As a human being, you are an enormously complex whole made of many parts, each of which has a mission that it’s on. The parts of you also have very specific agreements and arguments with each other. When you satisfy all the parts of you, each can fulfill its mission to fill your life with the good stuff it was meant to, resulting in a life that’s a joy to live. An astrology reading helps you to sort these parts out, to separate the threads in the tapestry of life, so you can make sure each thread is strong and vibrant in the whole design. This reading gives you the 10,000-foot view on your life and shows you how to live as the one and only You that you meant to be when you came here. Read More


The part of your chart that shows your best career paths also shows your deepest fear. The Mission Orders reading is designed to help you turn that deepest fear into the crowning achievement of your life. You were uniquely designed to bring a special gift to the world. This reading reveals that gift—and helps remove obstacles to its fulfillment. Read More


Every year you have a fresh chance to become more you. Your birthday is your Personal New Year’s Day and the day before is your Personal New Year’s Eve—a great time for forming resolutions, goals, visions and affirmations. The best way to do that is to know the themes of your coming year—shown in your Solar Return or Birthday chart. If you get only one astrology reading a year, this is the one to get and it’s best to get this reading in the month before your birthday, when you’re mopping up the themes of the previous year and the themes of the coming year are pressing forward. This reading will help you hit the ground running on your birthday. Read More


The first Saturn Return at 29 is the threshold of true adulthood; the second Saturn Return is the completion of the middle years and the gateway to the elder years. At your first Saturn Return you seek a mentor and at your second Saturn Return you become one. Both passages are accompanied by heavier-than-usual feelings of guilt, obligation, duty, seriousness and pressure to perform. The Saturn Return is a crucible for your career—how you come out the other side depends on you, but it helps to know what your plan was before you came to Earth. This reading reveals that plan. The best time to get this reading is when you are 27-29 or 56-58. Read More


The passage we’ve come to call the “midlife crisis” is really four major transitions colliding inside a few short years. One is a major meltdown, a psychological death-and-rebirth experience. Another is a spiritual reorientation, an opening up of your visionary capacity. The third is an explosion of genius, leading to a seeking of lost youth. The fourth is a career transition, when you want to be as “on target” as possible. With all this happening inside of seven years, it’s no wonder you feel like you’re cracking up. You’ll want this reading if you’re in your mid 30’s to 50 and want to explore how your mid-life transitions are affecting you. This reading is also excellent if you are planning your retirement. Read More


Many relationship woes can be explained by one simple fact: there are two sides of you—one who loves and one who marries—and they are not the same! At the beginning of your relationship career you may have sought love and found again and again that you were attracted to people who were not right for you to marry. You may have then switched to searching for a suitable marriage partner, only to discover (perhaps years later) that you weren’t in love. What to do? Your astrology chart illuminates both these sides of your personality, so you can get them into agreement and find love to last a lifetime. This reading is appropriate for all relationship situations: ‘single and looking,’ ‘single and content,’ ‘single and recovering,’ ‘partnered and happy’ or ‘partnered and unhappy.’ Also suitable for all orientations. Read More


Wonder why your partner does “that thing he does?” Been together with this person for years and gotten a little stuck? Relationships are built on two principles: “Like attracts like” and “opposites attract.” Paradoxically, both are true—and knowing how they are blended and balanced in your relationship helps you enjoy your relationship to the fullest and get unstuck when it gets into trouble. You’ll want this reading if you and your partner want to explore how the two of you are compatible or to solve problems that have appeared in the course of your relationship. This reading is for couples and can only be done when both partners are present. Warning: couples have a tendency to fall deeper in love after getting this reading! Read More


Every relationship has its own personality, its own needs and desires. In this package of readings we explore your and your partner’s personality and relationship needs, to understand what you bring to and derive from the relationship. Then we unlock the needs of the relationship itself and learn how to support and nourish the relationship so it can support and nourish you both, for a lifetime. Read More


In the vast expanse of time, this life is just a blip and you are barely older than your child. Your child is his or her own person, born with a fully developed, but not-yet-realized personality, like a flower in the bud. You are only a steward for a time. You’ll want this reading if you want to better understand your child’s deeper purpose and how to help them grow. This reading can help make the early years count for your child and for you. Read More


A family is a system, a soul-group that has gathered in this time and place for a reason. You’ll want this reading if you’re struggling to understand your family dynamics and want to help your family flourish. This reading applies whether you want to focus on the family you created as an adult (family of issue) or the family you came from as a child (family of origin). You don’t need to have any family members present (other than yourself) to benefit from this reading. Read More


This 90-minute reading is for returning clients only. You’ll want this reading if you feel yourself going through changes and want a better understanding of them and of how to make the most of the opportunities before you. New clients need to get an Introductory Natal and Transits Reading (above) or one of the special themed readings below (birthday, career, relationship, child/family). Read More

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