Why See Jamie?

What People Are Saying About Jamie Kahl and Pandora Astrology

(Some of the following reviews were posted on Yelp, but because of Yelp’s policies, are not visible on Pandora Astrology’s Yelp page.  They are, however, visible on the reviewer’s pages, so I’ve linked to those here.)

Jamie is simply the best! She gave me insight about myself that I had not realized before. Jamie gave very clear explanations about my astrology chart and was bang on about who I am, my life, and struggles. I would recommend getting a reading from Jamie. She will make sense out of who you are and your life path. She also has insight on how to help deal with issues that we all come across in life! Jamie was extremely helpful with her reading and what to expect with upcoming transients.

Glenn M (from his Yelp page)

I just went to Jamie for my second birthday session and left feeling very grounded and clear. She really understands the inner workings of her profession. It all really is another language to me, and she helps move through your charts with a combination of explanations and color pens drawing visuals. In addition, the whole thing is recorded! So, you can listen again with your loved ones later to understand it all later with some perspective.

Cedre C (from her Yelp page)

I recently had natal and transit charts done, and was so impressed with the quality of Jamie’s work, her clear intelligence, and her compassionate understanding of life. She spoke so easily about the details of my charts, but with such depth of knowledge. She listened carefully to my questions and needs prior to our session, and focused her work to address them specifically. I highly recommend Jamie for both her professional expertise and her kind and caring manner.  

BT (from her Yelp page)

I’ve actually never really been into astrology, or even looked into it much before my reading, but when I received a gift certificate for an astrology reading from Jamie my interest was piqued. And Jamie did not disappoint! Far from it, the reading was very insightful, clearly well prepared for (on her part, I mean), and her demeanor was very professional yet friendly. Actually, I was sort of worried she would ask a bunch of personal questions, but she did not and clearly had no intention of doing so. Moreover, she was very willing to answer any and all of my questions regarding my chart and her reading of it, yet also filled the gap and did an excellent job of explaining even when I did not ask any questions. So, whether you are full of questions or just want to hear a reading, I would highly recommend Jamie.

Sam G (from his Yelp page)


This was my first astrology reading ever, although I have experienced a variety of other types of readings–from Tarot to 52-card deck.  I really enjoyed Jamie’s thorough overview of how astrology works so that I can guide myself in the future in certain aspects of my life.  We did a 3 part reading where we looked at my natal chart, my ex’s natal chart, and a transit chart to see how the whole relationship fit together in the course of my life.  I am currently going through a huge transition in the relationship category of my life so most of my questions revolved around this topic.  Jamie helped me piece together why I do the things I do, as well as why my ex has his specific characteristics and habits… Read more on Isabella’s Yelp page.

Isabella Z (from her Yelp page)


Jamie came highly recommended and it’s clear why. She’s a professional, talented,  caring astrologer and I am really pleased with my reading.

Having had my chart done before, I had a general idea of what to expect.

Jamie has a solid understanding of the components, the relationships and influences that charts contain and the ability to connect the pieces and explain it all to you. Interpreting the interconnections is key because there is so much depth to it. It seems like more the art of astrology than practice. The details presented were impressive both in volume and topic. Information is power and being prepared gives us an advantage. Or at least helps out.

She’s a true professional providing useful information is an easy to understand way.  From a key of symbols and general info to easy to follow color coded charts, you leave with a lot of information. Jamie even records the sessions for you. Being able to re-listen to the information has been really helpful. Focusing on our strengths can make the journey easier and there’s a lot of info available. I’ll be back for regular updates.

Kitty A. (from her Yelp page)

* * * * *

I wasn’t sure when I went to Jamie but as a recommendation from my mother I decide to go….I am sure happy I did and very pleased with my reading and how well Jamie explained it to me and how it all applied to myself. I now am curious to see if I can influence the stars and my own destiny…I hope to have my wife and other loved ones enjoy their own natal chart reading. Thank you again Jamie

Derrick O. (from his Yelp page)

* * * * *

I have never done an Astrology reading before and after reading the reviews for Jamie I decided to try it out.  Since I have never had an astrology reading done before, Jamie recommended a Natal/Transit reading.  She has additional readings she does, all of which are described on her website.

To prepare for the reading, I provided my name, birth date, birth place, and birth time a few days prior.  On the day of my session she began by giving me an overview of astrology (symbols, meanings, etc) and then delved deeper into my personality, challenges, needs and life purpose.  The entire session is recorded and she provides a natal chart, a transit chart as well as a sort of cheat sheet so you can understand what the different symbols mean.

I found Jamie to be friendly and informative.  At the beginning she says that this is not like reading your horoscope in the paper and she is absolutely right.  This was better, because it’s specific to you and you are a blend of different elements.   My reading blew me away, I even got a little choked up towards the end.  I kept nodding my head every few minutes because some of the information provided was like a confirmation of why I do some of the things I do.  It was also like an answer to questions about my personality I didn’t even know I had.  She even recommended books for me to read based on my life’s purpose (and no these were not books that she has written or sells).

Jamie gives you the option of emailing her questions/topics that you would like to review prior to your reading.  I, however, did not know what to expect so I gave general topics to review and when I had questions we reviewed them at that time.   I’ll admit I was also a little skeptical and didn’t want to give away a lot of information prior, but this is NOT a psychic reading so if you have a question you want answered then let her know up front.  There was so much to cover that I am actually going back next week to delve a little deeper; so if you plan to only try an astrology reading once I recommend that you figure out the questions you want to review beforehand so that it is discussed in the reading because 90 minutes may seem like a long time, but my session was done before I knew it.

If you’ve never had this type of reading before, I highly recommend Jamie (in fact I’ve already recommended her to a friend), you will not be disappointed.

R.C. (from his Yelp page)

* * * * *

Jamie is professional and highly skilled at creating and interpreting charts.

If you don’t believe astrology is ‘work’ and scientific, I dare you to take an astrology chart class.  The mathematics along with the necessary depth of interpretation and understanding the endless influences mean a good astrologer must be both linear in their thinking (connect the dots) and an artist as well: Jamie is definitely both.

I have worked with several top astrologers over the decades and Jamie is among the best…you will be happy you chose her!

Robin L. (from her Yelp page)

* * * * *

“Jamie (Pandora Astrology) is the true essence of beautiful inside and out. Spending time with Jamie has brought so much clarity to my life on many levels. She provides so much more than a detailed chart reading (which alone is more than worth it). Jamie has a unique ability to take a huge amount of information and cater it to what most applies in your life. Through insightful examples and explanations she ensures that you leave with a feeling of clear understanding and direction. Her readings are absolutely one of the best things I do for my personal happiness and sense of belonging in this sometimes chaotic world.”

Amanda W. (from her Yelp page)

* * * * *

I wasn’t sure when I went to Jamie but as a recommendation from my mother I decide to go….I am sure happy I did and very pleased with my reading and how well Jamie explained it to me and how it all applied to myself. I now am curious to see if I can influence the stars and my own destiny…I hope to have my wife and other loved ones enjoy their own natal chart reading. Thank you again Jamie.

Derrick O. (from his Yelp page)

* * * * *

Jamie is a very insightful and caring person.  She brings far more to the table than just a chart or a reading.  She is one of those people who makes sure you leave with more than  you came for and provides more than the sum of the parts.  I have seen her quite a few times over the past 5 years.

