive adult.

5. Your Child’s Scholastic StyleMercury

Mercury provides detailed information about your child’s learning style. To decode this information, look to Mercury’s sign and house placement, as well as its aspects. Understanding how to help your child learn best and what their natural aptitudes are can be so important. This is especially true as they move through a school system that doesn’t necessarily accommodate the diverse learning styles of children.

Your Mercury in Libra child might be a star pupil and teacher’s pet, but while he’s charming his teachers you might wonder how much he’s learning. On the other hand, your Mercury in Pisces child might daydream and not get good grades. That is, until she finds a teacher she can bond with emotionally—then she’ll absorb everything that teacher has to teach–magically, as if by osmosis.

6. Your Child’s Social StyleVenus & Juno

Venus and Juno (with their signs, aspects, and house placements) weave a tapestry illustrating your child’s social needs and style. The two goddesses may conflict when it comes to their social needs. Alternatively, they may combine into a very consistent and harmonious social style.

Your Venus in Gemini child may be very light, friendly and conversational when it comes to her social style. However, her Juno in Capricorn will be more shy and demand a more serious connection when it comes to lifelong friends. And the conflict between these two very different styles can pose real challenges when she is of dating age. For example, she may be romantically attracted to commitment-phobes, while also having a deep desire for a truly serious marriage.

7. Your Child’s Self-Discipline / StructureSaturn

Saturn, as well as its house placement and aspects, defines your child’s internal picture of self-discipline and structure. It shows what sort of authority your child responds to, and how to most effectively and healthily imbue within your child a sense of limits and boundaries.

Your Saturn in Cancer child may respond best to a soft, sweet touch. Discipline must always be applied with a hug, emotional validation, and compassion. Meanwhile, your Saturn in Sagittarius child responds best to discipline and authority applied with an ethical, philosophical framework. They respect an authority figure who is confident, fun, and upbeat.

Interestingly, the best way to instill a sense of boundaries within this child is to give them a good deal of freedom to explore–a very different approach from the Saturn in Cancer approach. And if you have a family with several children who have differing Saturn placements, it can be hard to provide the right kind of structure for each child.

Child’s Astrology: Parenting Is A Spiritual Path

In the vast expanse of time, this life is just a blip and you are barely older than your child. Your child is his or her own person, born with a fully developed, but not-yet-realized personality, like a flower in the bud. You are only a steward and guide for a time. Your child’s astrology chart holds the key to helping you better understand your child’s deeper purpose and how to help them grow.

Unpacking your child’s natal chart can help make the early years count and help you experience parenting as a spiritual path. This leads to a more satisfying experience of parenting your child and a deeper bond when you are older and your child has reached adulthood. Having and utilizing the road map of your child’s personality quirks in the early part of their life can lead to a fulfilling and satisfying lifelong relationship with your child.

How To Find Out More About Your Child’s Astrology Chart:

If you’ve never seen your child’s chart, you can cast it yourself. If you’d like to ask detailed questions about your child’s temperament and best paths to success, love and happiness, a Star Child Reading is the best way to do that. And, if you want to delve even further into your family’s astrology, you might prefer the Family Soul Group Reading. In this reading you will learn how each parent and caretaker has a unique role in your child’s development.

Testimonial for the Child’s Astrology Reading (Star Child Reading) from Fran

I am a K-12 teacher and a passionate early childhood educator of 18 years and am aware of the life-long benefits in meticulously supporting a child’s development appropriately. As I observe my 4yo daughter’s unique personality emerge, I knew I was still in need of guidance from a different perspective on how to best parent her. Fran’s Star Child astrology reading greatly empowered me with tools and ideas. I gained a deeper understanding of my daughter and who she is and how I can most effectively support her in a most nurturing way.

The reading provided not only confirmation and clarity, but also profound new insights of my daughter’s colorful life path full of options that excites me as I explore all the fun ways we will grow together and help her live her optimal life. It’s truly fascinating to see the very beginning of how themes unfold in my daughter’s reality. And the role I play to lovingly assist her growth as she experiences the unique life she came here to live. It is true..there is a manual to parenthood! A Star Child astrology reading is tremendously helpful to me as a parent and educator!

-Normalynn A.

Testimonial for the Child’s Astrology Reading (Star Child Reading) from Jamie

I highly recommend parents have their child’s chart read to understand how to best parent them, as each is so very precious and unique. Jamie’s readings over the years have been valuable for me and spot on as a guidebook to my child’s personality and needs. The readings for my child included a birth chart/ family reading, which was incredibly helpful in understanding each parent’s role.

Jamie also wrote a beautiful fairy tale for my child based upon her chart that gave my daughter a strong sense of her mythic life journey at a young age.  This precious gift will be cherished all her life. A recent transit reading for my (now) teen was also helpful to offer me guidance for this quickly changing and growing young adult.

-Deborah D.

Find out more about the Seven S’s
and how they function
in your child’s chart
with a Star Child Reading.

If you want a more in-depth look at the dynamics in your family,
or you have more than one child, you might prefer
the Family Soul Group reading.

Or, try casting your child’s chart and analyzing it yourself.

Fran Xin Yi

Fran Xin Yi is an astrological researcher and writer. She has studied astrology for over a decade through a Jungian lens, and seeks to spark understanding by articulating complex inner dialogues through the symbolism of the planets. To book an astrology reading, email frances@pandoraastrology.com.

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