Thank You! See you at Aries In Love!

I’m so excited that you will be attending my upcoming free teleclass, Aries In Love.

I made this teleclass just for you if. . .

  • you are an Aries . . .
  • if you love an Aries . . .
  • or if you have Venus or Juno in Aries.

In the class you’ll find out how to relate best with the Aries in your life or handle your own Arian nature in your relationships.  Thank you for signing up! Details for joining the call are below, and you can prepare for the teleclass by reading this three-part blogpost thread–which you’re going to love:
Do Love and Marriage Really Go Together Like A Horse and Carriage?
The Key to Love, Romance and Hot Sex–Venus Tells All
How To Have a Happy Marriage–Juno Tells All

Here are the teleclass details:
Date:  Thursday, April 2, 2015
Time:  5:00 PM Pacific Time/8:00 PM Eastern Time
Length:  60 minutes
Dial:  1-860-970-0300
Access Code:  1100386
Use:  *6 to mute or unmute yourself during the conference
Visuals:  Your version of the Partner Profile (PDF document below).  You’ll want to have a printed copy of it in front of you for the teleclass, and a pen handy.

Download your Partner Profile now or in the week before class:
(don’t worry, I’ll remind you. . . <wink!> )
Partner Profile seeking man (download as PDF)
Partner Profile seeking woman (download as PDF)

I look forward to talking with you!

Jamie Kahl Miller
Pandora Astrology
Berkeley, CA

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