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Running a Lucrative Astrology Practice – Advanced Astrology Class and Astrology Clinic

Are you ready to take your study of astrology to the professional level?
This advanced astrology class funnels directly into a clinic where apprentice clinicians can do readings under the supervision of a practicing professional.

8 sessions, every other Tuesday night at 7:30 pm in Albany, CA, beginning July 2, 2013.  See dates below.

The online version of this class also runs for 8 sessions, every Wednesday night at 5 pm PST/8 pm EST, beginning July 31, 2013. See dates below.

What you’ll get:

  • A clearly laid out method of breaking down a chart and deciding what’s important to talk with the client about, whether you have an hour with them or just 10 minutes.
  • A solution-oriented way of thinking about astrology and people that allows you to leave every client feeling empowered about their life and their choices, no matter how difficult their “karma” is.
  • Practice at reading charts in a classroom format where you can learn from your mistakes without blowing your reputation or a client relationship.
  • Support and information in marketing your practice, beginning with getting clear on your focus.
  • An ethical, transparent approach to marketing, allowing you to feel good about offering your work.
  • A clear sense of who your ideal clients are and how to reach them with compelling ad copy that brings them into your practice.
  • Access to clients you’ll be able to keep.
  • Advice tailored to your specific situation, history and goals—from a professional who’s been where you are.
  • The opportunity to observe other apprentices with different challenges than yours, leading to useful information and also an appreciation of strengths you may not have known you had.
  • A friendly, forgiving atmosphere, based on the understanding that we astrologers are not really in competition with each other.
  • Lifelong friendships with colleagues who are beginning their practices when you are.
  • The feeling of confidence in what you offer and the price you offer it at, as you step out on your own when your time with the clinic is done.

This class is fast-moving with a lot of useful exercises and homework designed to help students begin practicing as fast as possible. Each meeting will be tailored to the needs of the participating students, so that when each student moves on to be a clinician, he or she is ready. After the clinic is up and running (starting in November, 2013), advanced students will still be admitted for the first hour of the evening, and will then be allowed to stay for the clinic, even though they will not be allowed to garner clients from it until they have completed their 8 sessions. After a newer advanced student has completed their 8 sessions, they can participate fully in the clinic.

In addition to the class, you can get the VIP gold or VIP diamond upgrade.  These give you one-on-one time when you need it the most. You get to choose how to divide this time up as you like.

In-Person class dates in 2013:

July 2, 16, and 30
August 13  (August 27 and September 10 off)
September  24
October 8 and 22
November 5

Online class dates in 2013:

July 31
August 7, 14, 21 and 28
(September 4 off)
September 11, 18 and 25


Pay-in-full options for each level; payment plans also available.

Class only, pay-in-full option: $499.

Class only, payment plan: 4 payments of $135 each, charged to your credit card monthly.

VIP gold package (for the class plus 1-1/2 hours of one-on-one time), pay-in-full option: $649

VIP gold package, payment plan:  4 payments of $170 each, charged to your credit card monthly.

VIP diamond package (for the class plus 3 hours of one-on-one time), pay-in-full option: $749

VIP diamond package, payment plan:  4 payments of $195 each, charged to your credit card monthly.

You can begin on the payment plan and then pay in full at any time, saving yourself the difference.


To participate in this class, you need to do a two-part assessment process. First, complete the webform. Then I will call you for the assessment conversation (that’s part two). If you and I both agree that you will benefit from the advanced class and would be a good participant in the clinic, you’ll be admitted to the class.

SIGN UPAdvanced Class and Astro Clinic Application


I will be accepting 9 students at this time. I hope you are one of them.


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