Intermediate Classes

Your Astrological Toolkits (Intermediate Astrology Classes)

These four series of classes are on topics specially requested by students. They are designed for astrology students who have a basic understanding of the twelve astrological archetypes and who have a rudimentary ability to read a chart.

These “toolkit” classes are packed full of tips, tricks and techniques that give you special insight into yourself, your friends and family and (especially) into your clients—and you’ll be eager to use these tools right away! Classes are in small groups (6 to 9 people), guaranteeing personal attention from the group on your own chart. This gives you vibrant, living examples that illustrate how to apply the information. The classes are lively and fun, with lots of room for your questions.

Classes are held in person in Berkeley, California, or online. Online class sections include teleconference and webinar software that you’ll find easy to use. Find out about class pricing by contacting me.

NOTE ABOUT SCHEDULING: I schedule these classes in response to student appetite. If you want to take one of these and it’s not currently scheduled, ask me to schedule it by emailing me at

  • Time-Based Techniques

  • Chart Analysis Techniques

  • Essential Archetypes

  • Chart Synthesis Practicum: Putting It All Together

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