My Personal Year Set of 12 MP3s


How do you discover yourself and become more you?
How do you individuate and self-actualize?
How do you develop more self-confidence and healthy pride?
The Sun in your chart tells you how.

Your Sun sign and your birth date itself are important clues to a yearly rhythm that can give you a sense of the timing of your life, letting you know when to act and when to wait, when to develop and when to launch. Understanding the seasons of your Personal Year’s rhythm can lead to a natural sense of right timing that leaves you feeling a greater sense of sovereignty in your life.

These Personal Year recordings discuss each Sun sign in depth and give you the Personal Year model which explains the flow of your year from birthday to birthday—something which you may have always understood instinctively, but never been able to explain in such detail. This information is useful every year of your life.

This set of 12 includes audio recordings for all 12 Sun signs. After purchase, feel free to give (not sell) them to anyone you wish.