This year, Saturn enters into a square with Chiron, which lasts almost a year and spans 21 to 27º of Mutable signs, affecting those with Sun in Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo everywhere. Chiron is the planet of wounding and healing while Saturn rules authoritarianism and hierarchy. What could this stressful planetary aspect mean? The script below describes one way it could go, but first, how will you know if this even matters to you?

Does this transit affect you?

If you were born within the following dates, you will feel this transit strongly:
December 11 through 19 of any year
March 10 through 17 of any year
June 10 through 18 of any year
September 13 through 20 of any year

This post may seem like a statement about world events, but it’s also a metaphor for events inside all us human beings. This post is for you if. . .

  • You’ve become aware of some deep wounding in your life and don’t know what to do about it
  • You face the same (seemingly karmic or fated) situations over and over again, and always you feel like the victim
  • You’re ready to heal the wound instead of escaping the responsibility

How Saturn square Chiron works
(this part is technical, but brief)

The connection between Saturn and Chiron is strongest when it’s exact and there are 3 days this year when that happens. I’ll show you images of these connections below but first, please know that if one of those days happens to be your birthday or within a few days on either side of it, then Saturn and Chiron will have powerful lessons expressly for you in this birthday year. A reading of your birthday chart (called a Solar Return) can help you discover what it means for your year and how to use it to the fullest capacity. These are the dates of the exact Saturn-Chiron connections this year: December 28, 2016, April 30, 2017 and November 2, 2017.

The first pass happens on December 28, 2016, while Saturn is direct at 21º Sagittarius and Chiron (also direct) is at 21º Pisces. If you have anything in 21º of a Mutable sign—such as your Sun, Moon or Ascendant, and so on—you will feel this (see diagram for pass 1).


Saturn square Chiron pass 1

The second pass happens on April 30, 2017, while Saturn is retrograde and Chiron is direct and both are at 27º of their signs. If you have anything in 27º of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo, you will feel this (see diagram for pass 2).



Saturn square Chiron pass 2

The third pass is where this transit ends, on November 2, 2017 with Saturn direct at 24º Sagittarius while Chiron is still retrograde in 24º Pisces. This will affect you if you have anything in 24º of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo (see diagram for pass 3).

Saturn square Chiron pass 3

What could this stressful planetary aspect mean?
The following story illustrates one way it could go. . .

On board a large sailing vessel filled with a small city of people, Saturn has arrived at the coastline of the first island in an archipelago. He is the head of a large contingent of missionaries. There is a glow around him as he steps forth from the ship. On dry land, he looks around for who’s in charge.
Saturn: (to a Human Being he finds on the beach): Take me to your leader!
The Human Being is completely in wonder at the strange clothing and strange objects carried by the Boat People who are now crowding onto the beach. They follow Saturn in a straight, organized line to the village, where the Human Being announces the arrival of strangers in their midst. Human leads Saturn straight to Chiron, a religious leader wearing comfortable island garb, tending his fire and minding his own business.
Human Being: Chiron, strangers have come!
Chiron: I’m not terribly interested. I’m in Pisces. I’ve been sitting here in meditation for several months and I can tell you these strangers bring no good with them.
Chiron scowls at Saturn.
Saturn: We’ve brought you a wonderful thing. It’s called religion.
Chiron: We don’t need your religion here.
But from behind Chiron peeps a Young Woman who is looking with interest at a Young Man among the Boat People. She smiles and he smiles back.
Chiron: Can’t you see we already have religion?
Saturn: Our religion is the true one. It’s the only one that has reality. We’re offering to include you in it.
Chiron: Is that an offer or a demand?
Saturn: It’s an offer of course!
Chiron: Not if it comes at the point of a sword.
Saturn: But you are savages! Don’t you want to come into the modern era?
Chiron: What does history say? After the missionaries come the colonists. After the colonists come the traders. After the traders come the businessmen. Before much time has passed as we reckon it, we who have lived on this land for many more generations than we can name will find that our land is seized, owned (an idea foreign to us) and that we are no longer allowed to live on it.
Saturn: Ridiculous! My people believe in one universal truth. Your people have lost their way. We are here to guide you back. Why aren’t you grateful?
Chiron. I am grateful. I am grateful for the green, green forest and the wealth of fish in the sea and the wide blue sky I get to live under. But for you showing up here? No, I’m not grateful.
Saturn (who hasn’t been listening): Yes, a few of us might have to move in, and we might need to make space for them, but is that really a problem? Where’s your generosity?
Chiron: We belong to the land, she does not belong to us. We can not own her, therefore we can not give her away. She is not ours to give. This land sustains us. Without it, we will perish. Is this your gift? That we should perish for your business interests?
Saturn: I’m not a businessman, but if I was, I’d say that your people could use some jobs. And there are some lovely resources around here you could be leveraging more powerfully. Perhaps you should start a tourist industry?
Chiron: So you would enslave us as well.
He sighs.
Chiron: We don’t have guns to fight you. I suppose this will go as it always has. Your arrogance will win and ours will be the ultimate sacrifice.
Chiron walks into his own fire and stands in it, singing as he burns. When there are only ashes left, his people mourn. Ultimately what is left is a story of a martyr who loved his home and his people, and resisted colonization until death.
Saturn: What have I done here?
And the Boat People move in, bringing religion, commerce, property ownership, guns and syphilis with them.

If you are feeling this transit
and want to understand its meaning in your life,
an astrology reading will clarify this and much, much more.

How to find out more

You can read more about Saturn’s activity this year here.
You can read more about Chiron’s activity this year here.
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This year, Saturn enters into a trine with Uranus, which lasts most of the year and spans 20 to 26º of Fire signs, affecting those with planets in Sagittarius, Aries and Leo everywhere. Uranus is the Revolutionary while Saturn is the Traditionalist. The trine is a harmonious aspect, suggesting that these two very dissimilar characters will be able to get along and share power smoothly. But how? The story below describes one way it could go, but first, how will you know if this even matters to you?

Does this transit affect you?

If you were born within the following dates, you will feel this transit strongly:
December 11 through 18 of any year
April 9 through 16 of any year
August 12 through 19 of any year

This post may seem like a statement about world events, but it’s also a metaphor for events inside all us human beings. This post is for you if. . .

  • You’re trying to make a major shift in the way you’ve always done things, and you’re ready for it to be easy
  • You have difficulty letting go of the old and making way for the new because you’re either too traditional or too reactionary or too just plain stubborn
  • You’re ready for an easier way and for changes that benefit everyone, not just those on top

How the Saturn square Neptune works
(this part is technical, but brief)

The connection between Saturn and Uranus is strongest when it’s exact and there are 3 days this year when that happens. I’ll show you images of these connections below but first, please know that if one of those days happens to be your birthday or within a few days on either side of it, then Saturn and Uranus will have powerful lessons expressly for you in this birthday year. A reading of your birthday chart (called a Solar Return) can help you discover what it means for your year and how to use it to the fullest capacity. These are the dates of the exact Saturn-Uranus connections this year: December 24, 2016, May 18, 2017 and November 11, 2017.

The first pass happens on December 24, 2016, while Saturn is direct at 20º Sagittarius and Uranus is retrograde (moving backwards) at 20º Aries. If you have anything in 20º of a Fire sign–like your Sun, Moon or Ascendant, and so on—you will feel this (see diagram for pass 1).

Saturn trine Uranus pass 1

The second pass happens on May 18, 2017, while Saturn is retrograde at 26º Sagittarius and Uranus is direct at 26º Aries. If you have anything in 26º of Sagittarius, Aries, or Leo, you will feel this (see diagram for pass 2).

Saturn trine Uranus pass 2

The third pass is where this transit ends, on November 11, 2017, with Saturn direct at 25º Sagittarius while Uranus is still retrograde in 25º Aries. This will affect you if you have anything in 25º of Sagittarius, Aries or Leo (see diagram for pass 3).

Saturn trine Uranus pass 3

What could this stressful planetary aspect mean?
The following story illustrates one way it could go. . .

There was once a young man named Saturn in Sagittarius who grew up on a wealthy sugar cane farm on a small island nation. His father owned the farm, though the son did not wish to inherit the business from his father when he grew up. When he was old enough to leave home, he went to University, where Saturn in Sagittarius studied law, and hoped to use his degree to help the underdogs of society.