I’ve found my sessions with her to be fun, meaningful and helpful to achieving my goals in life.  It is enlightening to discover how the astrological environment coincides with my life and the world as a whole.

Thank you Jamie!

Dan S. (from his Yelp page)

* * * * *

Jamie is an AMAZING astrologer and will be my personal astrologer from now on. I have some knowledge of astrology and have done my chart several times, but I really needed some guidance – an impersonal  look as to what transits are coming up in my life. Jamie gave me a very clear but in depth reading that renewed my confidence…even going as far as as to how other planetary bodies influence me ( Juno, Vesta, Chiron)!  Whereas most astrology is terribly afraid of Saturn and usually pronounce doomand gloom, she was the first one to show me the gifts that Saturn provides and gave me the faith and confidence to look to the future!

Call her…I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Anthony W. (from his Yelp page)

* * * * *

Jamie’s reading was accurate and in-depth, keying in on the most relevant current themes in my life and expressing insights in down-to-earth language. I know a  lot of astrology myself, so I was able to see how she was coming up with her insights, and I was very impressed. She knows how to read the symbols in a very coherent and specific way, making it meaningful and useful to me.

I was also very impressed with her warm manner and excellent sense of humor. It was truly a joy to get the reading from Jamie and I appreciate having the recording to refer back to. I recommend Jamie without hesitation.

Erica P. (from her Yelp page)

* * * * *

I am going through my Saturn Return and was looking for an astrologer.  So what else do I do than ask my clients and friends.  I had 2 people recommend Jamie so that was easy and called and made appointment with her and she was very quick at a response and keeping you informed about your appointment.  

It was great going to see her and really getting an insight on yourself and realizing how it all makes sense and is very good at explaining and not going over my head.  After that visit I returned and talked about my next career move.

Nicole B. (from her Yelp page)

* * * * *

I first met Jamie Miller at a networking event when she was discussing Saturn returns…especially the 7 year time periods which continue to influence us…and suddenly, my quandries of the moment had a context that made sense to me for the first time!

I decided to have my first reading with her to examine the Saturn idea in-depth.  Jamie was very well prepared for the reading and recorded the session and sent it to me along with some hand outs she had prepared.  I listened to her report several months later and found that she had answered a question I was pondering in the reading…miraculous!

Recently, I went back to see Jamie for a transitional chart reading for my birthday.  Again, she was very prepared, insightful and compassionate.  Jamie really knows her subject and I found that she was very in tune with me and how to share her findings so that I may understand them.

Jamie also has a monthly telephone class and an astrology update that I very much enjoy.

If you are considering investing in yourself discovery by getting your chart read, I highly recommend Jamie’s work.  She will show you some things that I’ve not come across in any of the books I’ve ever looked at that have proved to be extremely helpful to me!

Suzanne W. (from her Yelp page)

* * * * *

There are many Astrologers out there especially since we have access to many more via the web. I did a lot of research before i made the decision to choose Jamie and after listening to a wonderful teleclass on relationships, i knew i had found the intuitive and connected female Astrologer i was seeking. Despite living on the other side of the world, having a consultation over the internet was an easy process & i would highly recommend anyone outside of the States to consider a reading with Jamie.

I found Jamie to be warm, personable and intuitive and along with her excellent skills, i could not fault the accuracy of my entire reading after listening back to the recordings that were simple & easy to download after. I was amazed at how much stuff we also covered in 90 mins and Jamie explained everything really well & was very thorough. I am thrilled with my reading and found it extremely insightful & have a follow up consultation already booked!

I truly wished i had found Jamie 20 years ago as for the first time in my 50 years i feel i have a much better understanding of my struggles and conflicts and can now meaningfully start on a process of acceptance & with Jamie’s guidance how i can begin to move forward with lots of challenging issues. Thank you Jamie.

Rowen W. (from her Yelp page)

* * * * *

In my fifth reading with Jamie at Pandora Astrology, once again she nails it on the head with accuracy and gentle force that one cannot simply ignore. I so appreciate the words of wisdom during transitions of life. There is a sense of peace that having your chart read brings. Jamie is not only technically gifted, she interprets the planets that actually have meaning and meat! There is no fluffy, gooey BS being served.

Email or call Jamie if you truly want to know what’s what.

Elaine N. (from her Yelp page)

* * * * *

 Jamie is AMAZING! It was my first time having my chart read and she made it so easy for me to understand. After the reading, I became very interested in Astrology. It explained so much about my personality! Can’t wait for another reading!

Kameron D. (from his Yelp page)

* * * * *

Jamie is my  consulting Astrologer.  I get a natal reading when i have a challenging year ahead or when i am feeling i need some perspective.  I have gotten natal readings and relationship readings from her.  This year I wanted input on a major career change.  jamie is professional and amazingly good at interpreting the charts.   she is able to personalize her readings  so  that i understand and feel i can move forward seeing the big picture more clearly.  I  I have been using her services for 5 years.

Sophie O. (from her Yelp page)

* * * * *

“Know Thyself” was written above the entrance to the Delphic Oracle. When I visit Jamie for a reading, I am entering The Oracle’s cave. I leave with a greater understanding of who I am and how to manage my life with more ease

I highly recommend Jamie’s intuitive and insightful astrology readings. Her skills go far beyond a normal birth chart, and include transit advice as to when to look at various areas more critically to maximize the situation (career, money, relationship, parenting, important life markers).  She also offers insightful reflection on past situations for growth opportunities. She plays the role of counselor well and can communicate the macro and micro picture.

I have had numerous readings with Jamie since 2008, which started with my birth chart and blew me away as though she were reading my soul.  I’ve gone back periodically for important transit readings, as well as had a relationship reading and several readings for my child.

I highly recommend parents have their child’s chart read to understand how to best parent them, as each is so very precious and unique. Her readings over the years have been valuable for me and spot on as a guidebook to my child’s personality and needs. The readings for my child included a birth chart/ family reading, which was incredibly helpful in understanding each parent’s role. Jamie also wrote a beautiful fairy tale for my child based upon her chart that gave my daughter a strong sense of her mythic life journey at a young age.  This precious gift will be cherished all her life. A recent transit reading for my (now) teen was also helpful to offer me guidance for this quickly changing and growing young adult.

Jamie records each session and gives hand-outs of the chart and transits. She also does phone readings with chart shares over the internet equally well. These are things I keep referring to over the years for insight and understanding. She also offers free teleclasses and writes a great blog each month that I refer to as well.

Deborah D. (from her Yelp page)

* * * * *

Outstanding astrology reading! I have seen several astrologers over the years but none compare to Jamie.  She is the consummate professional  – extremely knowledgeable, prepared, thorough, and an excellent communicator.  Moreover, Jamie obviously loves her profession which makes her both interested and interesting.

When Jamie read my chart – which includes a synopsis of the elements, the signature sign, Chiron and asteroids -, I was amazed by the details and nuances that I’d never heard before. Everything Jamie related was certainly on the mark which is even more astonishing as she did not ask questions pertaining to my life  before explaining my chart.  Clearly, my life was right there before her in that chart and she deciphered it beautifully.  

I especially appreciate receiving the handouts in addition to my chart – summary of the planets, houses, signs, aspects in addition to the flow of various transits. I’ve already made a return appointment to explore more .. navigating my life’s path has become a lot easier with Jamie’s guidance.

