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Learn to predict your future and understand your own depths in Pandora’s 2015 Intermediate astrology classes, covering prediction techniques and the asteroids and Chiron.

Astrological Seeker,

  • What if you always knew what was coming?
  • What if you understood what your life’s experiences mean—while they are happening?
  • What if you were always ready, poised, to jump on opportunities and to turn crises into wins?

Astrology shows you how. Additionally, do you keep hearing about Chiron the Wounded Healer and wonder how to interpret this complex archetype in your friends’ charts? Curious about the asteroid goddesses?

Introducing Pandora’s Intermediate Astrology classes for 2015. . .

Time-Based Techniques: Astrological Prediction Made Easy and Fun
combined with: Essential Archetypes—the 4 Major Asteroids and Chiron

This class series combines predictive techniques with a look at a few archetypes that deepen your knowledge beyond the basic 12. Add Chiron the Wounded Healer, Juno the Matriarch, Pallas Athene the Warrior/Wise Woman and Vesta the Temple Priestess to your skill set and watch charts come alive as your mind floods with interpretations. And with your deepened understanding of how time works in astrology you’ll help yourself and your friends and family to understand the life-phases they are in and be empowered to act in right timing. These classes are taught as if you’ll be seeing clients someday as a full, professional astrologer, even though you may just be using this information to look at your own chart or family and friends.

This 11-session series begins March 25, 2015 as a teleclass by conference call and screensharing. That means you listen on your phone and watch techniques in action in your computer’s browser window. (you’ll need a computer, not tablet or phone) Sessions are 90 to 120 minutes long and happen on Wednesday evenings at 5 PM Pacific time, which is 8 PM Eastern time. Breaks are built into the schedule (see syllabus below).

Packed With Information
You receive the prerecorded lecture at least a week before the class meeting. Class sessions are entirely devoted to examples and interpretations from the charts of class members along with your questions. In class, you are guaranteed personal attention on your own chart. Here are some samples from the lecture recordings you’ll receive:
Chiron sample clip as mp3

Progressions sample clip mp3

Class size is limited to 8, so sign up now!

Payment Options:
The class costs $555 if you use a payment plan ($185 each in 3 payments, spaced an easy 30 days apart) and only $499 if you pay in just one payment.

Easy Sign-Up
Use this webform to register.  Let me know your first & last name, your birth information (date, time and city of birth) and best times to contact you by phone to complete your registration.  Once I’ve confirmed your admittance and you’ve paid (using one of the above links), you’ll get access to class materials right away, along with your own astrology chart.  Easy!

Syllabus and Schedule:

Transits: Understanding How Events Feel And Flow
Teleclass: Weds, March 25, 2015
5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern Time
To really know transits, you have to make friends with the outer planets and their themes. In this class you’ll learn how to interpret and diagram a transit for a friend so that they “get” it and can make use of it. Your friends will refer to your readings again and again.

Chiron, The Wounded Healer and Shaman
Teleclass: Weds, April 1, 2015
5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern Time
Is he broken or brilliant?  Answer: both.  We all have inside us that primally wounded place where we know ourselves to be special.  Understanding Chiron gets you rapport with your friends faster than anything.  Learn how to take your friends on a healing journey.

Progressions: Your Natural Unfolding
Teleclass: Weds, April 8, 2015
5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern Time
You might call progressions ‘developmental astrology’—progressions are similar to developmental psychology, but they don’t stop with childhood’s end. Understand how each sign flows into the next. Great stuff here for Mercury and Venus retrograde people.

Ceres, Midwife and Goddess of the Cultivated Land
Teleclass: Weds, April 15, 2015
5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern Time
Mother Nature, Mother Earth—whatever you call her, Ceres represents our essential relationship with the physical world.  Her themes line up beautifully with those of Taurus:  food, money, physical security.  Ceres explains eating disorders.

On Wednesday, April 22 there will be a break from class.

Moon Magic
Teleclass: Weds, April 29, 2015
5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern Time
This class is a potpourri of lunar techniques: understanding and interpreting the lunar phases, eclipses, and how to calculate and understand the progressed Moon. When you interpret someone’s Moon, you hand her the invaluable key to her self-care.