When he was studying at the University Library, buried underneath old tomes full of legal cases, he ran into a fellow student who was known for her extreme politics. Her name was Uranus in Aries, and she was the most spontaneous, incendiary, opinionated, and hell-bent person he had ever met.

“Why are you studying law?” she scoffed at Saturn in Sagittarius.

“I want to use my degree to make the world a better place,” he humbly replied. Uranus in Aries laughed at him. “But how can you make the world a better place when you will one day inherit a plantation that enslaves its workers?” That took Saturn in Sagittarius aback.

Saturn spent weeks and even months mulling over what she had said. Uranus had completely shifted the perspective that he’d spent years of his life working inside of. But she had that affect on people.

Saturn in Sagittarius then decided to put his money where his mouth was. He left school and became a revolutionary, joining forces with Uranus in Aries to fight the colonial oppressors. During this time, Saturn in Sagittarius stopped getting letters from his father. He took this as a withdrawal of his father’s approval. Some days, he could almost hear his father’s disapproving voice in his head, judging his ‘power to the people’ ideology. But he kept on working to change the system.

While Saturn and Uranus were working hard ousting colonial land owners, Saturn realized that removing a corrupt power was not enough to sustain the effects of their revolutionary effort, since another colonialist oppressor could take their place.

“We need to find a better system,” said Saturn in Sagittarius.

“How?” asked Uranus in Aries, as she was running paces around Saturn at lightening speed. She had a hard time using up all her energy on a daily basis.

“I’ll go travel the world to see what other cultures do,” he replied. Uranus in Aries stopped so suddenly that smoke emanated from the floorboards underneath her feet. “But you are TERRIFIED of travel! In fact, you’ve never left this island nation in your WHOLE LIFE.”

“Your right, I’m terrified. But I’m more terrified of what will happen to our revolution if I do not go.” He left the island the next day on a large ocean liner. It was indeed a terrifying experience for Saturn. His heart raced faster and faster as the ship pulled further and further away from his homeland.

Ten months later, Saturn in Sagittarius returned to the island. Uranus in Aries raced up to the ship to greet him.

“So tell me, tell me, tell me… what are we going to do?” she asked him impatiently. Saturn in Sagittarius smiled confidently. “I think I know what we should try,” he said in his understated way.

The next day, Saturn visited his father’s plantation. Now, Saturn in Sagittarius had been facing a lot of his own fears lately, but facing his father was by far the most terrifying thing of all. When he arrived, he saw his father wearing a Hawaiian print shirt and drinking a piña colada. “Hello Son,” said his father. “I’ve been trying to contact you for the past six months or so… where have you been?”

“I’ve been abroad,” replied Saturn, who had a hard time not shaking in fear. His father did look a lot more relaxed than usual though…

“I wanted to let you know that I retired a few months ago! I want to enjoy my twilight years in peace. This plantation is all yours now. You can do whatever you want – I just want to be able to sit on the porch and drink piña coladas. I’ve discovered that I really like them and after so many years of working so hard, I’m really tired.”

Saturn in Sagittarius couldn’t believe his ears. The plantation was his to organize, exactly as he saw fit! He grabbed his phone and shot a quick text message to Uranus, inviting her to visit.

So just as his father asked, Saturn in Sagittarius took over the plantation, and let his elderly father wear as many hideous Hawaiian shirts as he pleased, while he rocked back and forth on the porch imbibing neon mixed drinks. Saturn in Sagittarius then changed the slave-run plantation into a worker’s coop. He had visited a number of these business models while he was abroad, and believed that this would be the solution that would sustain their revolution.

The workers were freed that day and allowed to own their own land. And that day was forever remembered as a day of liberation, when the old transitioned peacefully into the new.

If you are feeling this transit
and want to understand its meaning in your life,
an astrology reading will clarify this and much, much more.

How to find out more

You can read more about Saturn’s activity this year here.
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The Moon in your chart tells what you need in order to feel safe, secure and well taken care of. Satisfying your Lunar needs enables you to relax, rest deeply and engage in the healthy form of self-care that matters most to you.

Your Moon sign is the key to experiencing deep emotional well-being and happiness. 

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Moon in Sagittarius

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Darth Vader iconical SW imageIn April of 2016, Mars turns retrograde in 8º Sagittarius, travels backwards into Scorpio, turns direct again and finishes its journey by returning to 8º Sagittarius by the end of August. There isn’t a better representation of Sagittarian and Scorpio themes than the loss of innocence and the encounter with evil—and there isn’t a better telling of this story than Star Wars.

Mars is the archetypal hero of the zodiac. When Mars turns retrograde, the Hero in all of us goes on a symbolic journey to discover what it really means to be a hero and how to take heroic action in our lives. The sign or signs Mars travels through will tell us much about the nature of the journey while any planets Mars encounters along the way will bring experiences or characters that shape the hero’s development.

Here’s the chart of the moment when Mars turns retrograde. In it, we’ll find inspiration and insight, along with clues about how to navigate this Mars retrograde period. In the blogpost thread to come, I’ll interpret these clues using a very famous story to answer a question all heroes must face, if they are to remain heroes and not “turn to the Dark side.”

1 Mars turns retrogradeIn this chart, Mars is conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius and is squared by Neptune, Jupiter and the Moon. We know that Mars will retrograde back into Scorpio. Sagittarius represents hope, adventure and a quest—and so the story begins with a youthful innocent. But evil threatens to consume the innocent hero, and thus Mars travels back into Scorpio and the encounter with evil shapes him.

Luke Skywalker watching the sunsetOur story begins with a boy, not yet a man emotionally, although he is an adult physically. His name is Skywalker–a very Sagittarian name. He longs for adventure and watches the double sunset wondering what’s out there for him. A pair of droids enters his life bringing vital information that must be delivered somewhere. Luke will have to go on a journey, but at first he resists, because he has a life here on Tatooine.

Through the droids, Luke meets Obi-Wan Kenobi and discovers Kenobi knew his dead father. The father theme is brought in by Saturn’s presence conjunct Mars and so Luke finds in Kenobi a surrogate father and a mentor. Neptune square Mars suggests the mystery surrounding his father’s death and Jupiter square Mars suggests the unexpected journey. The Moon square Mars is an apt symbol of the scene that struck me hard when I first saw it—the corpses of Luke’s aunt and uncle burning after Imperial stormtroopers came looking for Kenobi. They are the only family Luke has ever known and now there is no longer a reason for him to remain on Tatooine. He is propelled on a journey to discover more about his father and deliver the message to the rebellion. He is also struck by the beauty of the princess for whom the message must be delivered. And so begins the saga, during which he will face his darkest enemy, discover the truth about his father, and become a man.

The question Star Wars asks is one fundamental to human nature and I’ll ask it in 3 different ways:
“How do you defeat evil without becoming evil?”
“How do you incorporate the possibility of evil into your worldview without becoming consumed by it?”
“How do you encounter evil without having it shape you into something darker, whether by embracing it or rejecting it?”

In many stories of the encounter with evil, the villain seems to have distinct advantages that stem from his rejection of love and ethics. This liberates him to fight strongly for his own selfish purposes. To fight a strong enemy, the hero must also be strong. But is it justifiable for him to sink to the villain’s level? The hero cannot afford this—he must maintain his ethics and his heart and his connection to those he is protecting or saving—or else he himself becomes evil and then evil has won.

How does the hero fight strongly and resist the call of darkness and its implied liberation and power? Luke Skywalker’s story contains answers to all these questions and more.

Over the course of the next few months, I’ll post articles showing milestones in this year’s Mars Retrograde journey and relating them to plot threads in the Star Wars saga. (beware please that there will be many, MANY spoilers in this post-series. If you haven’t gotten current with the world of Star Wars you may want to before reading this thread. You’ve been warned.)

You can find out more about Mars retrograde here.



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Those born under the sign of the Centaur (born between November 22 and December 20) are well known for being the fun-loving, merrymakers of the Zodiac. After all, they are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of Benevolence. But when are you the life of the party, or just being the class clown? Everyone appreciates some joie de vivre, but there’s a time and a place for humor.