Carrie M. (from her Yelp page)

* * * * *

Jamie is great. I purchased a natal reading for myself for my 28th birthday, partially because I have always wanted a professional reading and partly because I knew my Saturn return was/is fast approaching and I wanted some guidance and insight regarding this transit. We corresponded before the reading and she asked me if I had any specific questions or issues that I wanted to talk about, which I did. Jamie did a great job of addressing my specific questions as well as giving me a thorough overview of my natal chart. It was so great in fact that I made another appointment at the end of our session to come back and delve more into my chart an also go over current transits that are happening for me. This reading was equally illuminating and thorough. I really appreciate also that Jamie sends an audio recording of the readings, separated in tracks by the various topics being discussed, quickly and safely using Dropbox. I have re-listened to both of my readings several times and each time something new sticks out to me that previously my mind had glossed over. It will be really neat to listen to this in 5-10 years and see how I am living out my astrological potential!
Jamie is warm, professional and really seems to do what she does because she is both passionate about it and because she really wants to serve and help people.
Highly recommended!

Virginia V. (from her Yelp page)

* * * * *

Jamie is really great at what she does…her reading are not only well thought out and filled with lots of experience, she also is incredibly present and the experience is one of creation, rather than dictation… a real pro

David L. (from his Yelp page)

* * * * *

I had a wonderful reading with Jamie. Everything she told me about my chart described who I am, even stuff I probably wasn’t aware of about myself. She was clearly prepared for the reading with her notes, copies of the chart, and the recording. At one point during the reading, I thought she had forgotten to hit record but I needn’t have worried. She’s thorough and explained things in simple and easy to understand terms.

Thanks, Jamie. Looking forward to getting a reading from you again sometime in the future. 🙂

Jaymie O. (from his Yelp page)

* * * * *

Jamie continues to offer clear and relevant advice through personal sessions (I’ve had 2 with her since 2011) and free tele-classes.  Perhaps like you, I strive to live out the most authentic, energetic and inspired life possible.  With that intent, I’ve turned to many different methods of guidance, and first with astrology in 2005.  Since becoming a professional in Berkeley in 2009, I’ve had access to many lessons and practices for self-realization (there’s no shortage here!).  I’ve been helped by Jamie’s very effective way of communicating the challenges and opportunities that she accesses in my natal chart.  I recommend her work for those curious people who want to live out their life’s purpose beautifully.

Johanna L. (from her Yelp page)

* * * * *

Astrology is the universe’s best kept secret, and to get a reading from a true professional bypasses the superstitious, fortune telling flim flam of stock blurbs found on the internet or in sensational, New Age literature. Jamie is a master at interpreting the sacred geometry behind a natal chart, and spends some time explaining how she arrives at her conclusions to empower your ability to read it as well. Her service is direct and efficient. You leave the session with a recording of your chart as well as other visual diagrams that inform you of concrete dates and effects of cosmic phenomenon that either have, and will influence your life. Highly recommended.

Julia M. (from her Yelp page)

* * * * *

Jamie gave me a wonderful reading. She was clearly highly prepared, and had much more to talk about than we had time for.  Her service comes with an mp3 recording, which is a wonderful feature–she covers so much ground, and in so much detail, it really is necessary! 

Jamie had a very clear and practical manner of explaining astrology, and showed me how my natal chart could influence my day to day life. She used specific analogies and examples that really opened my eyes. I especially enjoyed that she addressed the conflicts in my chart, and showed me ways to grow and work through them. Not only did she have lots to say, but she communicated very freely and worked closely with me to give me a reading tailored to my interests. Finally, she was very welcoming and knowledgable, so that I felt equally relaxed and wowed by her expertise!

Bella B. (from her Yelp page)

*  *  *  *  *

I began working with Jamie a few years ago. I stumbled upon her website while “astro-surfing” the web. I really liked her website and its content. I decided to take her tele-class “My Personal Year” for my birthday month and was so excited by the content of the class that I signed up for her “Chart Analysis Techniques” 12-class series. Again, beyond impressed, I also joined her “Cosmic Companions” 12-class series. 

I had been studying Astrology on my own for over ten years and have been absolutely ecstatic to have a teacher and peers to share this journey of self-inquiry. These classes were jam-packed with information and involved group discussions of sharing and learning. A week before class, we received MP3’s and PDF’s of the class materials to review and the day of the class we connected via teleconference call and web screen-sharing. During each class, we went over every student’s charts and discussed the topics widely and thoroughly. I now have a huge binder of Astrology resources compiled from the 24 classes I took. I also have audio files that I can listen to at any time. The classes were well worth the money and the time:)

I was so very impressed by how well-organized and professional Jamie was. The classes were FUN and inspiring! If you get a chance, definitely take some classes with her because you will learn about yourself and also others by your interactions with the other students. You will be happy you did! I also have had several personal readings from Jamie, which included solar returns, transits, natal reading and relationship analysis. I also recommend a personal reading as you will come out more self-aware and have new tools to be a better you. I have learned so much from Jamie and I will continue to study with her. She is awesome.

Karen Joy S. (from her Yelp page)
*  *  *  *  *

The reading with Jamie was eye-opening to me in many ways.  I am a “Libra” by birthday, and though I had several qualities of a Libra, I never quite felt like Libra was my home.  After my reading with Jamie I discovered that was because I had a lot of another sign in me, in fact, that other sign was my “signature sign”.  That put a lot of things into perspective.

We also did a transit reading, what I now understand to be a “this moment in time”.  That was actually the most interesting part of the reading for me: Reaffirmed that the Universe was giving me exactly what I was asking for, though it was tumultuous.

I wanted a reading with someone who gave me the facts of my chart, not stories and too many far-fetched interpretations.  Jamie did just that.  She also included four feminine aspects to the chart that are not included in traditional readings.  That was a refreshing part of the reading as they affected an important area of my life and helped me see why it felt like I was being pulled in two directions simultaneously.

The only thing I would have liked to have been different is that we spent a lot of time going through different aspects of the charts and what was what in it.  A lot of that was general to charts and houses and signs, and not specific to me and my chart.  I would have preferred if she had a video/audio tutorial that I could have listened to prior to the reading and used that time to get into more details in my chart.

One last thing, I found Jamie to be very generous.  I discovered that the birth time I had given her was almost 8 minutes off, and it did change my chart (slightly).  She redid my chart and emailed it to me and assured me of the relevance of the things we had discussed.  I appreciated that very much.

The astro chart helped me see how I was wired to be the way I was (to some extent), and it was fun to explore.  Jamie was an able and thorough guide on the adventure.  I am glad I had my reading with her.

Meghna B. (from her Yelp page)

*  *  *  *  *

For a little over a year, I have wanted to have my Natal Chart read.  Other than the topic being fascinating, I struggled with on-going depression and feeling very lost and not following my true path in my life.  Even though these feelings are common and normal for most people; wanting direction and guidance, I really had the goal of discovering what my life purpose is in this lifetime and I wanted to get clarity about love and relationships.

Coming to meet with Jamie was extremely informative. After listening to the tracks conveniently sent to me via Dropbox of our two sessions, I have stopped to further look into facts that I have learned about myself through Jamie.  For example: learning that my Signature sign, Rising Sign, and North Node are all in Leo, just validated and confirmed the needs and yearning that I have had in me to “perform.”  I have insight to what I was meant to do; why I am here.  I am much more than just a Taurus.  I have learned different aspects and understandings of my nature, my mother/parenting style, and possibly how the world perceives me.

