Thanks for attending Pisces Moon Teleclass!

Click here to download the mp4 recording of the teleclass:
Moon in Pisces downloadable MP4 

How to download:
When you follow the link above, you will get to a page with a “Download” button in the upper corner.  Click that button and you’ll choose “download as zip.”  This will result in a zip folder arriving in your downloads area, with an MP4 and a JPG inside it.  Double-click the zip folder and your stuff will be inside.  Once it’s arrived, I suggest you label it “Pisces Moon Teleclass Webinar by Pandora Astrology” and file it wherever you keep video files.

Be sure to download the recording right away—as the link to it it will expire in a few weeks. After that, you’ll still be able to purchase it, but it will no longer be free for attendees.

Feel free to give your recording away to friends, family, coworkers, or anyone in your life who might find it useful!  Don’t forget to also give them the accompanying infographic (JPG format) that you’ll find in the dropbox folder.

Moon Signs teleclasses

On that page you can find out the Moon sign of anyone you have a birthdate for. You might want to understand Moon in the chart of your partner, parent, child or business associate–so visit that page or send your friends there.

You’ll find more fun stuff about Pisces here:  Pisces blogposts.

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