Sagittarius, when you’re at your best. . .
. . . you’re uplifting to those in life who are downtrodden. Your optimism can be infectious, and people may turn to you to brighten their day. You know the expression “Every cloud has a silver lining?” I’ll bet that was penned by a Sagittarian. You exude confidence, and people invite you over because you are gregarious and vivacious. You’re also resilient, if not a little bit lucky, so you can always rebound—like those Weeble toys with the weighted bottoms that pop up every time they get toppled over. Use this magnificent gift of yours to help others when they’re facing challenging times. “It’s always darkest before dawn” was probably said by another Sagittarian!

…and at you’re worst…
Now here’s the rub: there is such a thing as being TOO optimistic. At some point in your life, you have probably made a Capricorn’s eyes roll. You have the tendency to offer more than you can deliver. And there’s also having TOO much fun; you don’t want to always be the guy that the bartender has to kick out after last call. Do you know the expression “To assume is to make an ASS out of U and ME?” That was probably told to a Sagittarian. Being opinionated is fine, but sometimes you mistake your opinions for the gospel truth—so chuck the soapbox. You may have a tendency to tell tall tales by mistaking stylistic embellishments for actual facts. And at other times, you can be a little uncouth and overly blunt with the truth.

Handling your Sagittarian nature
Practice adding the phrase “Well, it is my belief that…” as a qualifier before spouting any opinions that might come off as sweeping generalizations. Demonstrate that you are capable of listening to reason, so that you develop some cred for times when you don’t feel like being sensible. Be aware of your social footprint—you tend to be bigger and louder than others so just be conscious of your presence to make room for the mousier, shyer people out there. Overall, just tone it down a bit.

Clueing others in about you….
Let people know that you are always well-intentioned (because, quite frankly, you actually are). What you have to understand is that despite the positive vibes you put out there, not everyone will respond well to them. For some people, the results of what you do are more important than your intentions. Let others know not to take you too seriously—that you, in fact, don’t even take yourself too seriously. Also realize that when you are fired up about something, you have a way of talking about it as if it’s real and present. Others may end up believing that you are promising something that you actually have not thought through well enough. This can lead to others feeling betrayed, so make sure you are expressing that “I’m not promising anything yet” or “I’m not fully committed to this, but…” For a Sagittarius, it’s good to have a few qualifying statements on hand!

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This year, Saturn enters into a square with Neptune, which lasts almost a year and spans 7 to 12 degrees of Mutable signs, affecting those with Sun in Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo everywhere. Neptune is the planet of dreams and visions while Saturn rules constriction and fear. What could this stressful planetary aspect mean? The script at the bottom of this page describes one way it could go, but first, how will you know if this even matters to you?

Does this transit affect you?

If you were born within the following dates, you will feel this transit strongly:
Feb 25 through March 3 of any year
May 28 through June 3 of any year
August 30 through September 5 of any year
November 29 through December 5 of any year

This post is for you if. . .

  • You’re trying to get clear on your career vision and put it into practice
  • You have difficulty manifesting your dreams because your mind fearfully asks “but how do I get there?” and “but what if things go terribly wrong…?”
  • You’re ready to live the dream instead of escaping the responsibility

How the Saturn square Neptune works
(this part is technical, but brief)

If your birthday falls on November 26, 2015, June 17, 2016 or September 10, 2016, then Neptune and Saturn will have powerful lessons expressly for you in this birthday year.

Saturn will square Neptune 3 times this year. The first pass happens on November 26, 2015, while Saturn is direct at 7º Sagittarius and Neptune (also direct) is at 7º Pisces. If you have anything in 7º of a Mutable sign–like your Sun, Moon or Ascendant, etc –you will feel this (see diagram for pass 1).

Saturn square Neptune, pass 1

The second pass happens on June 17, 2016, while Saturn and Neptune are both retrograde and at 12º of their signs. If you have anything in 12º of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or VIrgo, you will feel this (see diagram for pass 2).

Saturn square Neptune, pass 2

The third pass is where this transit ends, on September 10, 2016 with Saturn direct at 10º Sagittarius while Neptune is still retrograde in 10º Pisces. This will affect you if you have anything in 10º of a Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo (see diagram for pass 3).

Saturn square Neptune, pass 3

What could this stressful planetary aspect mean?
The following story illustrates one way it could go. . .

Neptune is floating along on a cloud of dreams, idly making multicolored waterfalls and pretty sparkle patterns in the air. She has just made a very satisfying sky painting when the cloud she’s wafting on encounters Saturn. Saturn is packing 10 suitcases and weeping.
Neptune: What are you doing, Saturn? Why are you crying?
Saturn: (wiping a tear) I have to go on a trip and I’m trying to get organized. I’m SO overwhelmed.
Neptune: I’m really good at envisioning things. Tell me about your trip and I’ll make the mental pictures that can help you get organized.
Saturn: Well I have to visit 3 countries, all of which have different weather and speak 3 different languages. In Sagittarius I have to practice being a world traveler, but to tell you the truth, I’m afraid of heights, big places and going outside.
Neptune: But just imagine the fabulous views you’ll see in an airplane!
Neptune grabs some cloud-stuff in her hands, sprinkles a sparkly dust into it from her sleeve and a vision appears—of distant landscapes viewed from high above.
Saturn: You’re going to make me ill!
Neptune: And imagine all the fun you’ll have meeting people who are new and different!
She conjures an image of a variety of people, dressed in exotic costumes and of many ethnicities.
Saturn: You mean all those strange people with strange customs and places where I’ll be out of my element?
Neptune: And imagine all the amazing sights you’ll see in far-off lands!
She shows him the Sphinx, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China and the Grand Canyon. Upon seeing the Grand Canyon, he turns a little green.
Saturn: I really just want to crawl into a hole. A small one. Where I don’t have to go outside at all.
Neptune: That can be arranged.
Suddenly, with a gesture, they are in a dark cave.
Saturn: Wait a minute—I didn’t mean—
Neptune: Remember who you are talking to? I am the goddess of visions, fantasies, imaginings. I make dreams come true.
Saturn: You mean nightmares!
Neptune: Nightmares are dreams too.
Saturn: But this is REALLY dark!  What if there’s a bear?
Neptune: A bear, you say?
They hear a growl emanating from a tunnel leading off the cave. There’s a shadow on the wall.
Saturn: What if the walls cave in?
Neptune: Ah, what if they did?
The walls do begin to move. The space is becoming noticeably smaller.
Saturn: I can’t breathe!
Neptune: Why do you need to breathe? You’re an Earth planet.
Saturn: But I’m in Sagittarius—a Fire sign! I need Air!
Neptune: Be careful what you wish for!
Suddenly they are atop a mountain, wind whistling all around. They sit on a craggy peak, with barely enough room for the two of them.
Neptune: Is this enough Air for you? Enough Earth?
Saturn: Aaaaahhhh!
He grabs onto her cloak, trying not to fall down the icy mountainside.
Neptune: Haven’t you figured this out yet?
Saturn: What is there to figure out?
Neptune: Don’t get caught up in fear. Fear turns dreams into nightmares.
Saturn: I think you should tell that to those frightened little humans down on Earth.
Neptune: I just did.

If you are feeling this transit
and want to understand its meaning in your life,
an astrology reading will clarify this and much, much more.

How to find out more

You can read more about Neptune’s activity this year here.
You can read more about Saturn’s activity this year here.
You might also try Are You Currently In Transition? 
And to get oriented to the many transits going on this year, check out Transits This Year. 



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Saturn in your chart points down a career path that can satisfy you and bring you success.

Knowing your Saturn sign orients you, motivates you and gets you unstuck. 

Do you have Saturn in Sagittarius in your astrology chart?

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In it, you’ll discover:

  • What’s behind Saturn in Sagittarius’ greatest fear—and crowning achievement
  • More about apt career directions for you if you have Saturn in Sagittarius
  • Sagittarius’ Mission Orders—and how fulfilling on them can bring success and satisfaction

The Great Work of Sagittiarius is an MP3 recording lasting approximately 45 minutes and costing $9.97.
To get the recording, use this webform (the same one used for signing up for the teleclasses as they happen) for a fast and easy MP3 download. May it speed your success!