I know that revisiting and listening to our session recordings will bring new points for me to look at in understanding myself.  I see myself as more than just one zodiac sign.  I was viewing myself and embracing my Sun sign, BUT I am open and really resonating with my Rising sign and received clarity from Jamie about following my North Node: life purpose.  

Since we are all complex beings, I understand the many facets in other signs that influence me but the validation I received about my life purpose really called out to me and I feel BETTER about my desires to “be childlike, be creative, perform” and I feel lighter and that I was MEANT to be those things.

I learned that there is just so much information about ourselves in our individual Natal Charts and that further readings can give us on-going clarity and guidance in different areas of our lives.

Our second meeting was regarding Love and Relationships.  I learned about my tendencies in the partners I have chosen and where to literally draw the line between: bad boy vs. good man. (Jamie had me write out characteristics that I may perceive as “good man” but have slipped into “bad boy” thinking that who I had as a partner would have met my needs.)  I know that the topic of Love and Relationships can be taken even further with future readings.  

I recommend that one person open to this idea of Natal Chart reading meet with Jamie a minimum of 2 times. With the recordings I do have, it is just A LOT of really good information to take in, and there’s so much more to learn about ourselves and how to better ourselves. I did get several and expect to have more “Ah ha!” moments from meeting with Jamie.

Hazel H. (from her Yelp page)

*  *  *  *  *

On Father’s Day this year, my daughter, Sarah, gave me a very unusual and interesting gift.  She wanted me to have a reading of my life done by a psychic, palm reader or astrologer – my choice. I don’t know anyone who does these kinds of readings, so I began asking around for recommendations from people I respected as having good judgment, and decided on an astrological reading by Jamie Kahl of Pandora Astrology. I contacted Jamie, made an appointment, hunted up my time of birth from my birth certificate and honestly had no idea of what to expect.

The day for my reading arrived.  I went to Jamie’s home office and for the next hour and a half was absolutely amazed and overwhelmed.

What I found so amazing was that she absolutely, insightfully described my personality, my strengths and my struggles and helped me to understand myself and my life more deeply, this after not knowing me at all. She picked out three dates that she said were points in my life where significant things likely took place, and again they were spot-on accurate. Each corresponded with a very major change in direction that has taken place for me.

I left the reading feeling astounded at what I had just experienced. I had never really taken astrology seriously – occasionally reading my horoscope in the newspaper but dismissing it as being about as meaningful as a fortune cookie. Since the reading, I have done some research into the history and origins of astrology and have found it fascinating. There is so much in life to learn and be amazed by. The other night, I looked up at the stars and planets in the night sky and felt surprisingly connected in a new and comforting way.  Jamie recorded the reading so I have been able to listen to it several times and continue to be astonished.

-Norman L.

*  *  *  *  *

I recently had two sessions with Jamie and I have really enjoyed learning more about Astrology and about myself through the charts and transits she prepared for me

She was able to gauge my level of experience and interest well and we could connect on the information on deeper level based on my experience with archetypes and Jungian psychology. Jamie was patient with my questions and it was clear a lot of thought and experience has gone into her working with Astrology.

I believe I have added to my insight and understanding of myself through my time with Jamie and I look forward to checking in with her again in the future as important life events come up for me.

– Joe Z. (from his Yelp page)

*  *  *  *  *

I came to Jamie for a reading since I’ve never been to an astrologer before. I’ve seen a few psychics, but none have even come close to giving me the true hard facts as she did.

I have to say that my reading with Jamie was truly insightful. I really enjoyed the fact that she articulated everything to make things a lot easier for me and recorded the whole thing as well.

As for my general reading, she mostly focused on my traits and the reason I am the way that I am. Then we worked our way into my career and then we talked about the past year.

I really enjoyed the reading. Enjoy!

– Stephanie C. (from her Yelp page)

*  *  *  *  *

I had my third annual reading with Jamie prior to my birthday July 29th. I find Jamie to be insightful, honest and able to deliver feedback in a way that I can truly hear and relate to my life.

I utlilize the transits and recordings to help myself stay on track throughout the year. I find that paying attention to the transits allows me to make full use of things like timing and decision making. I especially like the personal year since my year is based differently than the seasonal year.

If you are interested in learning more about astrology and allowing the process to be a tool in your life, I definitely recommend Jamie. She is experienced and great at what she does. My thought is that any connection I can make to my life and goals that helps me on my way is a positive influence for me. I look forward to my next reading, without a doubt!

– Rosalie G. (from her Yelp page)

*  *  *  *  *

The atmosphere of the reading was very conducive to learning.  Jamie is very laid back and was willing to explain things when I had questions.   She pointed out both my strengths and challenges and told me how to leverage my strengths, and I now understand what my path is.

– Keith C.

*  *  *  *  *

This was the most amazing and insightful reading I have ever had! Granted, this was also the first reading I have ever had, but I imagine that this would be the best one out there. Jamie is very articulate and really does well to help you understand the complicated world of astrology for people like me who are new to it and who just like to read the Daily Horoscopes in magazines/newspapers/online. Everything she said about the type of person I am was right on the head, and the things that I was going through at the time. She also gave some insight on some things to look out for in the future, which I thought was really great. Best of all, she recorded the entire session, so that I could listen to it later, and was so quick to send me the recording that it was in my email inbox by the time I got home!

Price was very reasonable for the preparation she does for each reading, and I will definitely be coming back on my birthday!

– Jessica Y. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

Jamie was professional from the moment I phoned until I stepped out the door. By “professional”, I mean: she listened very carefully to my specific questions and concerns about my chart and was sure to address them in our reading; she was very meticulous about details such as about making sure I had the correct birth data and the detailed directions and map to her location; she is helpful and considerate – made a point to calm me down about some of my concerns and also helped me out when I managed to get lost on the way to her office. She also gave a very complete – yet concise – tutorial about the way astrology works.

I was very satisfied with the reading – Jamie brought some important dynamics to my attention in a thoughtful, informed way and she demonstrates the highest level of ethics and thoroughness that one could hope to find in an astrologer.

– Lainie B. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

From Beginning to End, Jamie’s service was grounded, professional, insightful and powerful.

Reading the articles on her web site, I actually thought she wrote them because she had inside information about my situation and wrote the articles just for me… Furthermore, what she shared about my charts during my reading had strong resonance for me.

I also really appreciated the excellent take home notes and segmented audio tracks of my entire reading. Nice Touch!

– James W. (from his Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

My reading with Jamie was a profound experience for me. She is very well organized and prepared in terms of analyzing the chart. It was my first reading so I didn’t know what to expect. Jamie patiently answered my curious questions and explained things clearly. I would highly recommend Jamie to other people, and I proudly promote astrology as a way to gain insight into self, community and society!

– Caroline C. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

Jamie is very intuitive and comprehensive in her approach to astrology. She puts a lot of prep time into studying the charts prior to the session, is a good listener, super articulate, wise and very professional.
I would recommend her to all, especially if you are going through changes, challenging life circumstances, and are seeking more clarity. Her work can be a real help. I was also impressed with how down to earth as well as spiritually oriented she is!  Earth based, centered and practical, as well as looking to the stars!

