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How do you discover yourself and become more you?

How do you individuate and self-actualize?

How do you develop more self-confidence and healthy pride?

The Sun in your chart tells you how.

Now, you’ve probably read a thing or two about your Sun sign. You may even be annoyed at astrology’s seeming tendency to shunt all individuals into just 12 random boxes called Sun signs. But your Sun sign is not all that you are—not remotely. And even I, a professional astrologer, wouldn’t want to be categorized in that way. And your Sun sign is one piece of a much larger puzzle—the puzzle of your personality, in all your interesting complexity. (here’s a video about what that actually does consist of)

But even so, seen in context, your Sun holds very important clues to ego integration and a deep sense of selfhood.

And further, your Sun sign and your birth date itself are important clues to a yearly rhythm that can give you a sense of the timing of your life, letting you know when to act and when to wait, when to develop and when to launch. Understanding the seasons of your Personal Year’s rhythm can lead to a natural sense of right timing that leaves you feeling a greater sense of sovereignty in your life.

These Personal Year recordings discuss each Sun sign in depth and give you the Personal Year model which explains the flow of your year from birthday to birthday—something which you may have always understood instinctively, but never been able to explain in such detail.

If you were born on a day when the Sun usually changes signs (called “born on the cusp”), you may not be entirely sure which sign is right for you. Use the easy, clear instructions on this page to find out: How To Use To Cast Your Free Astrology Chart.

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You can also purchase Moon in Signs MP4s here, The Great Work MP3s here and Signs in Love MP3s here.

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