You have Saturn in Sagittarius if you were born in these dates:

  • 12/2/1926 to 3/15/1929
  • 5/4/1929 to 11/29/1929
  • 1/12/1956 to 5/13/1956
  • 10/10/1956 to 1/5/1959
  • 11/16/1985 to 2/13/1988
  • 6/9/1988 to 11/12/1988
  • 12/23/2014 to 6/14/2015
  • 9/17/2015 to 12/19/2017

If you don’t have Saturn in Cancer, you can find out where YOU have Saturn here.

This Full Moon (also a Lunar Eclipse) suggests a feeling of persecution. “How unfair!” cries the Libran Moon, while Shadow Agents Pluto and Uranus pick on her. How will she learn to stand up for herself? Fortunately, Jupiter in Leo brings confidence and pride. During this Lunar Eclipse, learn to defend yourself and add teeth to your diplomacy.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: April 4, 2015
Time of eclipse: 5:05 AM Pacific Time
Type: total (strong in intensity)
Visible in: Asia, Western Australia, Oceania, North and South America and Antarctica
At: 14º Libra
Shadow Agents:  Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you’re most likely to experience this eclipse:
March 30 – April 9
July 1 – 11
October 3 – 13
December 31 – January 10

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable. A lunar eclipse is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event (unlike a solar eclipse, which is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event). You may notice events happening anytime within the week surrounding the eclipse (up to a few days before or after). The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a strange sound outside, like a breeze growing into a wind, quickly growing into a monsoon. You head for the door when it is thrown open by the Moon in Libra, looking like a 1920’s starlet wearing a long gown. She throws herself at you and clings to you. The wind blows her skirt around and then suddenly dies down.
Moon: Save me! They’re after me!
You close the door and hold her. She’s shivering. Soon there’s a beating at the door. Through the peephole you can see Pluto in Capricorn, wearing a long, dark cloak and Uranus in Aries, carrying fiery thunderbolts in a satchel on his back. The thunderbolts give off an occasional sizzle that is audible even through the door.
You: You’re not coming in!
Pluto: What, not by the hair of your chinny-chin-chin?
He and Uranus snicker.
Uranus: I mean, really! That’s just plain silly.
Pluto: Clearly, I am to be the villain of the piece, so I’ll live up to the image.
He produces a flask from inside his cloak and drinks from it, then laughs in an evil way.
Pluto: Come out, Moon! I’ve got some flaws to detect in you this time! You’re not as pretty as you look, ya know!
Uranus: Yeah, and I’ve got an angry mob of protesters here who say justice is not as blind as she should be.
Pluto: Maybe we should take out one of her eyes?
The Moon gasps, looks at you and shivers more violently.
Pluto: Which story is this anyway? Am I supposed to tie you to the railroad track, so I can steal your inheritance? Am I supposed to rip your bodice, turn out to be a bad man with a heart of gold and fulfill your sexual fantasies? Am I supposed to put you out for the monster to eat? Am I the monster? Come on, Moon, give me a clue!
The Moon looks confused. Just then, you hear a rumble on the roof and see some soot drop down your fireplace. Suddenly, Jupiter appears at the opening and tugs his large self free of the fireplace, knocking over the andirons as he goes, but not upsetting his dignity.
Jupiter: I’m used to using fireplaces. After all, some see me as Santa Claus. He pats the Moon gently on the back.
Jupiter: Don’t you know Moon, that you are in charge here? Where’s your power? You’re not a victim of beauty, you wield it. Is it a weapon? is it a connector?
What’s the truth and what’s the pretty lies?
Moon: Those two really have me off balance. I can’t find my center with them around.
Jupiter: Rather than hiding and crying about the unfairness of the situation, why not claim your dignity and stand up for yourself? After all, fairness is a two-way street.
There’s a resounding toot from a horn and the door opens by itself. The Sun in Aries strides in, a larger-than-life warrior figure wearing full armor, with battle plumes on his helmet. Pluto and Uranus are still on the other side of the threshold, with a crowd behind them, brandishing pitchforks and axes and suchlike.
Sun: I sincerely hope everyone is remembering this is an ECLIPSE! Of the MOON! A time for us to look at our emotional shadow. And here and now, that shadow is niceness. False sweetness. Empty beauty. Passivity and excess yielding. And it is love without teeth that runs and hides at the first sign of trouble.
He looks very sternly at the Moon.
The Moon has started to look very pale and begins to go dark while the Sun brightens.
Sun: The powers of day assert themselves over the powers of night. Libra Moon, I am doing what you cannot–I am the Inner Warrior coming out to protect you.
He draws a sword and brandishes it at Pluto and Uranus. Uranus cheers while Pluto cowers, hiding under his cloak.
Pluto (resentfully): Like I said, why am I always being cast as the villain of the piece?
The Moon goes entirely dark and disappears. She is only gone for a few minutes before she begins to fade into shape again. When she takes her form again, she strides over to the Sun and takes his sword, then raises it above her head.
Moon: How could I have forgotten? I am JUSTICE! I am the Scales. Where there is unfairness, there am I with my sword.
She grabs a doily from a nearby tabletop and covers her eyes inexpertly with it.
Moon: I am Blind Justice, impartial and symmetrical! I am pure objectivity!
Uranus (aside to Jupiter): She’s something of a drama queen but she does speak sooth.

Read about other eclipses this year: 2015 Eclipses.

If you’re feeling this eclipse
and you want to know what it means for you,
and especially if your birthday is in one of the spans above
contact Jamie for a reading.



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Sag heart 1Do you love a Sagittarius?
Are you a Sagittarius in love?

Human relationships are complex, layered things.  Every sign responds to love differently and has needs that are particular to it.  Also no individual can be categorized by their Sun sign alone.  Every person is a mixed bag of astrological traits, but an emphasis on Sagittarius in your chart (or its ruling planet, Jupiter) will result in distinctly Sag (pronounce it “Sadge”) experience.  In particular, if you have the Sun or Moon in Sag OR if you have Venus or Juno in Sag, this article is just for you.

Are you a Sagittarius in love?
You are?  Frankly, that’s surprising.  No other sign has as big a case of the “grass is greener on the other side of the fence” syndrome.  Sagittarius longs for what he doesn’t have.  Remaining focused on a relationship is the hard part.  Finding a way to feel free while you’re also committed is just as difficult.  Am I just feeding your ego when I say everyone wants to date you and you’re easygoing and willing to give it a try, but you don’t feel “lit up” by just anybody?  You bring your own happiness to the mix but you are vulnerable to those you can make happy.  But you’re more than just a vaudeville act, Oh My Sagittarian, and entertaining others will never satisfy you for long.  So . . . where to find satisfaction, where oh where?

How to manage your relationships as a Sagittarius. . .
Begin by finding someone who can hold your attention.  That might take a while.  Your best choice is someone who believes in you and who agrees with you about the things that bring life meaning.  However, there’s a pitfall here—if your partner agrees with you too much, you will be allowed to lazily meander through life instead of using your Sagittarian fire for the good of all, which is what you pledged to do by being born under this inspiring sign.  So best find a partner who can question you when you stray from your own best path, kick your butt when you need that, and who will also quickly return to a state of dewy-eyed worship when you’re back on the straight and narrow.  Got that?  Right.  A rare breed, I know.

Do you love a Sagittarian?
Then you have chosen a life of adventure.  I hope you have sturdy luggage because your Sag will not be done exploring this wide earth until she croaks (even if it’s done from the safe confines of an armchair).  If you look deep into her eyes and it looks like she’s somewhere else, she probably is.  Beware of confining her to a humdrum existence—when she starts to wear a chronically trapped look, she’s likely to do some damage.  Also don’t let her do that to herself, because she’ll likely make a sudden exit and blame you.  Does it sound like a Sag requires more care and feeding than you thought?  Yes.  But mostly it’s like having a golden retriever—an active mobile creature who simply needs a good run every once in a (short) while.

If you have Venus or Juno in Sag in your chart, the chances of you dating Sagittarians is very high.  How to handle the Sagittarius you love. . .