– Suzanne I. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

I was given an astrology reading for my birthday.  I’m scientifically oriented and have never gone in for astrology, but I still very much enjoyed my reading with Jamie.  She was professional, personable, and very knowledgeable.  She answered all my questions, and worked hard to present things in a way that made sense to me.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a reading.

– David S. (from his Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

This was a great reading. I’ve had many an amateur rundown on my stars, but this went way beyond the norm. Jamie is obviously very intuitive, and it seemed like she put some serious time and energy into my reading before I arrived. Recording the session in separate chunks for later referral was nice too.

If you are considering a reading, or want to gift someone, I’d say she is an excellent choice. I’ll be circling back around for some advice and updates as the transits we looked at happen. Nice to hear some of what’s been issues in my life looked at in this perspective.

Good Work!

Mark M. (from his Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

I would consider myself a logical and practical minded individual, that is interested in science and not any mumbo jumbo, voodoo or esoteric topics. As such, of course I have always been skeptical towards astrology and read horoscopes for amusement more than anything else.

However, I had met Jamie randomly at a friend’s birthday gathering. She was doing a short reading for our mutual friend as a birthday gift. Of ever inquiring nature of course I had to ask her about it. I then found out she did this professionally. I asked her some tough questions why I thought astrology could only be mumbo jumbo, but to my surprise she had a logical and compelling answer to every one of them and furthermore, she delivered that answer without any sense of defensiveness (after all, I was attacking her trade..) in a calm and professional manner.

Needless to say I was intrigued and decided to spend the money and try it out… As an experiment, so I told myself…

Well, I was really surprised by the outcome of my experiment. Jamie’s assessment of me and my life’s challenges thus far were spot on. I can’t even count how many times I have gone back to her after that initial reading. Every single reading has been tremendously insightful for me and an incredible help understanding what I was going through at the time and making the best out of it, armed with the information I got from Jamie. The transit charts also tell you nicely how long a particular period is going to last, so if it is something unpleasant to deal with, at least you know when about it will be over with was a huge relief for me.

Of course there are a transits, that have positive effects, too, so it is good to know when they are going on, so you can make full use of it. To me it was a whole new learning to find out what astrology can help me with and I must say it has been a tremendous help.

If any practical and logical mined people who dismiss astrology are reading this, they must be wondering what happened to me? How can I start believing in astrology, when I claim to be scientifically minded? Well, that is a good question. Obviously there are a lot of mysteries in life, that science cannot (yet) explain. As of late, however, many benefits of meditation for example have now been proven by numerous research studies. That knowledge was already there in a lot of Eastern Philosophies. Quantum Physics explains the interconnectedness of the universe on a subatomic level.. It might just be a matter of time until scientific research catches up with astrology.

Jamie is also very organized and professional. You get to take home your charts as well as a recording of your entire reading, so that you can go back to it at a later time.

Still skeptical? There is only one way to find out, if it is going to be of use for you.. try it!!!

– Sabine K. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

Absolutely fabulous!!!

If you’re seriously considering getting an astrology reading… email Jamie K. at Pandora Astrology right now!!

It’s the real deal with Jamie K! Jamie is an impressive professional.  She has a deeply keen and proven understanding of astrology and warmly communicates with a positive and honest approach.  She speaks / teaches in a straightforward no fluff method.  She was fun to talk to. I learned much from her.

I discovered Jamie through Yelp.  I read a few of her reviews on this Yelp page then went onto her website and felt such a great vibe… a few emails and weeks later I got my first ever reading.

For me the chart reading was a super experience. It was reassuring, enlightening, inspiring and interesting.  An experience I wouldn’t pass up or delay if you’re considering it.  Included with the reading fee was a recording of the reading which is really nice to listen to afterwards.  Also, she read my chart and explained me with great accuracy with the limitation of only knowing my birth time within a 3 hr period.

I highly recommend Jamie K. at Pandora Astrology. She really helped me better understand myself and my chart.

Thanks Jamie!

– Robert P. (from his Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

My visit with Jamie in January was my first ever with an astrologer. She surprised me with the depth of her knowledge. Jamie is thorough, patient, and clear. She has a talent not only for teasing out the complexities of one’s astrological chart, but also has a way with illuminating, explanatory metaphors. In addition, she is totally professional *and* kind.

I was impressed by the accuracy of the reading and will definitely return for follow-up appointments. Thank you, Jamie!

– Jennifer T. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

Jamie is great! I think she is particularly talented in her astrological abilities related to love and relationships.  She has a great scientific approach and is very knowledgeable.  She taught me a lot more about astrology and  my relationship needs.  Her newsletters and teleconferences are also very inspiring and informational.

– Tynisa Z. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

I really enjoyed my 2 readings with Jamie–this was my first astrological reading and it was so accurate. I was really pleased that she offers phone readings and records them–the recording is a great keepsake. Anyone who is curious about astrology should contact Jamie and be prepared for a truly fascinating and unique experience!

– Chelsey H. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

After reading other reviewers, I really can’t add anything more about how fantastic Jamie is or how helpful I found her read to be. If you’re AT ALL considering seeing someone to have your chart read, make it Pandora Astrology, I can’t recommend her highly enough!

– Laura M. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

Jamie is great, it was my first astrology reading and it was very enlightening and insightful… i learned, laughed…Jamie is very professional and being with her (on the phone) was a real pleasure…i had two personal readings ( a basic and a followup)  and my wife had the same… we then had a couples reading… and that was fantastic… i have and would certainly recommend Jamie to anyone interested in learning something about yourself… your strengths and challenges…

David L. (from his Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

I had a reading with Jamie yesterday. I have had readings with her before, so has my partner. In fact, he and I also had a couples reading a few months ago which was extremely insightful and has inspired more understanding and compassion – we are connecting more affectionately and deeply than we had been.

I had my saturn-return reading with her a few years ago, and everything she gave
me in that session was dead-on.

Lately I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed and not myself

after my session I am feeling more relaxed and uplifted than I have felt for a long time. Basically, she was honest with me, that the resistance and ups and downs Im experiencing are congruent with a couple of transits happening in my chart  – I feel relieved to know that: No this will not go on forever – but I also appreciate knowing that the ride will continue for a while, so I can relax my “grip” on fantasizing that things will change soon, and just surrender into the flow

She also gave me some insights into transits that will occur for me later on, a few years down the road, and the flavor of what those planets/patterns might be like – it is nice to know what will be opening up for me.

I feel more at peace…

– Jessica H. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

I recently had a reading with Jamie and I must say that she is wonderful. For the past few years, I’ve heard a lot about her from friends but I’ve never made an appointment until now. I’ve never been one to have readings and I must say that I was even a little skeptical about astrological work for a good period of time. Something changed so I finally decided call Jamie and make an appointment.

I was extremely nervous about coming in and I believe my nervousness showed in my body language during the first part of my appointment. Jamie has a way of putting people at ease and I found myself opening up to her and talking about topics that I usually reserve for close friends. So much of what she said was correct. I really appreciated how the reading provided insight on how to navigate areas in my life. It was unnerving to see how some of my most intense life events literally coincided with the astrological dates that my chart showed would involve some type of hardship.  While that information unnerved me, it really reinforced the legitimacy of her work. I couldn’t debate the dates because she had no idea about those periods in my life.

For those skeptics, Jamie is the real deal.

