This Year's Venus Retrograde

Venus is retrograde, not direct.
Current Venus Retrograde period:
March 4th, 2017 to April 15th, 2017
From 13º Aries to 26º Pisces.
The next one will begin in October of 2018.

Understanding the Venus cycle can help you in all of your relationships,
from romantic to business to family.
Venus is the Lover and Mediator in you.
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Venus, goddess of Love and Beauty, goes retrograde in our skies about every year and a half.  When she does, she takes us into a six-week journey into the past to uncover what may be the hidden or forgotten places in our relationships.  Each time Venus goes retrograde I write a post or series of posts about it, like this one about the story of Rapunzel for 2015’s Venus Retrograde.

What Is Venus Retrograde?
When Venus goes retrograde, she takes our hand and pulls us into the darkness of our relationships.  A retrograde period of any planet is a retrospective of that planet’s themes.  It is like going into the deep, dark cave of oneself in whatever area of life is covered by the planet that is retrograde.  It is a time of moving backward, perhaps of going back to pick up pieces lost in the past.  It is a retrieval, a turning inward, perhaps a letting-go.  Since Venus’ domain is relationships, this turning inward happens in that domain.

How Long Will It Last?
In 2017, Venus goes retrograde in the sign of Aries on March 4, 2017 and retrogrades back into Pisces, finishing on April 15, 2017.  This brings up relationship issues which will not fully resolve until Venus has again turned direct and also passes the degree of Aries where she turned retrograde, which will happen on May 19.  On that day she’ll be done retracing old relationship ground and her mission to teach us about relationships will be over for the year.  Venus is retrograde in 26º Pisces to 13º Aries, so if you have anything at all in your chart between 0 and13  degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, this will likely affect you. It will also affect you if you have anything at all in 26 to 29º of Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius or Gemini.

The grand cycle of Venus begins and ends with a day of “Ah-ha!” or epiphany. This happens when Venus conjuncts the Sun while moving forward swiftly and it brings an “Ah-ha!” in our relationships and helps them progress at speed. There are two of them and they act like bookends, forming the beginning and ending of a Venus cycle. I call these Relationship Rapture Days and you can see on the diagram below that the current cycle begins with one on June 6, 2016 at 1º Scorpio and finishes with one on January 8, 2018.

There is another kind of epiphany during the Venus cycle—it occurs while Venus is retrograde, on the day she conjuncts the Sun.  I call this Relationship Clarity Day, because if Venus retrograde has been putting your relationship through the wringer, clarity is likely to come on this day, leading to a deeper intimacy and authenticity in your relationship. Alternatively, it can also bring the clarity that leads to a breakup or a discussion of irreconcilable differences pointing to a likely breakup. The current cycle’s Relationship Clarity Day is on March 25, 2017, at 4º Aries.

And there is a third, very important point in this cycle and that’s the day when Venus once again returns to the place where it first went retrograde (13º Aries), this time to pass through and onward. I call this Relationship Resolution Day and it happens on May 18, 2017. On this day the cycle’s themes resolve and complete.

Venus Retrograde in Pisces and Aries:
Because 2017’s Venus retrograde period begins in Aries and backs up into Pisces, this cycle begins with a feeling of barreling headlong into relationship situations that quickly dissolve into emotional chaos and confusion. It’s as if this Venus retrograde period was designed to force us to face the most subtle nuances of relating and to swim in the waters of compassion.

The dilemma is that Aries wants to cut through the crap and create clarity. Aries would like to be able to assert self and get one’s needs met in a fair way arrived at through mutual self-assertion. But Pisces brings awareness of many more levels of meaning in the relationship, leaving the situation so much more murky than Aries thinks it has to be. Watery (sensitive, feeling) people will find much emotional work to do here (perhaps to their gratification) while Fiery (direct, straightforward) people find much frustration but are also likely to find resolution in the end—especially those who are willing to submit to an emotional journey in order to get there. One thing’s for sure: attempts to control or dominate will be met with failure and not only will intimacy elude those who try, it may go away forever.

The solution is to curb anger, slow down, relax into this and take an emotionally exploratory attitude. Give up the idea of having a goal. There’s no place to get to. Or if there is, you will find your way there only by accident and surrender. Intuition is your guide and this river cannot be pushed.

When has this happened before?
In past years, I have written post-threads during Venus Retrograde periods.  In these threads I have drawn from mythology to show the unfolding of this journey as it happens.  These are among my best-loved posts of all time, so I’m giving new readers access to them, even after Venus moves on:

Venus Retrograde period of March and April 2009:
Descent into Love’s Darkness
All about Inanna’s descent into the underworld to reclaim her dead love.

Venus Retrograde period of October and November 2010:
The Tale of Eros and Psyche, or How The Soul Got Her Wings
The classic tale of love lost and refound.

And this single-page post from the Venus Retrograde period of May and June 2012:
Blossom or Honeybee? Venus Retrograde 2012
Anna and the King of Siam argue about fidelity.

And more recently, the Venus Retrograde period of July to August 2015:
Rapunzel, A Tale of Adolescent Awakening
Feminine power and creativity escapes from her isolated tower. 

If you are feeling a current Venus Retrograde period
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