  • Tell him you trust him and give him enough rope to hang himself with.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly he comes back, and doesn’t get into trouble at all.
  • Laugh at her jokes and enjoy the show, but in the quiet moments, when she’s entirely deflated, remind her why you believe in her.  How you respond to her when she’s not trying to be upbeat will make all the difference.
  • Encourage him to speak to groups.  Watch him expand, expound and inspire.  There’s a big personality there, itching to come out (if it hasn’t already).
  • Keep up with her.  Be active, mobile and energetic.  Don’t hold her back or jerk on the chain too much.
  • Play with him, freely and unselfconsciously, like a couple of carefree kids.  He’ll feel seen.
  • Never accuse your Sag of having bad intentions.  Always assume her intentions are of the finest, even when she’s just made a mistake of a gargantuan order (or perhaps especially then!).  A gentle correction that speaks to what she was trying to do, rather than what actually happened, will achieve wonders where all the punishment in the world fails to create anything other than a sullen, cynical human being.  And a sullen, cynical Sag is a sorry thing indeed.

How to find out more:

In this article there’s only room to hint at the deeper understanding of Sagittarius that astrology has to offer.  To find out more about being a Sagittarius in Love or loving a Sagittarius, get this teleconference call recording:

In it, you’ll discover:

  • Why your Sagittarius is “a roamer,” and how to gracefully handle his/her freedom-loving nature
  • What your Sagittarius needs in order to sink into committed relationship with you
  • Signs Sagittarius is most compatible with, and why
  • And if you are a Sagittarius, you’ll learn the benefits you bring to every relationship you’re in and the relationship-killers you absolutely must avoid

Sagittarius In Love is an MP3 recording lasting approximately 45 minutes and costing $9.97. To get the recording, email me at for a fast and easy MP3 download. You’ll love it!


If you want to find the trash and the treasure in the zodiac, all you have to do is count by eights.  Each sign looks 8 signs forward to the sign it treasures.  Each sign also looks 8 signs behind itself to the sign it regards as its own trash.  Each sign finds its treasure sign alluring, mysterious and impenetrable.  Each sign has little respect for its trash sign, which is the sign that worships it.  Check the diagram to see what I mean.

zodiac signs in quincunxFind Your Treasure and Trash
Begin with the sign you’re counting from, then go counterclockwise and follow the arrows.  Aries treasure?  That’s Scorpio.  But Aries trash?  That’s Virgo.  So the red Aries arrow points to Scorpio (which is 8 signs away if you start your count with Aries), while the Virgo green arrow points to Aries (8 signs away if you are counting from Virgo).

Here’s how the path runs:  Aries trashes Virgo, which treasures Aries.  Virgo trashes Aquarius, which treasures Virgo.  Aquarius trashes Cancer, which treasures Aquarius.  Cancer trashes Sagittarius, which treasures Cancer.  Sagittarius trashes Taurus, which treasures Sagittarius.  Taurus trashes Libra, which treasures Taurus.  Libra trashes Pisces, which treasures Libra.  Pisces trashes Leo, which treasures Pisces.  Leo trashes Capricorn, which treasures Leo.  Capricorn trashes Gemini, which treasures Capricorn.  Gemini trashes Scorpio, which treasures Gemini.  Scorpio trashes Aries, which treasures Scorpio.

Treasure and Trash, by sign:
Aries is fascinated with Scorpionic depth and power, but can get burned by it, because Scorpio finds Aries’ directness and honesty very easy to manipulate.  Scorpio has no respect for Aries’ courage, because Scorpio feels Aries is too simple.  Virgo is thrilled by Aries because Aries moves fast and gets a lot done.  That kind of efficiency is exciting to Virgo.  But Virgo is meticulous and worries too much, which Aries can’t respect.  Aries moves on to more interesting pastures, leaving Virgo in the dust.  What sign treasures Virgo?  That would be Aquarius, sign of science, which venerates cold, Virgoan logic and attention to detail.  But Aquarius can’t get any respect from Virgo, who thinks Aquarian thinking is undisciplined and too detached to be truly useful.  Aquarius is beloved by Cancer, sign of family, which views Aquarian community and humanitarianism as a social extension of family.  But Aquarius thinks Cancer’s family-centered lifestyle is too preferential and insular, because everyone deserves, don’t they?  Cancer views Sagittarius with scorn, because good old Sag is always in motion and can’t stick around long enough to really connect.  Sag worships Cancer’s sense of place because “the end of every Sag journey is to return home (Cancer) and recognize the place for the first time.”  Sagittarius is venerated by Taurus, which is blown away by the sheer fertility of Sagittarian creativity and the proliferation of ideas that abundantly flow from Sag.  Sag doesn’t give a fig for Taurus, that slow, stodgy, stubborn, provincial stick-in-the-mud.  The sign that does worship Taurus is Libra, who can’t believe the way Taurus seems to remain centered in the midst of whatever chaos life might bring (Taurus is accustomed to being opposite Scorpio—that’s how you get that kind of centering!).  Taurus looks down on Libra, because Libra perpetually waffles, can’t make decisions and pretends to be all about balance while swinging wildly from one extreme to another.  Libra is adored by Pisces, the spiritual side of all of us that is drawn to beauty as a metaphor for spiritual truth.  For Pisces, Libran beauty has a truly compelling nature, speaking to the ideal.  But Libra ignores wallflower Pisces or takes advantage of her, then throws her away.  Leo has the sense to see the value in Pisces.  Like a lion trying to catch a fish, but also trying to avoid the water, Leo is captivated by the glamour of illusion that Pisces weaves all around her and can quickly find himself out of his depth.  Who worships Leo?  Capricorn, naturally, who works hard to gain a leadership position, while Leo simply assumes the throne—how does Leo do that, anyway?  Leo scorns Cap’s hardworking nature and finds Capricorn unglamorous (too true).  Capricorn finds favor in Gemini eyes, however, and that’s because Gemini senses that all of his beloved information, facts and data are nothing compared to Cap’s wisdom.  And who worships silly, flighty Gemini?  None other than Scorpio.  Gemini is the Fatal Attractor’s own fatal attraction, by virtue of being the butterfly even Scorpio (the Great Seducer) can’t pin down.

And there you have it.  A romp around the zodiac by way of treasure and trash.

What’s in it for you?
Take a look at the sign listed here that you trash. If you’ve ever been told (in an astrology sun-sign book or online horoscope) not to date people of that sign, this article should tell you why: because you might find it easy to seduce them, but you will lose respect for them over time. ESPECIALLY if their birthdate falls within a week of yours  (but in their own birth month, obviously).

Now take a look at the sign you treasure.  Aren’t you a little bit (or maybe, if we’re truth-telling here, a LOT) susceptible to that sign?  Isn’t it like a moth to the flame?  Can they wind you around their little finger, then leave you wondering what really happened there?  Hmm, maybe you should avoid that scene.

Now what?
Hope you had as much fun reading this post as I did writing it!  And if you’ve just found (to your dismay) that you’re in a relationship with someone entirely unsuitable, don’t panic.  Instead, consider getting a Lifelong Love reading with me about it.  I have no doubt you are with who you are with for a reason, and your Sun signs are not the whole picture of how you relate.  Not by a long shot.

(This article is about an astrological aspect called the “quincunx.” More about quincunxes here.)



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June 2013 to July 2014

Our old friend jolly Jupiter is about to move into Cancer—today, in fact.  This is such good news I had to tell you about it.

You might know that every planet rules a sign of the zodiac, which is called its “home” sign.  A planet is very comfortable when at home and it can express itself purely there.  But what you might not know is that every planet also has an exaltation sign—a sign in which it expresses itself the best.  In its sign of exaltation, a planet’s better tendencies are brought to the fore, while its worse tendencies are muted.  For Jupiter, that sign is Cancer.  But why?

At first glance, Jupiter and Cancer would seem to be incompatible.  Cancer is the stay-at-home type, while Jupiter is the wanderer.  Jupiter has a devil-may-care attitude, while Cancer bonds deeply and feels keenly.  Jupiter is fiery and extraverted; Cancer is watery and introverted.  To Jupiter, Cancer’s family ties may seem like shackles, while to Cancer, Jupiter’s inability to stick with things can cause feelings of abandonment.  In fact Jupiter’s home sign, Sagittarius, and Cancer share a difficult quincunx aspect, suggesting that they are as alien to each other’s ways as possible.