– Aisha W. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

Jamie is a wealth of knowledge.  Her reading gave me greater insight into myself as an individual and taught me some practical ways to feel great even about the more challenging aspects of my chart.

I am going through my Saturn return now and found that because of the reading Jamie gave I am able to embrace the period of Saturn rather than resist it and feel terrible.

In addition to the individual reading my husband and I did a relationship reading which taught me a great deal about my husband and how his mind works and what I can do to be better for him….and he learned the same about me!!! Really great stuff…

– Honey L. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

I just had my second reading with the talented Jamie Kahl.
I have been a student of astrology for many years and even give casual readings to friends.  Seeing Jamie allows my insight to deepen as she explores aspects of the chart that are way beyond the basics, weaving in a huge toolbox of techniques and perspectives.   Her approach is growth-oriented and empowering where all of the aspects of ourselves are opportunities for healing, transformation, and evolution, where nothing is seen as good or bad.  I recommend an astrology reading for anyone who wants a deeper insight into themselves and their life calling.

-Raia K. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

Jamie is a professional and a scientist in the field of astrology; she has given me thorough explanations about my chart and an amazing opportunity to understand myself better through the light of the planets and the asteroids. Jamie’s interpretation of my chart was organized, professional, instructive and deep and she facilitated an understanding of myself that I already had intuitively,but had never been explained with such clarity and reasoning.  It helped a lot to get a recording and extra handouts to refer to in the future.

I will come back for readings or classes with Jamie!

-Maria Fernanda P. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

I was gifted an astrology reading with Jamie on my birthday this year. And I have to say, it was one of the best birthday presents ever! Jamie is extremely professional and organized and also extremely accurate. I loved hearing her talk about my chart and was she was sharing felt true. I highly recommend Jamie’s services to anyone who would like a good astrology reading!

-Nathalie C. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

Understanding that Astrology is a scientifically proven study ripe with critical information (about potential and timing) yet realizing it can’t tell us our “destiny”, I was at a stalemate in my study for a few years, knowing I wanted to consult with a skilled Astrologer, but not really knowing what I could expect, given the inherent complexity of this ancient tool.

If one can’t counsel me, then what will she be doing in this session? If one (inappropriately) tries to tell me my destiny, I will be offended.

What is the resolution? What is a true Astrologer?

Jamie Kahl.

In one session with Jamie, she simplified arguably one of the most complex studies to date and pointed out major characteristics within my personality and their interaction patterns.

It was only after meeting her I realized what a true Astrologer provides and why Jamie (specifically) is priceless; she gives you a toolbox for life. If that isn’t worth the fee, then frankly, good luck.

If you are interested in constructively addressing your specific lessons in this life, activating your full power and making if work FOR you, Jamie is the person to see.

-Isis R. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

It’s true, I have toyed with astrology all my life.

For the most part, it’s been as a casual reader of Rob Brezsny’s weekly summary. But, in some hyper-curious situations I can be found pulling out the astrology books from my personal library and laying around on my bed seeking answers to some mysterious encounter I have bumped into.

You know the scene, sprawled out in front of tomes of ancient wisdom attempting to decode the universe.

More recently though, I have encountered some bigger issues (ah the 30’s) and so I decided to seek guidance on life’s more monumental questions by consulting with a professional astrologer. This was definitely the time to quit my dabbling and get down to the nuts and bolts of the movements of the planets and I knew just the person to call.

It’s been several months since my initial reading with Jamie and I am still blown away… like on a daily basis… by the detailed accuracy of her interpretation of my chart. Not only did I experience a super-positive in-person reading (she is warm, engaging and caring) around issues of great stress (divorce, childbirth, addiction) but I also continue to benefit from the hand notated charts and audio CD she put together and mailed to me from the reading.

Time and time again as I encounter a period of charged events I will dig out the chart and right there on the paper are signs and signals of peak periods of change, just as she reviewed with me! What a talent!

Anyway, when you’re ready to seek out a professional and take a deeper look at your life patterns, go to Pandora..you will be impressed and enlivened!

-Sabina C. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“I have always been interested in Astrology, but wary of the true value that a reading might provide in my life.  I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Jamie and was really impressed with her professionalism and knowledge around astrology.

So I decided if I was ever going to have my birth chart read…she was the right person to trust.  And I am so glad that I did this.  The reading of my birth chart was amazing…there were so many things that were true about me.  What I found more amazing…is that my reading actually helped me to understand myself better!  Seriously…something that I never expected to receive from this experience.

Also, Jamie is excellent at helping you understand what all of this stuff means in real life words and examples.  She records the reading and also sends you all of the charts that she has created.  Again, this is something that I really didn’t think I would ever listen to again…but I am so glad to have it available now.  I have listened to it a couple of times and gain more insight into my life each time!

Jamie is a very gifted astrologer and I highly recommend her.  If you’ve ever had a curiosity, but felt nervous or concerned…don’t wait another minute…have Jamie do your reading.  You will be glad you did!”

-Debbie J. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“Jamie was amazing and was very insightful!  I felt she really explained who I was, and I could not believe how right on she was!  She explains every step to you so you get it!  I am going through a bit of a rough patch now…and that’s why I called her, she told me exactly what I was going through and how long it would last…..I listen to the cds again when I want to be inspired and know exactly where I am at NOW!  Thank You Jamie!”

-Mona K. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“My reading from Jamie was so great I decided to go back two more times to really understand my natal chart and transits … So good that I also signed up for her astrology class to learn more from Maestro Jamie … Did I say that I liked my reading?   Yep, I did.”

-Rob H. (from his Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“Jamie is a gifted genius at reading and interpreting the stars, all of which she mixes with a wonderful sense of intuition and genuine passion for her work. Better than anyone I have ever worked with, she explains how the planets work as characters in your life, showing how various energies and forces are pushing and pulling at your goal. What Jamie does best is teach you how to get into the flow of your life and trust the births and rebirths you will go through. I highly recommend a reading from Jamie when you are confused about some aspect in your life.”

-Don H. (from his Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“Jamie’s readings are thorough and exciting.  Thorough in that she records the reading, has excellent handouts, and she’s beautifully articulate.  Exciting in that she leaves room for improvisation, channeling what she sees in the natal chart in the whole picture, as the whole person.  I found her to be accessible, caring, and conscientious–she clearly loves this work and it grounds her–but she also had flashes of insight based on my questions and comments.  Her interpretation was quite accurate and so helpful in my understanding my strengths and weaknesses.

Particularly useful was her transit reading, and I’d suggest any client to get this done if they are a first time visitor.

I will continue to see Jamie, and I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone interested in astrology.  It really was an amazing experience.”

-Jennifer K. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“In reading the Yelp.com posts of several other reviewers, I’m not entirely sure what I can add here………..except a simple and heartfelt “Wow!”.

As someone else who posted, this was also my very first reading of this kind.  As such, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect — but came away thoroughly impressed.  Jamie is truly exceptional — providing both my wife and myself with insights into ourselves as individuals and also as a couple.

The entire experience was amazing………….enlightening.

If you are AT ALL leaning towards having someone read your charts, I’d most strongly encourage you to talk with Jamie.  Her in-depth knowledge, her down-to-earth ways of explaining things — all contribute to a great learning experience.”

–Rick W. (from his Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“I recently had my first reading with Jamie Kahl at Pandora Astrology. It was a reading on transits and progressions; while I had never met Jamie before and did not offer any specific information about what was going on in my life. within the first few minutes of the reading I was amazed at how much she accurately knew about me.

