Intermediate/Beginning Astrology Classes
January 2023

"Jamie is a powerhouse of information yet completely accessible, compassionate and understanding. It can be hard to gain this knowledge from an actual professional -- to study with Jamie in person is an opportunity to not be missed!”


Transits, Your Chart
and the Year Ahead:

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Time: Sundays, January 8, 2023 to February 9, 2023 at 11:00 AM Pacific / 2:00 PM Eastern / 8:00 PM CET

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"Jamie’s comprehensive knowledge, ready wit and willingness to highlight the finest qualities in each chart and identify the appropriate cures for the challenges make her an exceptionally gifted and supportive teacher. She brings transits down to earth with techniques that are easy to understand and apply."


Class Description:

Transits are the key to predicting your own future and in this 7-session class you’ll discover everything you need to face your future with confidence. You will:

  • Learn how to predict what’s coming for you in the long- and short-term
  • Discover the plot structure of transits
  • Find out what it means when a transiting planet is retrograde
  • Understand where you are now in the context of the human life cycle
  • Find out where you are in your personal “planetary eras”
  • Learn how to find the most pertinent information in a return chart
  • Discover how to take charge of even the most difficult transits and emerge a winner

Yes! I want to map my future!

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View The Session Topics Here

  • Session 1: Planetary Eras (Planets Transiting Your Houses)
  • Session 2: The Astrological Life Cycle & Where You Are In It
  • Session 3: Transits To Planets, Their Precise Timing & Meaning
  • Session 4: Retrograde, Eclipses and Trigger Planets
  • Session 5: Solar Return Birthday Charts and Relocating Them
  • Session 6: Progressions: Your Developmental Unfolding
  • Session 7: Researching Big Events, Finding What They Mean

Asteroid Goddesses,
Karma and Destiny:

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Time: Mondays, January 23, 2023 to March 6, 2023 at 5:00 PM Pacific time / 8:00 PM Eastern time

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"She speaks with truth, clarity, and power, drawing from archetypal psychology and a lifetime of astrological and personal insight. I especially love how she incorporates the asteroid goddesses, a vital concept that many astrologers ignore and without which the natal chart feels imbalanced and empty."


Class Description:

Have you encountered the asteroid goddesses and wondered:

  • What does Ceres in your chart tell you about how to build wealth?
  • What clues does Juno hold about your marriage type?
  • What does Chiron say about how to heal your core wounding?
  • What does warrior woman and wise woman Pallas Athene mean in your chart?
  • How can you utilize Vesta’s focusing abilities—and heal sexual shame?
  • And what do the mysterious and karmic Nodes of the Moon have to say about your purpose and evolutionary path in this lifetime?

Discover these magnificent archetypes within you…

Yes! I want to discover my destiny!

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View The Session Topics Here

  • Session 1: Chiron the Wounded Healer and Shaman
  • Session 2: Ceres the Earth Mother (Food, Body, Money)
  • Session 3: Pallas-Athene, Warrior Woman and Wise Woman
  • Session 4: Juno, Matriarch, Matchmaker and Goddess of Marriage
  • Session 5: Vesta the Temple Priestess and Sexual Healer
  • Session 6: The Moon’s Nodes and Your Destiny