All this is true, and is even more reason why occupying Cancer solves some crucial Jupiter problems.  Like the tendency to roam and roam but never stick anywhere.  Like the perpetual sensation that the grass is greener somewhere—anywhere—other than right here.  Jupiter, when placed in loving, nurturing, bonding Cancer, retains all the warmth of the Big Red Planet’s gregarious personality, while gaining the ability to have fun with deeper human connection, instead of feeling trapped by it.  Jupiter in Cancer people love family life and make great parents.  They have a natural tendency to nurture the small beings around them into bigger, stronger ones—and they enjoy doing it.  If you are in a “12 year” this year (meaning you are turning 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84), this could mean you.

This summer and fall (of 2013) there’s a fantastic lineup of planets falling into a Grand Trine in Water.  Jupiter completes that circuit and will bring luck, charisma and opportunities to those who are born under it and those who incept businesses under it.

Those of you lucky enough to be Cancers will get a personal hit of Jupiterian self-confidence, expansion and growth especially if your birthday falls between July 1 and July 12.  In fact, the Aries, Libra and Capricorn people born in a similar week in their own month will have a similar experience:

Arians born March 30-April 9
Cancers born July 1-12
Librans born October 3-13
Capricorns born December 31-January 10

Jupiter in Cancer feels like endless summer, like those long summer days where you feel you are sitting in a field and you could lazily open a palm and ripe fruit at the very peak of its perfection will just drop into it.  You can feel the warmth and safety sink into your bones and you relax.  Deeply.  It’s like sitting in the lap of the Universal Mother, knowing all things will come to you in their time, and in the meanwhile, you can just be.

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This month’s Full Moon (Dec 21) is also a Lunar Eclipse, bringing emotional intensity even though it’s in emotionally light Gemini.  Gemini’s desire to skate across the surface of emotions may conflict with the Moon’s need to look at emotional shadows during an eclipse.  Several other planetary influences complicate the matter:  Mercury in Sagittarius, along with Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, leading to a sensation of busyness and many factors to consider.  But if you stay in your head, you may miss the wonder, beauty and depth of this eclipse, so look for the calm place in the center of its storm.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: December 21, 2010
Time of eclipse: 0:13 AM PST
Type: total (strong in intensity)
Visible in: North America, South America.  Its beginning will be visible in Europe and its end in Japan and northern Asia.
At: 29 degrees Gemini
Shadow Agents: Mercury, Uranus and Jupiter

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you most likely experienced this eclipse:
December 16-26
March 15-25
June 15-25
September 17-27

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A lunar eclipse is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event (unlike a solar eclipse, which is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  The Sun and Moon are there, with several more deities standing behind them.  The Sun looks a little weak and the Moon looks strong and shiny.  The Sun staggers into your living room and collapses onto the sofa.
Sun:  This is really not my time of year.  It’s just too much effort to light things up.  I can’t keep going all day like I can in the summer.  I get so tired.
Moon:  It’s the longest night of the year.  Soon you’ll get your juju back.
The Sun is already dozing.  Jupiter and Uranus meander into the living room and take the love seat.  The Moon is casting a lovely silvery glow over everything in your living room.  On an impulse, you turn out the lights so you can get the whole effect.
Moon:  I’m full and at the height of my powers.
Mercury pops his head in the door and like a streak is suddenly seated in another stuffed chair.
Mercury:  But you’re going to have an eclipse tonight.
Moon:  Yeah, I know.  I’ll be lighting up the night—until I’m not.
Jupiter:  But there’s always hope, even in the darkest night.
Uranus:  And insights can be gotten—
Mercury:  —sometimes even better when we stop thinking.
Moon:  Merc, I can’t believe I’m hearing you advocate for stopping thinking.
Mercury:  True, it’s not my usual strategy, but I’m always for new ideas, and when you think too much, sometimes the thing to do is stop.  And you’re in Gemini right now—
Moon:  Indeed I am—
Mercury: —so you could use to think less and feel more.
Moon:  I do tend to overanalyze feelings when I’m in Gemini.  Perhaps you, currently in Sagittarius, could remind me of the big picture.
Mercury:  Happy to.  And our old friend Jupiter is always good for that.
Jupiter starts to respond, but the Moon’s glow suddenly dims.
Mercury:  Uh oh, it’s beginning!
The Moon’s light lessens until she is completely dark, so dark in fact that it’s as if there’s a black hole in your living room and the Sun’s glow, which he’s gently emitting while dozing on the sofa, is being sucked into it.  A hush is cast over the room.  You move to turn on the electric lighting, but Uranus stops you.
Uranus:  Why not just dwell in the mystery?  Humans used to experience the full darkness of the longest night.  Modern people now understand that it’s a passing thing and soon over, and you are not afraid.  But you can still experience the wonder.
The hush descends again.  You sit in darkness and silence in the presence of these deities, noticing the magic and that there is nothing in particular that needs to be said.  This brings you a deep sense of peace.  After a time, the Moon begins to glow again, very faintly at first, then stronger and stronger until her full shine is restored.  You are glad you didn’t adjust the lighting because this was worth seeing.  You feel that you have been present for something ancient and true.
Jupiter:  So it seems that the key to this eclipse is “Don’t think too much, but let yourself feel it all and don’t worry about whether the feelings make sense.”
Moon:  Yes, the feelings will sort themselves out, given the chance.
Uranus:  And who knows what startling new insights might come of it?
They all get up to go.  Mercury pokes the Sun, who was quietly snoring.
Mercury:  Wake up, Sun, your longest night is almost over and we’ve figured out how to handle it.
Sun:  Cool.  I’m going home to bed now.  Days start getting longer tomorrow and I want to be alert.
They leave and you feel just a tiny bit of sadness as the cool glow leaves your living room.

Read about other eclipses coming up: 2011 Eclipses.

Jupiter and Uranus are up to something really different this month—the two of them are not only coming into conjunction, but they’re also both moving into Aries.  Here’s what it might be like.

Uranus and Jupiter are in a tidepool at the edge of the ocean, sloshing around.  Uranus is wearing a hat with lightning bolts coming off it.  Jupiter is a big guy with a large trailing cloak.

Jupiter:  This has been fun, being in Pisces, sign of the ocean and dreams.  I like Pisces—spiritual expansion is natural to me and I’ve been having fun with the dreamlife of humanity since January this year.
Uranus:  Speak for yourself.  It’s been a little confusing for me, being in Pisces—and I’ve been here for six years, so you bet I’m almost done with it.  It’s not exactly my natural territory.  I think I’ve been too gentle on humanity.
Jupiter:  Sometimes gentle is good.
Uranus:  Yeah, but I really like being a force for change.  I really like turning people’s heads around.  I really like shocking and startling people with paradigm-shifting, new ideas.  It’s hard to do that when I have to be gentle and subtle, because I’m in Pisces.
The lightning bolts on his hat keep being attracted to the water’s surface and fizzling.  He looks annoyed at this.
Jupiter:  You’re going to like Aries a lot.
Uranus:  I expect to foment some real action while I’m there.
Jupiter:  It will be a relief to be in a fire sign again.  Fire signs are my favorite.  Let’s get loud.  He punches Uranus’ shoulder playfully.
Uranus:  Absolutely—let’s really knock them on their ear!
Jupiter:  That would be easier if stupid Saturn wasn’t opposing us.
Uranus:  Don’t worry about Saturn—I carry more weight than he does.  He can’t stop me for long.  I’ll be questioning his authority and de-structuring his structures in no time.
Jupiter:  Hey, look!  He points.
Near to them, beyond the pool they are in, the landscape catches fire.
Uranus:  It’s about time!
Together they sweep out of the water and into the flames.
Jupiter:  Now this is more like it!  He waves his arms and the flames flare up, hotter and higher.
Uranus:  Oh this will definitely be fun!  The lightning bolts on his hat begin to crackle.  Soon his head is a mass of sparks and he’s grinning from ear to ear.
Jupiter:  Watch out, humanity!  Change is on the way!

And indeed we’d better watch out.  These two are a powerful combination and they’ll be together in the sky until January of 2011.  Calling all superheroes:  be sure to use your powers for good!



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In honor of Sagittarians everywhere, this post is about Jupiter, Sag’s ruling planet, the bringer of joy.