One of the most helpful components of the way Jamie does a reading is her insightful suggestions on how to approach an area of your personality or temperament that presents challenges in your life. The feedback is related to the planets and how they inform who you are – the suggestions were gentle but to the point, completely objective and offered with no judgment whatsoever.

I spent time last weekend listening to the CDs and taking lots of notes. I found the information so useful regarding where I am in my life right now. It was affirming that I intuitively knew things were changing for me and Jamie provided absolute validation and assistance with direction to my process.

I plan on going back annually before my birthday next year. I highly recommend a reading with Jamie; if you are open, it will have an amazing impact on your life.”

–Rosalie G. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“I have just had a reading done with Jamie, and I am amazed about how accurate her reading was.  She took a lot of time and preparation prior to my reading.  And, Jamie was right on target with various areas of my life I needed clarification and direction with.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who has ever had an Astrology reading done!  Most importantly, I recommend her to those who are “afraid” of having their Astrology readings done or those who do not believe in Astrology.  I urge you to call her–she will definitely change your mind with her uncanny insights and assist you with recognizing not only your challenges but with clarifying and focusing on your opportunities for personal, professional and relationship growth within your life!  All of this is done in a very professional and time-efficient manner.  You will definitely find her extremely reasonable for the amount of time and work she spends preparing for your session, and the reading Jamie conducts does includes recording your personal reading within a CD and mailing it to you after your reading for further reference.  Call her!  She’s well worth your time!”

–Sally O.

*   *   *   *   *

“Do you ever read the owner’s manuals that come with the products that you buy?  I never do; I usually just toss them away, and then I realize I have no clue how to operate that cell phone or put that Ikea furniture together.  With that said, I have no clue if I lost the owner’s manual to my own life or it never came with one.  And that’s why I decided to make an appointment to see Jamie Kahl.

I researched several astrologers, but their “woo-woo” metaphysical talk on their blogs and websites didn’t quite appeal to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I am open-minded, but at the same time, I wanted to learn more about myself – I wanted information I could apply to my life, information I could digest, not just these broad abstract terms that, while “cool-sounding”, would likely leave me even more confused after a session.  After visiting Jamie’s website, reading her highly informative blog, and reading the testimonials on Yelp, I gave Jamie a call.  She explained to me exactly how a consultation works and answered all my questions.

When I arrived at Jamie’s office, I was nervous, but excited.  The walk from the N. Berkeley BART Station to her office via the gorgeous Ohlone Greenway was an experience in itself.  When I arrived, Jamie wasted no time and explained my chart to me.  (She records the session and mails you a CD after so that you can listen to the session, and trust me, it’s jam-packed so you WILL need to re-listen many times!)  I had never met Jamie prior to the session, but she told me things about myself that made me feel completely transparent.  It was as if she knew me, and not just my outter self, but my deepest hopes and dreams, fears, and insecurities.  I’ve always regarded myself as a “walking contradiction” and now I understand why!  My chart has many placements that directly “contradict” each other, and Jamie showed me how to reconcile these differences so that I would stop feeling like a “crowd” and feel more whole!  Jamie was professional, sensitive, yet she held nothing back.  She made me laugh many times and she has a lovely, warm laugh, yet other times, I almost felt like crying, only because she was able to explain why I’ve always felt confused about certain aspects of my personality that I have never been able to fully articulate or comprehend.  It just all made sense, and when the pieces started to come together, it was an experience I just cannot fully explain with words.  It was CHILL-INDUCING, but in a profound and empowering way!

I left my session with Jamie a much “lighter” person, more in-tuned with my own personality and needs.  Whatever is confusing you at the moment, whether it’s your own personality or whether you are in a phase of transition, a session with Jamie will offer you much-needed clarity and you will leave in the right direction.  I just CANNOT recommend Jamie enough!  Who needs a therapist when you’ve got Jamie!  I left the session feeling like there is NO ONE else I’d rather be than my own unique self!  And that feeling is PRICELESS!”

–Connie T. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“The thing that I like best about Jamie is that in addition to having a tremendous amount of knowledge about astrology, she is also organized, well prepared, and skilled at communicating what she sees in a way that is useful to the person getting the reading.  When I went showed up, she had thorough notes prepared for 5 or 6 different major topics that she noticed from my chart were likely to be important to me.  She always let me decide what direction the reading went but I could see that she put in a lot of time and effort ahead of time to be prepared to get in-depth with whatever I chose to talk about.

I’ve had the great fortune of meeting a lot of wonderful, wise, intuitive people over the years but there are only a few who I would consult with repeatedly over the years and Jamie is one of them.  I’m also excited to be able to go to her monthly class to build my own abilities to see things for myself.”

–Gary P.

*   *   *   *   *

“Any explanation of who I am that starts out with:  ‘a reading is similar to looking at your chart as if it’s a theater, playing out the grand drama of your life’ makes me certainly want to sit down for the revealing of the show. Jamie’s kind, insightful and metaphorical approach to her chart readings makes for a clear understanding of one’s planetary portrait. I was impressed by her usage of astrology books, transit charts, and calculations, translated into detailed, personal information about me.

She touched on a wide variety of settings in my life, from early childhood experiences, which brought tears to my eyes, to the everyday present reality of my experiences. Her reading helped me to understand basic events in my reality, such as why I had recently been carelessly forgetful to explaining major life markers, such as career and relationship. All the information I received felt distinct to me, and some parts felt astonishingly personal…hey, how does she know that?

I highly recommend Pandora Astrology. You get to have a glimpse inside your own world, from a perspective supported by the planetary alignment during your birth and it’s conjunct with the planets currently. If you are looking for some guidance, reassurance, understanding and perceptivity into your life, give yourself the gift of a reading from Jamie. It’s well worth the knowing!”

— Laurel K. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“I have been following Jamie’s blog for some time now but only recently got a reading from her. I actually got two readings in quick succession. The first was a personal reading of my birth chat complete with current transits in my life and how it all was playing out. The second was a couples reading with my love.

Both of them were astounding in terms of illuminating aspects of my personal life and our interpersonal dynamics.

Her style is very warm and inviting. She is able to speak in language and metaphors that truly resonate with you to give the maximal impact of what she is saying.

She is also very thorough with her reading and incredibly well prepared. Not only does she have a deep understanding of your chart she is open to any and all questions you might have about it making for a dynamic and exciting experience.

She bills herself as an astrologer for people who don’t buy into the new age woo-woo stuff and she certainly delivers. One does not need to buy into the metaphysics of it all for her work to be directly relevant and useful in your daily life.

Can’t recommend highly enough.”

— Lucas K. (from his Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“As a Bay Area resident, I’ve had my fair share of astrological readings over the years, but keep finding myself coming back to Jamie Kahl of Pandora Astrology.  I have had a natal reading, relationship reading and transit readings with Jamie over a ten year period.

Jamie has consistently impressed me with her continual study of astrology and how much information she is able to convey in one reading.  In addition to the reading, Jamie supplies copies of the charts used in the readings, personalized diagrams of current transits and recordings of your reading session to take home with you.

Jamie brings a lovely blend of geek, science mind with intuitive wisdom to her work.  I leave her readings feeling inspired, understood and excited about life’s opportunities…and challenges!”

