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Ceres Enters Capricorn, February 2024

By February 20, 2024Ceres, Signs: Capricorn

Ceres Enters Capricorn, February 2024:
Belief in Hard Work

Ceres, the patron goddess of plenty, security, and the physical world, enters Capricorn February 7, 2024. She will remain in Capricorn until December 7, 2024.

Ceres has been in Sagittarius (her sign of exaltation) since November. While in Sagittarius, Ceres is exalted because Sagittarian faith gives way to abundance and a sense of security in the universe. Those with Ceres in Sagittarius can tap into a feeling of well-being: that all will be provided for. Now, as Ceres enter Capricorn, we adjust to quite a different spin on Ceres’ themes.

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Ceres Enters Capricorn

Ceres enters the Cardinal Earth sign Capricorn on February 7, 2024. While Ceres in Sagittarius gave us faith in abundance, Ceres in Capricorn believes that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Ceres in Capricorn is naturally goal-oriented, and as a result denies herself of most other needs. Her tunnel vision focuses in on the things that need to be done. 

Ceres is the Earth Mother in you. She is first and foremost how you nurture yourself, and how you feel secure. In some ways, Ceres shares more in common with Cancer, the sign opposite Capricorn, as they both embody the mothering instinct. She is the goddess of the physical world, however, and at home in Taurus. In Taurus, Ceres luxuriates in physical sensations, feeling comfortable in her body, and happily eating foods that are wholesome and delicious.

Contrastingly, though Capricorn is an Earth Sign, Ceres in Capricorn tends more towards austerity than pleasure. Capricorn’s idea of pleasure is always in the distance, at the top of the next mountain peak, in the completion of a goal. So Ceres in Capricorn may be inclined to try difficult diets in order to lose weight, for example. Positively, Ceres in Capricorn is capable of doing what she needs to do in order to change lifestyle habits that are holding her back. With Ceres in Capricorn, you just want to make sure that you’re striking a balance.Ceres in Capricorn

Ceres in Capricorn: Saving for a Rainy Day

Ceres in Capricorn has a natural knack for saving for the future. While some signs can’t understand why you would want to put money away where it can’t be accessed, Ceres in Capricorn is willing to work hard for future security. In fact, she is willing to defer short-term gratification in service of a better security in the future. The truth is, Ceres in Capricorn is building. She knows that success will pay off, eventually.

When Ceres is in Capricorn, it’s an excellent time to put money towards your own savings. You may find that business in general is slower, as people tighten their belts. Saturn rules Capricorn, and can indicate a feeling of scarcity. At its worse, Ceres in Capricorn operates by fear: fear that there will never be enough, that security will never be reached.

There is truth in that idea: nothing is truly secure. Nothing lasts forever. We could die tomorrow. Perhaps, when (if) Ceres in Capricorn’s need for security crosses over into bottomless fear, you can remind yourself of that fact, and relinquish a little control. Enjoy some of the bread in the present. Live a little now.

Ceres in Capricorn: The Best of the Best

Of course, Ceres in Capricorn does know how to enjoy the finest things in life. It may just take a while to get there. Capricorn is known for having expensive, discerning taste. Ceres in Capricorn doesn’t want just any car; she wants a car that conveys status. She wants a car that not everyone else can have. 

Therefore, Ceres in Capricorn is willing to delay gratification in order to cash in on things that are worth the wait. Use this patient, hardworking energy to build your wealth, but remember to accept things that come easily, too. Ceres in Capricorn may not value what comes easily, with a core belief that everything truly worth having comes by way of sweat and blood.

Ceres in Capricorn: Body as Machine

Ceres in Capricorn is prone to eating less, and viewing her body as a way to get from point A to point B. To her, needs are nuisances that she needs to suppress in order to keep moving forward. Perhaps, if you find yourself taking this attitude, you could try having a more proactive approach to taking care of your body. Keeping it healthy on a holistic level rather than running it into the ground, and only fixing it after it’s broken.

In order to achieve more of a sense of self-nurturing, Ceres can take a leaf out of Taurus’ book. Taurus enjoys the feeling of being in her body, and can achieve a high amount of presence this way. Ceres can also take a leaf out of Cancer’s book, and honor her needs sensitively, attending to them with loving attention, rather than pushing them aside. Introducing some of these contrasting energies can help Ceres in Capricorn balance out some of her natural masochism.

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Fran Xin Yi

Fran Xin Yi is an astrological researcher and writer. She has studied astrology for over a decade through a Jungian lens, and seeks to spark understanding by articulating complex inner dialogues through the symbolism of the planets. To book an astrology reading, email frances@pandoraastrology.com.

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