Jupiter is located in a sign in your chart that brings you joy.  Wherever Jupiter resides will tell a story of an area of life or a way of being which brings you sheer delight and happiness.  To do your Jupiter thing is the very pursuit of happiness for you.  The feeling you get when you do that is a sense of expansion, pleasure and lightness.  Jupiter is just plain fun.

Jupiter is also the part of us that reaches beyond ourselves and makes us grow bigger.  This part helps us develop a philosophy of life that answer’s life’s big questions and makes sense of our place in the universe.  When you are in touch with your Jupiter side, life has meaning and you have a reason to live.  You have a happiness to pursue and when you do so, you exude such positive, hopeful qualities that life rolls out the red carpet, tossing you opportunities and making you lucky.  When you are friends with your inner Jupiter, life is an adventure.

How do you find out where your Jupiter is?
If you don’t have your chart, or don’t know how to read your chart, you may want to have a reading to find out where your Jupiter is. You can contact me for a reading in person in Berkeley California or by phone. Here’s more information about getting a reading and here’s how to contact me about it. You can also make your own chart on using these instructions I’ve made for you.

You also might know someone who knows their Jupiter sign and whose Jupiter sign is the same as yours. Jupiter takes about a year to pass through a given sign, passing through the whole zodiac in about 12 years. This means that you probably have Jupiter in the same sign as all the members of your high school graduating class and the people born  at 12-year intervals from you (i.e. those born when you were 12, 24, 36, etc, or 12, 24, 36 years before you were born). People who share your Jupiter sign will usually be people who feel good to be around, because their joy is similar to yours.

Where’s Your Joy?
When you have Jupiter in Aries, you derive joy from leaping into action.  It’s a little hard to sit still because you’d rather be in motion, making progress or getting somewhere.
Spontaneity delights you and you are never so happy as when your own action is the right one and brings delight to others.  You bounce back fast & learn well from mistakes.  Your philosophy is based on transparency and you get a lot of joy from being your truest self without apology.  To you, mutual honesty and directness are the key to any relationship.

Jupiter in Taurus people love the physical world.  If you have this Jupiter sign, you relish feeding all your senses with delicious sights, sounds, scents, tastes and textures.  Can this lead to gluttony?  You bet.  It can also lead to acquisitiveness.  But such people do generally end up with the nest egg they seek and lots of nice things to decorate it with.  And your love of food leads to natural cooking talent.  Your philosophy of life includes the importance of continuity and the idea that things should go on much the same unless there’s a really good reason to change them.

Jupiter in Gemini?  Ok, you can be a real talker, even a serious chatterbox.  You love being clever, expressing your wit and getting into wide-ranging conversations on a huge variety of topics.  You are a “renaissance person,” pulled in a number of directions, all of which give you equal joy.  In fact, you’re so multi-talented that you don’t know what to develop.  Being involved with several ideas at once brings you delight and your life-philosophy involves the importance of using one’s intelligence and seeing life logically.

People with Jupiter in Cancer are a fountain of love and nurturance for those lucky enough to be around them.  When you have this, you tend to feel emotionally secure and to feel like your emotions are ok without needing validation from others.  You spread your support around liberally and are not easily emotionally depleted.  You are sensitive to the needs of others, but not clingy or cloying.  Yours is an open kitchen and a well-trod welcome mat.  Your philosophy of life centers on the importance of family and of treating people like family.

Jupiter in Leo is very expansive and exudes noblesse oblige.  This makes you a really royal person.  Creativity gives you joy and you like to express yourself, but beware of excess self-involvement.  You can bear a lot of attention.  You are a natural leader and role model.  You are sometimes unaware of how your large expression can overwhelm others and stifle their expression.  When you make room for the creativity of others while not diminishing yourself, you are the best role model of all.  Your philosophy is about being an individual and the importance of individual will and expression.

Jupiter in Virgo is similar to Gemini.  When you have this, you can get lost in, and overwhelmed by, the details.  You find yourself trying to pan out and focus in at the same time, which can be frustrating, but on the other hand, having an abundance of Virgoan organizational energy is not a bad thing at all and you like nothing so much as a clean, fresh surface ready for use.  Your health tends to go well because you enjoy putting healthy habits in place.  Your philosophy can put a positive spin on the work ethic, partly because being efficient and industrious just feels good to you.

Jupiter in Libra people truly enjoy relating to others, which may account for your varied and interesting social life.  Your philosophy includes the tenet that life should be fair and this trips you up occasionally, when it doesn’t bear out.  You think everyone’s beliefs deserve room, except where they exclude the beliefs of others.  You can be a social magnet and a matchmaker, introducing the right people to each other and smoothing over social mishaps among your many and varied friends.  Your tolerance for people’s differences leads to a host of good connections that can pay off over time.

When you have Jupiter in Scorpio, you have a dark side that you enjoy.  Sometimes this takes the form of gallows humor and sometimes it’s about a love of the gritty, grimy side of life (a fascination with detective novels, for example).  Your philosophy includes the idea there’s no moment so dark it will not pass and that there is a light at the end of every tunnel.  Because of that, you make a good helper and guide for people who are truly at the end of their rope, because you have a high tolerance for other people’s shadow sides.  In fact, your sheer delight at seeing someone else being real while in pain is infectious–and can help that person feel normal.

When you have Jupiter in Sagittarius you like to stay mobile.  You are a pretty purely Jupiterian person, so you have a strong sense of humor, a large and benevolent presence and you are fascinated with travel and foreign cultures.  You are delighted by that which is different from you simply because it is different—that makes it interesting.  You are sometimes very restless and need to avoid getting tied down.  You have a deep well of optimism and can bounce back from just about anything.  Your life-philosophy leaves room for endless growth and expansion.

Jupiter in Capricorn people are prone to overworking because they love the sensation of discipline and focused effort.  When you have this, you are delighted by discovering what to devote yourself to and you get a lot of energy and joy from working extremely hard at it once you’ve found it.  Achievable goals inspire you and pie-in-the-sky goals annoy you.  While you are not naturally optimistic, once your skepticism is satisfied, you can show tremendous persistence.  Your philosophy is based on the idea that hard work leads inevitably to success—and for you, it does.

When you have Jupiter in Aquarius, progress is enlivening and central to your world-view—thwarting it runs counter to your philosophy.  You have a rebellious streak and quickly spot the places where old ways have stopped working.  You are happiest when there’s a little chaos going on due to a really big change in the works.  You have an abundance of ideas and enjoy taking an intellectual, experimental approach.  For you an adventure is better had in the world of ideas than in the physical world and you secretly like shaking up the old, established ways.

As a Jupiter in Pisces person, you have a deep well of faith to draw on.  You are a profoundly gentle and tolerant person, with warm affection for all living things.  You can be wise and generous with your attention and help make room for smaller beings around you to grow.  If you are religious, you’ve chosen the finest parts of your religion and tolerate or ignore the rest.  This frees you to participate in a communion with spirit that feeds your soul and gives you joy and vitality.  Your philosophy is simple: every living thing is deserving and there is room for all of us to be happy.

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What, did I say that with my outside voice?  Yes, friends, I’m sorry to have to tell you that Sagittarian types sometimes have it so good in life that they forget to behave nicely to the rest of us.  In my two previous posts I talked about how you can become as lucky as a Sag (pronounce that “Sadge”) by adopting their behaviors.  Those articles are great to read if you want to hear tons of praise for the Sagittarian temperament.  In this post I’ll talk about how our friendly, neighborhood Jupiter folks can stop annoying people who are not like them.  And here we go . . .

Beloved Sagittarians, please remember to have compassion for people who don’t have your easygoing, positive-minded ways.  You’re not lucky in every area of your life—why should other people be?  As a Sagittarian, you were born to grow, open up and expand in every part of your being.  Seek out the areas where you tend to contract and practice your Sag skills there.  And be gentle with the people in your life who are more contracted than you are.

Sags of the world, you have a tendency to exaggerate.  It’s not exactly lying, is it?  More like embellishment or a tendency to put a positive spin on something that has some downsides you conveniently forgot to mention.  To some you may come off as if you are trying to sell something.  That can be off-putting and counter to your real purpose, which is to create possibility.  But skeptics may be more open to your ideas if you address the negative rather than ignoring it.

