Astrology Classes: 
(for students of astrology)

Ongoing Astrology Sign Classes

Total coverage of the basics, designed for beginning students and those who’ve been studying on their own. Includes lecture recordings students keep, and all the class time is spent in interpretation. A fun and lively class that results in a complete reading of every student’s chart over the course of the class.

Intermediate Astrology Classes

For intermediate students who are familiar with the planets, signs and houses, this class rolls out a cornucopia of techniques clearly explained and demonstrated, with lecture recordings included and all the class time spent on practice.

Advanced Astrology Class and Astrology Clinic

This practicum gives advanced students the opportunity to practice planning and doing readings for clients and to grow their own beginning practices.

    Astrology classes happen in person in Berkeley, California
 and also by phone/screenshare for students living at a distance.
 Follow the links above for inspiration, dates and registration information.

Free Teleclasses:
 (for the general public)

Signs In Love–Who Do You Love and Who Loves You?
(coming in 2014)

Each month I’ll do a free teleclass devoted to the sign of the month, describing how your sign loves and how to ‘love up’ your sign.
For more information, join my monthly newsletter list in the box on the right of this page or watch this space.

    All the free teleclasses happen on a Thursday
at 6:15 PM Pacific/8pm Eastern time by phone.
 All are absolutely free and they are opportunities
to get discounts off of astrology services. 
To register, contact me. See you there!

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