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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio
October 31 to November 20, 2019
from 27º to 11º Scorpio


The Cycle of Mercury

What does it mean?

Mercury in Scorpio can test you in the deepest regions of intimacy, whether the intimacy in question is emotional, sexual or financial. Emotional intimacy can be deepened by truth-telling and even more so by truth-hearing but beware of possibly treacherous waters ahead—if you ask for the truth from your partner, you’d better be ready for whatever they have to say. This transit can reveal fatal flaws in a relationship. Sexual intimacy can also deepen or die during this transit but if you come to the conversation with genuine love and compassion, ready and willing to really understand your partner, you’ll have set the tone for positive changes.

Beware of the lure of research during this Mercury retrograde period. It’s possible to get caught up in ferreting out information to the point of obsession. They say “the truth can set you free” and this transit was tailor-made to reveal information previously hidden or opaque that brings clarity—and if your relationship ends, at least you are free to pursue something better. That may not sound very comforting, but really, there’s no transit like this one for getting you out of a bad relationship—which might not come clear until months, or even years, later.

This transit is a great time for a sit-down, all-in, no-holds-barred honest conversation with your partner (either spouse or business partner) about shared finances. It’s time to revisit how you and your partner run money through the system that you are together, and to tighten up the ship so that you can be strong in your alliance and money doesn’t have to get between you. If you’ve been keeping financial secrets you’d better find a way to reveal them before Mercury does it for you, casting you in the worst possible light. Time to man up.

If you have any of these kinds of conversations during Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, keep it kind. Accusations and blame will only intensify the problem. Practice a healthy vulnerability and aim for less entanglement in the future. Bring warmth, affection and a gentle curiosity to the conversation and intend that all genuine needs will be met.

Watch the two videos below for more about this Mercury retrograde period and how to handle it.

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