My dear children of Jupiter, remember that not everyone is as tolerant as you are.  You’ve probably got a huge variety of friends and acquaintances and you can’t expect all your friends to like each other.  In fact, some of them might hate each other, which is just a reflection of your breadth of personality.  And that’s a good thing, right?!

Sagittarians, this may seem like a contradiction to the previous piece about tolerance, but you can be quite dogmatic and zealous.  This is because when you discover or develop a point of view that really works for you, you are very excited by it.  It’s best to avoid forcing your philosophy on the people around you because what fits you may not fit someone else and other people need to discover their path for themselves.  Handing someone a complete, finished perspective may deprive them of important discoveries they need to make on their own.  Instead, practice asking them useful questions that may lead them to their own best next discovery.

Remember too that your Sagittarian lack of attachment can be disturbing to people who are more emotionally or financially attached to this material world.  Sometimes a Sag can enjoy possibilities more than actualities, because there’s a kind of deadness in the finality of a possibility coming to fruition.  You like to “keep your options open,” which sometimes makes you act like a commitment-phobe, job-hopping or running from relationship to relationship and leaving each one when it becomes too binding or serious.  You may feel the weight of seriousness keenly and can use humor to lighten things up, which can annoy others who have more invested in you than you do in them.  So it’s prudent to avoid engendering attachment in others before you are capable of returning the same serious feelings.

And one last thing:  Jupiter-touched people tend to project a large aura.  Remember that a Sag just “feels” big to others—you may be a little bit louder, physically larger, wear a bigger hat, dress in brighter colors.  A Sag lights up the room.  But sometimes people find this intimidating, even when that’s not what you intended.  Sometimes it feels to them like you’re taking over.  It’s important to be aware of the amount of space you’re taking up, and to be deliberate about making room for smaller, more fragile or younger creatures to grow.  Encourage them and create space for them.  That is a wonderful way for you to express your wisdom and to be a role-model.

Being a role-model and expressing wisdom are some of Sagittarius’ favorite things, and thank goodness for it.  Thank goodness for all the hope and abundance generated by this grand fire sign.  Lovable Sags of the world, you may sometimes be annoying, but what would we ever do without you?

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My previous post was about how Sagittarians got to be so lucky—and how you can too, whether you’re a Sag or not.  Here are some more Sagittarian luck-generating habits:

Sagittarians are hopeful.  They are naturally optimistic and are willing to invest hope in possibilities.  They see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty.  Sometimes a Sagittarian will even point out that the glass is always entirely full, regardless of how much water is in it, because if it were truly empty, it would contain a vacuum and collapse in on itself.

Sagittarians expect good things to happen, but they are not attached.  This is because Jupiter’s children understand that opportunities come and go and they instinctively trust that today’s opportunity will be replaced by a fresh one—or two—tomorrow.  They are used to a constant flow of possibilities, like a siphon of goodness.  This lack of attachment is the heart of Jupiter’s gift, and it is the thing that makes the siphon go.  Everyone knows desperation is unattractive, and that grasping, miserly behavior does not inspire generosity in others.

Sagittarians look for the deeper meaning behind things.  They are constantly on the hunt for the principles behind the ways things work in the world.  They feel that once these principles are grasped and lived by, that their life will flow.  Sagittarians can find the design of life in a number of ways:  religious experience, exploration of philosophy, higher education, personal growth, or by throwing themselves into a variety of cultures in order to apprehend what is human behind the differences.

Sagittarians assume that the intentions of others are good.  In part they assume this because their own intentions are good and they project this intention onto others.  This can sometimes get them into trouble and lead to being taken advantage of, but a happy-go-lucky, trusting Jupiter person will slide out of trouble as fast as they got in because they are non-confrontational.  Instead of meeting aggression with more aggression, they tend to evade and lighten up any potentially dangerous situation with humor and can win enemies over with a well-timed and well-aimed joke.

With all the luck and abundance that surrounds Sagittarius, you’d think all Sagittarians would be wealthy, wouldn’t you?  But not necessarily.  Sags (pronounce that “Sadges”) are not so much wealthy in money as they are wealthy in monetary flow.  This is because Jupiter’s people tend to have such faith that they can create what they need when they need it, that for them, money and goods are “easy come, easy go.”  Many Sags would rather live on the financial edge than carry dead weight (money that’s not in motion).  They are spenders, not savers (this drives the Taureans and Cancers of the world crazy).  Some Sags experience themselves not as a receptacle for things and money, but as a space through which things and money tend to move, a living stream of resources.  They have gotten what they needed when they needed it so often that they have become unattached to having things around when they are not needed.  A Sag will give you their last dime today because they know someone else will offer them one tomorrow.  And they don’t just believe it—they know it.

So how can you be a lucky Sagittarian? There’s a simple feedback loop that Jupiter people participate in:  be generous in giving, be appreciative in receiving. You can jump into that loop anywhere and start the process going.
Have trouble asking others for help? Decide it’s ok to make yourself vulnerable and ask—despite the discomfort.
Feeling too poor to give? Find something you are rich in (time, friends, information, attention, praise, wisdom, books, social contacts) and give that. You are starting the siphon.
Can’t imagine good things coming your way? Decide to hope, to take the risk of believing that what you want is possible and watch resources pop up right in front of you.

Sagittarius is sounding pretty good, isn’t it?  But every sign has a shadow side and in my next blogpost, I’ll list a few things every Sag should look out for.

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Sagittarius is rumored to be the “lucky” sign of the zodiac and it’s true that people with a lot of Sagittarius in their chart (or people who have Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter, placed strongly) tend to get their way an awful lot in life.  Today I thought I’d write about why this is, and how anyone who doesn’t think of themselves as typically lucky can become so.  As you’ll see, luck is not a gift of God, it’s a way of being that results from specific habits—habits which can be understood and practiced until they become natural.

What do I mean by a lucky person?  Someone who . . .

  • easily attracts good things, people and experiences
  • just seems to have things go their way, sometimes without really trying
  • has a lot of friends and resources
  • is well-liked and well-received
  • is often in a good mood, cheerful and upbeat
  • . . . and who takes all this in stride, as if this is just how life is.

In the life of a “lucky” person, Jupiter, known to astrologers as the “greater benefic,” is at work.  Jupiter is the astrological cornucopia of goodness and knowing how to work with its energies can open up endless possibilities.

If you examine the phenomenon of “luck” closely and you look at the habits and behaviors of Sagittarians, you’ll quickly see that it’s no coincidence that Sagittarians are lucky.  It’s actually by design.  There are things Sagittarians do that attract good things into their lives, and these are things you can do, on purpose.  What are those things?

Sagittarians are gregarious.  They are very social creatures and they spread themselves out over large groups of people, mixing with many different kinds of people and forming connections within and between communities.  In their social interactions, Sagittarians are tolerant.  They not only tolerate the differences between people (both individual and cultural), but they actually enjoy those differences.  They are pleasantly stimulated by talking with someone from a different background or perspective.  They don’t respond by feeling threatened, afraid or invaded.  Instead they are interested and curious.  Therefore, they have a way of inviting others to open up and express themselves.  Jupiter-touched people are socially welcoming.

Sagittarians know that opportunities must be spotted and pounced on.  They are alert to possibilities and ready to follow up when something arises.  They know that opportunities do not arrive ready-made and that a seemingly imperfect opportunity may be turned into a perfect one with the right kind of cultivation.  When presented with lemons, what they actually see is lemonade-in-the-making, and that vision of possibility is what they respond to.  They respond with gladness and praise, which makes the lemons want to become lemonade, speeding the process.

Sagittarians see themselves as part of something greater.  This makes them helpful and cooperative.  They have no ego invested in not asking for help.  They are willing to ask because they know that they have something to give back.  Sagittarians are aware of their good traits and have self-confidence.  Since they know they have something to contribute, they are comfortable taking.  This, to them, is all just part of the grand design:  sometimes you give, sometimes you take.  They are comfortable with both sides of the transaction.  This makes them generous.  They enjoy giving.  They like the way it spreads resources around.  They like having a positive impact on your life.

Take a minute to think about how you live out these ways of being and how they positively impact your life, and the lives of others.  Read on for more Sagittarian “lucky” habits.

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