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What People Are Saying About New York Astrologer Fran Xin Yi

I just recently had a reading with Fran Xin Yi and found her guidance extremely helpful in getting ‘unstuck’ so I can more easily and confidently move into the next phase in my life. Thank you, Fran!

~Joann F. (from her Yelp page)

I had a wonderful reading with Fran. This is my second reading done by the Pandora Astrology team and I’m grateful for the insights I received during my session.

~Hina K. (from their Google Review)

I learned a lot from Fran Xin about my upcoming transits during a recent solar return reading. As an intermediate student of astrology, I really value Fran Xin’s insight reflecting her many years of esoteric and psychological study into the mysteries of the natal chart. It can be somewhat awkward to communicate over Zoom, so I also appreciated Fran Xin’s patience helping this ole Gen Xer deal with tech and her ability to transport herself into the room so to speak. The time difference worked in our favor as I really appreciated that early 7 am appointment slot.


I am a K-12 teacher and a passionate early childhood educator of 18 years and am aware of the life-long benefits in meticulously supporting a child’s development appropriately. As I observe my 4yo daughter’s unique personality emerge, I knew I was still in need of guidance from a different perspective on how to best parent her. I needed parenting tips from a higher intelligent system and Fran’s Star Child astrology reading greatly empowered me with the tools and ideas as I gained a deeper understanding of my daughter and who she is and how I can most effectively support her in a most nurturing way.

The reading provided not only confirmation and clarity, but also profound new insights of my daughter’s colorful life path full of options that excites me as I explore all the fun ways we will grow together and help her live her optimal life. It’s truly fascinating to see the very beginning of how themes unfold in my daughter’s reality and the role I play to lovingly assist her growth as she experiences the unique life she came here to live. It is true..there is a manual to parenthood! A Star Child astrology reading is tremendously helpful to me as a parent and educator!

-Normalynn A.

Fran is a highly insightful astrologer. What I most appreciated about Fran was that she stayed focused on the areas that were relevant to me. She was in tune with what I was needing to hear. She listens well and communicates clearly. Even though I have had many astrology readings over the years, she was still able to share some fresh and insightful takes on my natal chart that really resonated with me. She has given me a lot to ponder.

-Eric C.

I had a phenomenal astrological reading today with Fran Xin Yi. She was thoroughly prepared, articulate, precise and tremendously knowledgeable. I was so impressed that I plan to schedule an additional reading within the month to delve deeper into particular areas. Really outstanding!

-Holly H.

I had a recent reading with Fran focusing on my cart with my career and it was a great insight that brought me a lot of clarity. Fran also gave great advice how to utilize my astrological strengths for the best outcome.

-Stacey T.

I had been debating whether to have a reading done but ultimately I opted to do it. It turned out to be the right decision. I am so happy I connected with Fran. Based on information from my natal chart and Saturn return, Fran was able address questions I’ve been having for while about big things in my life. I am really grateful for insight and guidance! Thank you!

-Julieta F.

Fran Xin Yi is a new practitioner at Pandora and a very good reader! I recently had a transit reading from her…she began with a personality over view…”this person is like this” …I enjoyed the neutrality of that presentation. She has a great use of metaphoric language that I really enjoyed…her descriptions gave a new flavor to some things I had heard about before. As always, I learned relational things to consider using the language of astrology. Studying the transit information makes so much sense against events which have occurred and add an emphasis for future patterns. I even found a metaphoric image in the reading that fit with my current experiences to hold as the year progresses. I was very happy with Fran’s interpretation of my chart and its messages, and look forward to a further deep dive on a specific interest I had. Great Reading!!

-Suzanne W.

I so enjoyed my reading with Fran Xin Yi and Jamie! I asked some pretty challenging questions about relocating, and they were able to help me discern the nuances and type of lifestyle I might have in the various places that I had chosen based on my natal chart. It was SO informative, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

Also, Fran and Jamie both pointed out some very interesting transits coming up, and Fran elaborated on some of the challenges and opportunities coming up for the next year or two. She also went over some of the transit that have occurred in the recent past, or started earlier, but are still occurring. That was very helpful in sussing out some of the interpersonal struggles I have had as of late.

-Lisa F.

My relocation reading with Fran was illuminating. I gave her two locations that I’m considering relocating to, and not only did she cover both of them in depth, but she also had a bunch of insights into my natal chart and transits as well. She gave me a balanced picture of what positives and negatives I might encounter in either location, and how my natal characteristics could shine in different ways depending on which location I choose.

It felt like taking a peek into a window to my potential future life, and I left the reading feeling excited about my options and empowered to make the right decisions for myself. We talked about some aspects of my birth chart that I was already familiar with, but Fran described them in language that really helped things crystalize for me, giving me a clearer picture of my core qualities and what I bring to the table wherever I am in the world, or what I do in my career, relationships, and even how I approach my physical health and wellbeing.

Overall, I found so much value in what she had to say. I really enjoyed her calm, thoughtful vibe and the way she made the reading feel like a two-way conversation where I was an active participant. I’ve already scheduled another reading with her so we can dig deeper into some of the things we covered during our session. I highly recommend booking a relocation reading, even if you’re just daydreaming about what life might be like in a new place—I learned so much more than I expected to! 10/10, Fran is great.

~ Julia P.

Thank you Fran. You’re on your way to being one of the world’s best astrologers! Thank you again.

~ Maria G.

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