Pallas-Athene, Warrior Woman and Goddess of Wisdom
Teleclass: Weds, May 6, 2015
5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern Time
Is she a ball-buster or is she Daddy’s Little Girl?  This complex female warrior archetype defies comprehension yet an understanding of her themes is essential to understanding the dilemma of the modern woman: “how to balance my strength with my softness?”

Retrogrades and Trigger Planets
Teleclass: Weds, May 13, 2015
5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern Time
Ever experienced a Mercury retrograde period and wondered if Mercury is your friend or foe? Ever been through a Venus retrograde period and felt like your relationship went through the wringer? The often-feared retrograde period is just one piece of a very productive cycle—when you use it properly. In this class you’ll also learn how the fast-moving planets (Mercury, Venus and Mars) act as powerful triggers for longer-term transits.

Juno, Matriarch, Matchmaker and Goddess of Marriage
Teleclass: Weds, May 20, 2015
5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern Time
How come the Queen of Heaven can’t get no respect?  She gets it here in this class devoted to her themes of marriage, matchmaking and feminine (non-hierarchical) leadership styles.  Compare her with Venus for mind-blowing relationship insights.

On Wednesday, May 27 there will be a break from class.

Life Cycle Astrology
Teleclass: Weds, June 3, 2015
5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern Time
The Saturn return heralds several milestones that take every human being through young adulthood into midlife “crisis” and into the elder years. They include the rocky Pluto square, the confusing Neptune square and the restless Uranus opposition—and more. Learn about the passages we all experience and how to help people through them.

Vesta, the Temple Priestess and Sexual Healer
Teleclass: Weds, June 10, 2015
5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern Time
The misunderstood and much-maligned Sacred Prostitute and sexual healer finally has her day in this class, where you’ll learn to sympathetically explain her meaning to anyone, even those who are terrified of infidelity.  Learn why “focus” is her key theme.

Using Return Charts
Teleclass: Weds, June 17, 2015
5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern Time
The Solar Return, a technique astrologers tend to disagree about, illustrates that the simple way is the best. Using a tropical, non-precessed solar return and adding the rhythm of the Personal Year, we’ll reveal the native’s strongest themes this year. In this class you’ll also learn to read Saturn, Jupiter and other planetary return charts, as well as charts for their quarter-phases.

On Wednesday, June 24 there will be a make-up class for any class member who requests it.

  Register Here

As I said, I can only accommodate 8 students in this teleclass, which you can attend from the comfort of your own home. My classes are small on purpose, because I want to give you lots of personal attention and answer all of your questions.

Please note: This class is only open to students who already know something about the basic planets, signs and houses of astrology. If you’ve been studying astrology and you’re ready to take it to a deeper level of understanding, this class is for you!

I look forward to meeting you and exploring the uncanny worlds of time and archetype with you.


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“. . . More and more astrologers . . . are experiencing the depth of insights that the asteroids lend to the new and often confusing social and interpersonal issues of our times.  Many astrologers have written and spoken to me of how the asteroids explain dimensions of themselves and their relationships that could not be explained in the ten-planet chart.”

(quoted from Demetra George’s definitive work, Asteroid Goddesses, the Mythology, Psychology and Astrology of the Re-Emerging Feminine)

From a student:
“When I met Jamie Kahl I instantly knew she would become my teacher. Her synthesizing intelligence, her playful tone, and her deep-knowing eyes intrigued me. I studied with her for 12 cycles of the moon — delving deeply into the meaning of not only the 8 major planets, but house systems, transits, the ebb and flow of the wheel of life and spirit, and Chiron and the asteroids. Learning about Chiron and his story was deeply impactful as I emerged out of my soul journey — healing my own wounds, and finding ways to use these lessons to help others became a driving force in my life. The asteroid goddesses emboldened me and expanded my sense of self as woman, and as Woman.

“Learning how astrology works, and then doing readings for others later connected me to the greater Universe and my full sense of self. With the foundation of Jamie’s eloquent teachings, I grasped the patterns succinctly and learned to share the lessons and energy with others. While I no longer do readings for others, except for the occasional jaunt, I use astrology, and especially the lessons from the stories of the goddesses, in everything I do. Jamie has been an inspiration to me, and I will always value her as my Teacher.”
–Ericka J.

Astrology blogger since 2007

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