— Leila Jo C.  (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“I was a skeptic about astrology before I had my first reading with Jamie. She demonstrated an astonishing degree of insight into my natural ways of being and responding to external phenomena. What’s particularly special about Jamie is that she presents astrology not as a means to predict the future, but as a possibility for living with joy and productivity. Her readings are most useful because they apply to my agenda and how to respond effectively, rather than telling me what to do. Overall, it was a most self-validating experience!”

— George F. (from his Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“Just can’t say enough good things about our reading with Jamie!

This was the first time I’ve had an astrology reading and my base knowledge of astrology is somewhat limited. Her explanation of the basics of astrology and how our charts work was great. After years of “not quite getting it” she made it all clear.

“She spent a lot of time covering so much information. The CD and her notes are a great help. She organizes the thoughts and explanations by track and its easy to follow along later.

“I think this is a really good deal for a reading as well. The price for an hour and half reading was more than reasonable, especially considering how much time she must have spent prepping for our reading.”

–Hope B. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“Jamie’s insight into what makes me tick was dead on. That was impressive, but what was more impressive and more helpful was her meta-perspective on the areas of my personality that I’m already committed to improving. And she offered that perspective without me ever having to bring those areas of my personality up. She just knew.

Many of the details of my life that she talked about were just staggeringly accurate. A lot of them there’s just no way should could have known. There’s nothing she told me that I didn’t already know about myself, but she contextualized it all from a perspective that I’ve never considered or known I could consider, and that will really help my spiritual growth at a time when I really need that kind of growth.

Her approach was full of useful, concrete, specific arenas for me to focus my attention on. Again and again she hit the nail on the head. I never thought I would have reason to see someone who does what Jamie does, but having met with her I’m more than satisfied and glad that I did!”

— Chris P. (from his Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“I met Jamie through an informal group setting where various astrologers were gathered to speak on a designated topic and also share about their individual approaches to astrology.  I chose to have a reading with Jamie because of how down-to-earth and approachable she was.  I found her to be insightful, grounded, and direct, using every-day language to explain astrological concepts.  This made the whole field of study much more accessible for me, and I had fun learning about and discussing the charts and transits she prepared for me.  Jamie’s approach to astrology was holistic, life-affirming, empowering, realistic, personal, and clearly drawn from a genuine interest in helping people understand themselves better.  I have been surprised and felt reassured by how accurate the timing and subject matter of the readings have been.  I have whole-heartedly recommended Jamie to friends interested in having an astrological reading.  I know I will continue to learn about this interesting view of my life from her wealth of knowledge about astrology.”

–Yvette P.

*   *   *   *   *

“Jamie was amazing. My first ever astrological reading, it was a powerful experience that resulted in me relaxing into my life so much more. She is exceptionally gifted at translating and teaching this system. Her insights were SPOT on…she explained things that I have been struggling to understand about myself. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in personal growth or life purpose work.

Sigh. I don’t sound like a scientist, do I?

–Tara S. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“Jamie has changed my life and my beliefs with her readings.  She brings a very professional attitude to her readings.  I refer back to my CD and my notes several times a month.  I love that she has structured her service where you don’t need multiple readings, one reading a year can possibly get you through. This allowed me to relax my skepticism and really listen to the knowledge she offers.”

–Monique L. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“The reading was as good as I had hoped and better than I could have imagined.”

–Astraea D.

*   *   *   *   *

“Jamie did a Natal Chart/Saturn Return reading with me that I have found continuously helpful. For almost two years i have referred to the information she gave to me from my reading.

She is both warm and very professional. She seems to be very much at ease with making complex astrological information accessible; easy to understand and integrate into my life outside of our session. She made a recording of our session so that I could listen to it later on my own. She gave me user friendly information to take with me after our session, which helped me to retain the information of the reading.

By working with Jamie I was able to navigate through my Saturn Return with greater ease. As well, her work with me lent to a  deeper understanding of myself and that time of my life.

I have referred my friends to Jamie with confidence. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone for astrological counsel.”

–Jessica H. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“For me, learning astrology and getting readings from Jamie has proven a tremendous gift — a tool for understanding myself better & making sense of (and trying to learn the most from) what’s going on in my life.  What’s especially remarkable is the fact that I still occasionally refer back to & apply insights from readings she did ten years ago.”

–Kym M.

*   *   *   *   *

“I began my studies of astrology with Jamie in 1999. I found her approach to be deeply insightful and beneficial. I felt empowered to embody my best qualities more fully and meet my life challenges courageously. Jamie’s comprehensive knowledge, ready wit and willingness to highlight the finest qualities in each chart and identify the appropriate cures for the challenges make her an exceptionally gifted and supportive teacher. If you desire to practice astrology with an eye toward supporting your clients in deeper self understanding and personal growth, look no further than Pandora Astrology.”

–Andrew D.

*   *   *   *   *

“Thanks for writing your blog.  I’ve really enjoyed the post called ‘How is a Capricorn like a Cream Puff?’  It totally put things into perspective for me, especially as a Cap.  People have been telling me all my life, “Grow a thicker skin.”  I just can’t seem to do it without becoming extremely cold and bitchy and being that way is not how I wish to be in this world.  Now I understand why negative comments and mistakes hurt my heart so easily.  I’m a cream puff!”

–Elaine H.

*   *   *   *   *

“The two readings that you did with me impacted my life so greatly.  It was more than I could have imagined.”

–Nanette N.

*   *   *   *   *

“Jamie Kahl is an extraordinary astrologer.  She is able to weave together the deep meaning of the underlying planetary influences in your chart . . . in a way that is astoundingly articulate and poetic at the same time.  Her insights are spot on, and she brings her insights to you in a multitude of metaphors and ensures that you will get new USEFUL insights about what is occurring inside you and inside your life, and make new connections that will serve and empower you.

“She is very straightforward, while being caring and compassionate at the same time.  She brings both clear cutting vision and heart to her work.  She is thorough and wants you to walk away from the reading with information that will help you to move forward.  Her transit sessions are designed in a way that will help you see what is happening in your life and zoom out to the bigger picture and zoom in on what is happening right NOW !!  As well as WHY ?!!  Oh how we love to understand “Why ?”

“I HIGHLY recommend doing an astrology session with Jamie if you want help, insight or guidance from the stars about anything that is occurring in your life.”

–Tsahai U. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

“I got my first astrology reading from Jamie Kahl 10 years ago.  Since then, I’ve gotten 7 more readings and referred over 20 of my friends and associates to her (including gift certificates I’ve given as presents).  While I’ve enjoyed all of my readings tremendously and found them useful, my favorite ones are definitely the relationship readings.  I’ve had relationship readings with romantic partners that served as a roadmap to both “sweet spots” and challenges, and also for my relationship with my young daughter, to better understand where she’s coming from and how to best parent her.  Readings with Jamie are both fun and informative, especially for folks interested in personal growth who are willing to explore off the beaten path.  She’s always very warm and professional to deal with – making appointments is easy, and you get a free chart AND a recording of the reading, so you can replay it and let it sink in over time.  Jamie says that her philosophy of astrology is to illuminate your self and your path so clearly that you wouldn’t want to be anyone else, and that’s always the feeling I have when I have a reading or listen to one.  Do you wonder that I keep going back for more?”

–Karin W. (from her Yelp page)

*   *   *   *   *

More testimonials on my main website here:  Testimonials.

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