Embrace Tough Love As Saturn Moves Into Libra

The planet Saturn is about to change signs.  This momentous event happens only every 2 and a half years.  You’ve probably read about Saturn on my blog before.  You probably already know that he represents the archetypal Father principle. Saturn rules the following things (and more):

•    Father
•    Career
•    Authority
•    Hierarchy
•    Discipline & structure
•    Order
•    Ambition
•    Goal-setting and achievement

Saturn can be a very harsh taskmaster.  Sometimes his lessons come through exacting, demanding, limiting experiences where we feel there is no exit.  Saturn demands maturity and self-governance in whatever area he is passing through.

Today, Saturn enters Libra, the domain of relationship.  Libra covers:

•    One-on-one relationship
•    Partnerships of all kinds
•    Fairness and equality
•    Balance and symmetry

Saturn in Libra represents fair jurisprudence, rigorous negotiation and balanced judgment.  In the next 2 and a half years, Saturn will demand that we take all our relationships more seriously.  He will press us to set those relationships in order and he’ll push us to work at it.

Libra is the very finest sign for Saturn to be in:  Libra brings out the best in Saturn, while diminishing the worse qualities of this sometimes-harsh archetype.  The harsh judge becomes the tough-but-fair judge when Saturn is in Libra.  While in Libra, he’ll also demand that we take all our partnerships of all kinds more seriously and work to improve them.  Saturn is a very simple principle:  when you feel his pressure to perform, just stop complaining and resisting and simply do the work.  Saturn hates a procrastinator and he  promises reward for those who put in effort.  His directive is:  “In the next 2 and a half years, take on your relationships with relish—I promise that if you do, there’s a toy surprise inside.”

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