Hard Questions People Ask Before Trying Astrology

“Astrology categorizes people into twelve groups.  How could all the Aquarians be alike?”
They can’t, of course.  You’re responding to Sun sign astrology, which is all most people know of astrology.  It is as much like getting a professional astrology reading as going to an AA group is for an alcoholic–it treats you primarily as a member of a group and secondarily as yourself.  But your Sun sign is just one part of who you are.  Read this and you’ll see what I mean.  Sun sign astrology is of necessity superficial and was only ever intended as an entry point into a world full of marvelously detailed and very personal information.

“Why get a reading from an astrologer—aren’t those cheap/free internet reports just as good?”
There are many free or inexpensive reports available on the internet and some of them are even good.  But after you try them, you discover they are just a mashup of various traits that you may or may not have and that you never get a whole picture of who you really are.  And you can’t ask questions.  At some point you realize that those reports have their limits and if you really want to understand yourself, get oriented and start experiencing the success, joy and intimacy you were meant to, you need to talk to a real person about your chart.  That’s where Jamie comes in.

Prepare to slow down and really delve into yourself.  This is not a quick fix.  It is a profound look at the map of your life—your whole life!—jam-packed with real tools for self-understanding that you can take from the dugout onto the diamond of your life.

“But astrology is fortune-telling, and the future is scary.  Some of that stuff I don’t want to know!”
Of course you don’t want to hear your “fate,” because your future’s not carved in stone.  There is no “fate.”  You create your future.  But your life does have a certain shape and knowing that shape can put you back in the driver’s seat.  You are unique and the future you’ll create is different from anyone else’s.  Its trends can be predicted by a good astrologer.

In an astrology reading you can find out
•    What are the changes you’re going through
•    Why are things happening to you right now
•    How it feels and what to do about those feelings
•    How the timing of it unfolds
•    How to handle it all and
•    When it will be over

Now isn’t that alone worth the price of admission?

Oh, and what IS the price of admission?
$180.  This buys you a 90-minute introductory natal and transit reading, plus a recording (standard audio or mp3) of the reading for you to enjoy at your leisure, because no one absorbs everything from a reading the first time they hear it.

Want to be amazed?
To make it possible to really experience what astrology can do for you, it’s best if you check any skepticism you may have at the door.  Once you go to the trouble to hire an astrologer and make her do all the work of preparing to see you, you’d best give her space to do her job.  If you are willing suspend your disbelief in astrology long enough to really hear and consider what she has to say, you will be amazed.  Once you decide to actually give astrology a try, your world will never be the same.

You’ll be amazed, but that’s not really the point.  The point is to finally get access to the map of your life, the owner’s manual for Being You.  Then life’s secrets—your own unique life’s secrets—are opened to you.  Then there’s nothing you can’t achieve, do, conquer or have.  Love, success, wealth, connections—all these can be yours if you follow your own personal instructions.

Suppose you actually got on with your life?

  • What if you forgave yourself all the things that are “wrong” with you?
  • What if you knew what your talents are (things all your friends know about you and take advantage of everyday, but which are invisible to you?) and used them deliberately to effortlessly gain love and success?
  • What if you looked—really looked hard—at your own shadow-side, owned it and reclaimed the life-force energy it’s sucking out of you?
  • What if you got out of your own way?
  • And what if, after a rigorous self-examination, it turned out you were perfect all along?
  • What if the parts of yourself that annoy you and other people turned out to be distortions of traits you cherish about yourself and wouldn’t want to be without?
  • What if you were shown how to stop distorting your own expression of your nature and how to instead start really living according to that nature?
  • What if it turned out that you already have everything you need to succeed and have the life you dream of?

A deeper, richer and more all-inclusive understanding of yourself is available through astrology, and it’s just a phone call away.

But isn’t astrology just bunk?
Nope, it’s not. And if you believe that it is, ask yourself if that belief comes from personal experience in a real reading from a real, certified, professional astrologer or if it actually comes from the opinions of other people.  I’m not talking about newspaper horoscopes, which are too general to be of much use to anybody (I call them “fortune cookies”).  Have you ever actually given astrology a chance?  Here are some guidelines for choosing an astrologer, who should conduct him/herself as professionally as your accountant or MD.

Are you ready for this?
Are you ready for your life to change? Are you ready to take on your future? Are you ready to love yourself completely? Are you ready to be seen and accepted by another human being? If you are, I’d love to hear from you.

Call or email Jamie

And if you’re not ready for that, here’s some reading for you to enjoy while you figure it out:
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